youtuber: game grumps


yaaaay, I finished this one (more or less). Free time is getting shorter and shorter with every day, but i wanted to finish this. Also, because I have already ideas for Barry and wanted to sketch something before university starts anew (more hell starts anew).

This is the sacred chalice-dragon slayer (grump warrior) outfit.

One close up and the whole picture.

The emblem on the sword has written danny sexbang on it (very small).The unicorn head is made of ivory and has real unicorn hair attached to it. It empowers the sword. Three blades formed like a trident, so it can pierce through the flesh of a beast with ease or through shells etc… His jumpsuit is made of dragon scales/leather. The armory seems to be like gold, but it isn’t. It is a rare material that withstands extreme heat (his jumpsuit too).

haaa I am really sorry for the bad colored snow and messy colored tree. I really need to get better with backgrounds.

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Football season’s coming around. You know what that means!