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Person A: *gasps*

Person B: What is it?

Person A: what if soy milk is just milk introducing itself in Spanish?

Person B: …What the fuck?

These ones
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll, is a cinnamon roll: CrankGamePlays
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll, could actually kill you: Markiplier
  • Looks like they could kill you, is actually a cinnamon roll: Apocalypto_12
  • Looks like they could kill you, may actually kill you: PewDiePie
  • Sinnamon roll: JackSepticEye
  • Lovely, too good for this world, gold rolls: Marzia, Signe, Amy, Kathryn

WIP and final WIP
Feat. @therealjacksepticeye

This was inspired by one of the comment from my recent post telling bout Marvin being the villain and Jackieboy being in usual-day-getup.

Puck You [G.D]

Puck Me [Ethan’s Version]

Summary: When Grayson becomes a little too aggressive with a player from the opposing team, who just so happens to be your ex-boyfriend, you meet with him in the locker rooms to have a word with him.

Words: 8.8k

Warning: public sex, swearing, dirty talk, hockey!grayson 😍😻

You didn’t think things were going to end up the way that they did.

You had woken up that morning with a text from your next door neighbor and friend, Grayson Dolan, asking you if you’d be at his hockey game. You wouldn’t say that you were the best of friends, you were actually best friends with his twin brother - who was currently taking a 2-week trip for a class - so that was one reason you knew each other very well. You’d often go over to his house, acknowledge each other, and teased each other as well whenever Ethan would disappear for a bit. There was tension there, you could both tell, but it was never brought into action.

Now since Ethan was gone, Grayson went to you for a lot of things. It was cute that he felt awkward and weird without his twin, so you decided to sit with him during lunch, because of his anxiety spreading even when he had his teammates around him. You decided to ride home together, often stopping by the gas station for drinks and snacks while jamming to Kid Cudi. You especially decided to go support him at his game, one that he had been waiting for with excitement yet determination.

However, a game that started off friendly; completely took a turn.

You could remember dropping your phone when someone beside you startled you when jumping up due to a goal, but just as you reached down, you started to hear the commotion - and not the cheery type. It was more like an ‘oh shit’ type of commotion.

So with your phone back in your grip, you stood high up on the heels of your feet to try and see what was going on out there. You immediately gaped at the sight of Grayson in his black jersey - matching the one he lent to you for this game - as he was all up in another dude’s face from the opposing team. You knew right away that he was angry, clutching tightly onto his hockey stick and even going as far as taking his helmet off to scream in the guy’s face and make him see his true anger. The aggressiveness he showed did things to you, but you shook your head at yourself and tried to push out of the crowd so that you could get closer to his side.

Maybe seeing you would calm him.

The whistles were going off, Grayson’s name was being shouted out, and there had to be a time out for him to take a breather. It’s when you noticed the name on the back of the other guy’s shirt, making you realize that this wasn’t just someone from the rivalry team, but your wonderful ex-boyfriend.

It wasn’t that he was shitty, or even cruel, he just wasn’t the type of boyfriend you wanted to gush to everyone about. So clearly, nothing ever worked out.

You reached one end of the glass windows, separating you from the team sitting off to the side, and as if in fate; Grayson eyes met yours. His glare was still there, but you could see the stars in his eyes softening when he realized it was you, and all you could do was mouth to him: ‘it’s okay.’

Luckily, the game had finished off smoothly. Grayson had tried his very best not to push your ex-boyfriend on purpose, or swing a punch, and went ahead with the game, going for the win since the victory would be a lot better to rub in his face.

You stayed back for a while, and once you became very impatient, you decided to be bold and go ahead and speak with Grayson even if he was still in a room full of other men. It was quite easy to get inside - you knew because it wasn’t the first time. You once helped Ethan with a prank in there, so it was an in-and-out situation.

Meanwhile, Grayson was changing out of his hockey gear, sweat imprinting his sweet olive skin, with a frown still embedded onto his beautiful face after everything. He got a few pats here and there from his supportive team, yet he didn’t really pay attention to them. He only stopped once he heard a chorus of whistles starting up in the locker room, causing him to crane his neck to try and see what the hell was going on now.

“Heyyy! Looking good, Y/N!”

Grayson’s jaw clenched at hearing that, clutching onto the neckline of his tight white Nike shirt that he still hadn’t put on. Not until he saw you.

“Hi chula!”

“Bitch, you can’t be in here!”

“You looking for me beautiful?”

“If that’s what your dick looks like, no thanks.” Grayson couldn’t help but chuckle to himself at hearing you defend yourself, his plump lips tilting over one corner. He liked that you were like that. He liked that you hung out with him despite getting comment after comment about being a slut or a bitch, simply because you were around him; the most popular guy on campus.

You stopped directly by Grayson’s locker after that comment, trying your best not to look down at his heavenly, glistening body even though you’d seen it so much that you could remember every freckle, ever muscle, every ripple. You had to admit that it helped with the fantasies, but you were never going to let him know that. It’d sound creepy if you said you stared more than enough times across your window whenever he would lift weights, do push-ups, or simply walk around shirtless before and after a shower with just a single towel around his hips.

“What is it, doll,” Grayson asked, though it sounded more like a statement from the way he said it. He wasn’t even shocked to see you standing there, knowing very well how daring you grew to be due to his twin brother.

“Here to talk. Put some pants on,” you said, crossing your arms so your breasts lifted up with the jersey, completely unaffected by everyone else only because Grayson’s beauty topped all of theirs. If it was just you and him, however, it’d be different. You’d be nervous as all hell.

Grayson threw his shirt back in his locker and went for his shorts instead, reaching down to place them on, and you had to tighten your thighs at seeing his bulge in those boxer briefs. “I’m listening,” he said with that deep, sexy voice of his. His bright loopy eyes seemed a little darker, and he did that soft angelic look he so often did that honestly drove you crazy. The one where he slightly tilted his head down and stared through his long lashes, his brows etched a bit together, reminding you of the scar in between.

That time, you couldn’t quite speak. The other boys had gone back to doing their own thing while stealing glances at you - and then Grayson’s eyes went to rake over your body. His black jersey on you was tied at the front, showcasing your belly button, and then you had tight shorts on with vans and white knee socks that just drove Grayson insane. The thought of gripping your thighs and eating you out until he was full… it was too much for him, and he was lucky his coach came over before his dick started straining his obvious shorts.

“Y/N…” Coach sighed next to you, rounding the corner of the aisle, not even surprised to see you there. “Again with this. You can congratulate Mister Dolan afterwards, please step out of the boys locker room.”

Nodding once, you put your head high and started walking back from where you came from. However, you gave Gray a side-eye, making sure you sent him the message that you needed to speak with him asap.

When you managed to get out of the locker room in one piece, you received a text from Gray himself not even a minute later.

The Worst Dolan🏒: Don’t leave. Wait around fifteen and come back inside.

The Worst Dolan🏒: We’ll be alone.

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adjustment (m) | jung hoseok

source: x

pairing: Hoseok x Reader
genre/warnings: smut, fluff, chiropractor!hoseok, patient!reader, unprotected sex, creampie, rough-ish, oral sex (recieving)
words: 7138
summary: At Kim-Jung Chiropractics, they meet your every need, and today it’s not just your back that needs aligning.

a/n: I promise it’s not a cheesy porno :’)

You can’t help but let out a pained gasp as you climb from your car, the twisting of your lower back with just one foot on the pavement triggering a momentary stab of agony at the base of your spine. The area had been tender all week, the sudden sharpness kicking in only every now and then but immobilising you regardless, and you were completely fed up.

It was a god send that you’d managed to slot in a last minute appointment at Kim-Jung Chiropractic, and with it being a Friday afternoon you were even just thankful you’d made it in time - leaving work a little early had paid off for you to miss the hometime rush.

Leaning up and out, you finally straighten yourself with a sigh, groaning as you reach back in and over to the passenger seat to grab your handbag before shutting your door and locking it firmly. Walking into the office feels somewhat strange, unfamiliar, and you think back to the one time prior that you’d been in; before the renovation.

It wasn’t much different, still bright white, clean walls, but the new carpet was a nice touch and the armchairs had been reupholstered to a much more comfortable looking soft leather rather than the plastic they’d had before.

The pretty girl behind the desk smiles brightly when you approach and promptly asks for your name and appointment time, typing quickly in her computer before guiding you to sit for a mere two minute wait on Dr Kim’s current appointment.

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Puck Me [E.D]

Puck You [Grayson’s Version]

Summary: Ethan was a popular hockey player at your school. After you get ditched at one of his games, he offers a ride to his place, where something you least expect happens.

Words: 4.4k

Warning: Smut, hockey!ethan 😍

A/N: The Walls by Chase Atlantic IS THIS SHITS SONG. I’ve spent too much time on this and I still think it sucks but hopefully its readable! DEDICATED TO MY ETHAN GIRLS (BC IT AINT ME) ITS WHAT U DESERVE ✨✨

“You’re a piece of shit, Ethan Dolan.”

You pressed your lips tightly together when you heard your friend, Felicity, make a scene in front of everyone. Why? Because she had just gotten rejected by the captain of the hockey team directly after one of his games - a game that she had forced you to come to, simply for this reason.

After telling that to Ethan in such an evil way, who by the way seemed to only try to be nice and say that no, he wasn’t interested, she stalked off.

When you turned to try and leave out of the crowd to follow your ride home, you were unaware of the eyes on you.

Ethan found you through the entire crowd almost immediately, and kept his attention on you as you slowly disappeared. His eyes softened and his throat clogged up, because that was the weird thing he felt whenever you were in the same room as him.

He had to be brought back to reality by one of his teammates, who was laughing at what just happened with Felicity. And once Ethan let out a fake smile and went to try and find you again, you were gone.

It had been raining a lot after the hockey game, and you practically being a loner, didn’t have many friends besides the one girl that asked you to come. So after walking for quite a few blocks, there you stood, trying to cover yourself up from the wind and the rain while keeping your steps forward, even as the wind nearly blew you away.

Then, Ethan Dolan himself appeared.

He was popular, way more popular than you and Felicity combined. He was often a flirt, not with you though, so it was weird for him to be nice and offer a ride. It was a different thing to see.

You took his offer, seeing as you’d probably die if you continued your lengthy walk home - and sat in Ethan’s truck quietly. He didn’t speak much, simply blasted his music and the heaters for you before starting the journey to his house, where he offered even more help since it was much closer and the rain was too dangerous to be driving in at the moment.

“Game was nice,” you had decided to say at some point out of pure braveness.

Ethan raised a brow and turned to quickly glance at you, not expecting to have you speak to him. "Friendly game.”

“Congrats,” You said anyway. Ethan didn’t respond then, instead silently making a turn. “When did you get hurt?” You asked when you noticed the bruises on his hands, more specifically on his knuckles as they tightened around the steering wheel. They were beet red, forming into purple, with slight cuts here and there. A part of you wanted to lean in and hold them.


“Oh.” Weird.

Not much of a talker, it seemed. You were conflicted, seeing him laughing and being weird around all of his friends and his twin brother 24/7 during school hours. That’s why he was so well-known, also because he was captain and was incredibly attractive nonetheless. You weren’t even much of a talker either, but it was better than the awkward silence unfolding and would continue on if you were going to stay over. You sort of wanted to know why he’d done this for someone like you; someone out of his league and far away from his clique.

You were at a red light near his neighborhood when he finally spoke again. You were completely unaware of how nervous he actually was, but he was Ethan; he hid it all too well.

“Hey you’re… you’re friends with that Felicity girl, right?”

You averted your eyes, remembering the scene she made when he rejected her right outside of the rink with his teammates surrounding him. It was cringe-worthy and you felt sorry for him. You could tell he was trying to be nice and at least he was honest instead of leading her on and breaking her heart later on. “I guess. Why?”

Ethan made a face that was like a half smirk, his high cheekbones showing. “Nothing, just wondering.”

You got to his house before you could question him, and that was that.


He let you in after you both ran, then he let you dry off, and your heart leaped when he disappeared for a bit to go and lend you his yellow and black jersey. It felt warm, soft, and looked large enough to fit you as a dress.

“Your jersey?” You asked, confused.

Ethan shrugged, unfazed. “Yeah… it’s not sweaty or anything, I just washed it. Thought you’d like to change.”

You giggled, blushing at the fact that he probably could have gone for a regular white t-shirt. Nope, he went for his famous jersey. “Good to know…” You didn’t tear your eyes away from him, and he didn’t either. His gaze was killing you, he was making you melt right on the spot, and it didn’t help the fact that he was wearing black basketball shorts, and a tight Nike shirt to showcase his muscles and large hands.

“Bathroom’s right over there,” he simply stated, like he didn’t care anymore, and pointed to the door.

Nodding, you went over and changed out of your wet clothes.

The jersey went down to mid-thigh, and it smelled just like him. You couldn’t deny the fact that you liked Ethan, maybe a little, but you didn’t say anything due to Felicity. Now you were at his house after he rejected her? Crazy.

“Um…” You stepped out, and when Ethan turned from the fridge, he nearly dropped his Gatorade bottle at the sight.

It took a while for him to get back to reality, going to scratch the back of his head. “Right, shit, sorry. Why didn’t you tell me? Totally flew by me.”

“It’s fine… comfy actually with no pants on,” you said, lifting the jersey up a bit, unaware of Ethan getting turned on when he caught a glimpse of your pink lace panties and the curve of your hipbone. He let out a breath, lips parting when he saw the way your long smooth legs went on for miles, suddenly thinking about them being wrapped around his shoulders as he–

“Looks good on you,” Ethan complimented, voice deep and husky.

Shit, you thought. “Thanks…”

He pried his eyes away before you could notice anything in his eyes, and then you stepped forward like nothing. You sat down on the couch, while Ethan tried to stop a hard-on from happening when you put your legs up to showcase your thighs and a part of your ass. You were so petite, innocent.

Ethan went for the cup of hot coco that he had been making for you and went to hand it to you, sitting down next to you and turning the television on. Your heart softened when you sipped on the hot coco, both of you watching the tv in silence up until you had to place your cup down and ask him something.

“Why did you ask about Felicity? Did you actually want to say yes to her? Because it’s cool if you did.”

Ethan furrowed his perfect brows. “Yeah. I mean, no.” He sighed. “Yes, I meant to say no, but…” His gaze went to yours, and even though it made your palms sweaty, you were so oblivious. Ethan wasn’t good at this, he was only good at sex. "Why were you even there?“

"Excuse me?”

“You’re not the type to, or at least I didn’t think you were…”

You looked at him for a few seconds. “You don’t even know my name, Ethan Dolan.”

“Y/N Y/L/N,” he said without missing a beat, causing you to snap your neck back in his direction. “Yeah, I know you. I know that you sit all the way at the front in my Spanish class, I know that you’re one of the top students in our grade, I know that Felicity dragged your ass to my game because I never see you there. I know that she ditched you because of me.”

You froze at his words, heart swelling as you took a moment to look at his lips.

“I know that you like to keep to yourself because you constantly have your headphones in during lunch. I know that you got your appendix removed a little before we hit 8th grade, which is why you didn’t do your tests or came to Talia’s party.” He took a pause - his eyes never leaving yours - letting out a chuckle next that made you shiver. “I know that I punched the fuck out of my teammate in the locker rooms for constatly talking about fucking you.”

You swallowed thickly, goose bumps arising all over your arms. “You got suspended…” You remembered, now looking down at his bruised knuckles that made a whole lot more sense than him frustratingly punching the ice on the rink or something during ‘practice’.

“Oh yeah, he didn’t stop even when I came back. Kept testing me.”

You were speechless, your heart going absolutely crazy that you were so sure it was about to leap out of your chest from what you were hearing.

“I didn’t enjoy him talking about you like that, because I didn’t want to fucking picture it.”

Ethan was sitting forward now, his elbows on his knees, and a pissed off look on his face.

“And you in my jersey is just…” he let out a dry chuckle, sitting back and rubbing his thighs. You looked down and noticed the tattoos on him, suddenly growing aroused at the thought of straddling them. “Fuck, I’m sorry.”

Before you could question him and his weird behaviors yet again, he went in as close as he could to be able to kiss you, hard. It was a rough kiss, yet his lips were softer than ever. They were plump, full, and you happily kissed back with your hands automatically going up to run through his soft dark hair. He was an incredible kisser, easily slipping his tongue in to dominate yours, the tiny bits of facial hair scraping against your skin when he went to grip you and move you to straddle his lap.

There, he continued on with his heavy kissing, pulling you as close as possible with his hands on your hips, wrapping his arms easily around your entire waist.

Once you subconsciously moved your crotch against his, his hands cautiously headed down until they were placed on your round ass. His palms were smooth running over the soft skin of your cheeks, getting a good feel of them and loving how well you fit in his hands. He squeezed both when one of your own hands was placed on his thigh, taking the second to pull away.

“You ever done this before?” he asked breathlessly.

“Yeah…” You not-so-innocently stated, looking at him and rubbing at his lip with the tip of your finger. “Don’t stop.”

Ethan didn’t expect that, but it only made him grow harder beneath you. “Fuck.”

He leaned forward to smash his lips again with yours, already missing the feeling, and then proceeded to help you grind down a little harder on his dick so that you could feel him through the clothes separating you two. He stood to his feet with you in his arms right away due to him being impatient, easily carrying your body without losing contact of your lips and heading towards his bedroom as best as his memory could help him. You had placed your hands on his cheeks, fingers grazing his famous jawline that all the girls drooled over, as well as the tiny bits of hair adorning his features. You kissed him like your life depended on it, holding onto him as his warm, large body engulfed yours like they were both perfect for one another.

You let out a tiny squeal when he practically threw you onto his bed, though. Your body hopped a bit against the mattress, and you could’ve sworn you saw Ethan’s light eyes turn much darker when he saw you there, ready for you to take him. You left your legs wide open, your pink panties showing him the wet patch on you - which drove him wild. He shook his head lightly to himself and then reached back to the neck of his shirt, slipping the entire thing off of him.

You’d heard the stories, a lot of different stories about this boy, but at that moment you didn’t care. His body was everything you loved in a man, beautiful skin, hard abdomen, wide shoulders. You nearly moaned at the thought of his hands and back muscles.

Before you knew it, Ethan had gone back down to press his chest against yours, giving you a peck on the lips before biting down on your bottom lip and latching onto it before letting it go and moving down to your neck. His hands held onto your waist that still had his jersey on, lifting it up only to gain access to your panties.

You lightly moaned when he used his teeth to help you get rid of the thin lace, slowly pulling them down until you lifted your lower body up to help him move them over your bum. Ethan managed to get them down smoothly, thinking he was able to get them off from your ankle, but when he finally caught sight of your most sensitive, wet spot and your full ass, he knew that you were going to be the end of him. He was going to destroy you.

You thought he’d remove the jersey soon after too, but you didn’t know how much of a fucking sight that was for him.

“Ethan,” you dragged his name along when he was already diving into your pussy unexpectedly, his mouth lapping at it and tasting its sweetness. He was gripping the back of your thighs to keep your legs high up to face his ceiling and keep them open for his better access, devouring you and using his tongue to his advantage. “Ethan,” you said once again, arching your back and shaking with the way his mouth felt on you, your toes curling so much it was starting to hurt already.

His eyes met yours as he let his tongue move around, gliding gently against your wet folds before doing quick circles against your entrance. He even went down to your ass for a moment, making sure to mark his territory everywhere. His saliva mixing in with your heavy arousal. He was loving it, and it showed when he closed his eyes in satisfaction, grinding his tongue to capture every part of your arousal and also to tease you by sucking on your clit.

“God, princess, you taste so fucking good,” he pulled away to say in a raspy tone, not letting his sudden speaking ruin anything seeing as he let his fingertips rub your swollen clit while he was occupied.

He then spat on you and continued to use his heavenly tongue, laying it flat and sucking on your juices, his stubble tickling you enough to make you let out a slight giggle with a whimper, making him grow harder and harder in his shorts at the sound and the fact that he had you like this. You could already see the obvious bulge on him, yet could only focus so much on it until you felt the pit of your stomach clench with full desire.

You let a high moan out, your eyes rolling back as your orgasm took its toll, and you were closing your thighs around his head, clutching tightly onto his hair seeing as you needed something to hold onto. Ethan, however, continued to eat you out even as you came and finished coming, pulling you closer to him so that he could grind you on his face to get your wetness go all over his mouth and chin.

Eventually, he managed to stop himself, swallowing every last drip you gave him, even if you continued to let out more. You made a sound just as he gently hit your ass, moving to sit on the bed beside you before easily handling your tinier body to make you sit, where he rubbed your clean shaven legs. “Come here and ride.”

Trying to regain your breathing, you moved to straddle his legs. You gasped when he let his hand hit your ass yet again, a bit harder, and he smirked, going to kiss under your earlobe before whispering; “Ride my thigh, kitten. This is all for you.”

With that nickname alone, he could ask you to do anything. You now moved to only straddle one of his thick tan thighs. The one with the tattoos.

He placed his arms back for leverage and to watch you better, letting you go ahead and move as you slowly started to rock your hips against his thigh.

Your clit brushed against his skin, the bits of his hair prickling at you, but you didn’t mind it. It felt good, and so you moved quicker, your wetness spreading against his tattoos and making his skin glisten.

Even as you were the only one moving, the only one truly pleasuring yourself, you could tell how much it was turning Ethan on and how much he enjoyed it. He wouldn’t take his eyes off of you, his dick twitching with want, just wanting to be inside of you already - yet this was something he loved to do. He loved to torture himself, because once he felt how tight your pussy was wrapped all around his thick cock, he’d feel like he’s in pure fucking heaven.

When you had to stop the grinding of your hips due to feeling sensitive, he said, “No, no, keep going. Until you come again.”

You nodded and lifted his jersey from your hips so that he could watch them move quicker. You slowly fell apart but continued until the wave of pleasure hit you once again, moaning Ethan’s name when he tapped his foot at a fast pace to help brush his thigh against you.

Yes.” With your next orgasm coming, you couldn’t help but grip his dick right through his shorts, palming him. His breath caught in his throat as he felt you grind your hand against his cock and your pussy against his thigh. You lifted his jersey farther up so that your perky tits were fully exposed to him, biting down on the hem of the shirt to keep it held up.

Ethan moaned and licked his lips at seeing your tits slightly bounce, going to softly bite onto one nipple, his eyes meeting yours just the same way as he was when eating you.

You then leaned in to give Ethan a deep kiss before you felt yourself being moved again. This time, he was fully lying down on his back on the bed, but he was turning your body around so that you could fully straddle him - backwards - in reverse cowgirl.

Making a tiny sound, you helped him remove his shorts and immediately gripped his long cock when he kicked them off his ankles. Ethan hissed as you spread his precum with the pad of your thumb and already guided the tip towards your entrance, quietly begging for more when his entire length wasn’t even inside of you yet.

“Please, please…” Maybe you were begging because you knew he was the one in control, so you went slow.

“All the way inside, baby,” he said to you in whispers, gripping your ass and spanking it as hard as ever. “Fuck that dick.” That alone caused you to stop for a second and squeal as you managed to get him all the way inside, moving to fuck him with your head off to the side to be able to see him through the corner of your eyes a bit. “Such a good fucking girl.”

At first, you were gentle with the rocking of your hips, flicking them in such a way that was pure amazement to Ethan. He had to flare his nostrils to keep his moans in, perfectly aligned brows knitting together.


You moaned and started moving faster, as told, loving the wet sounds you two were causing. Ethan stretched you out on every single grind, maybe a little more after every time and it was delicious. “Like that?” you asked, leaning forward to rest your forearms on the bed so that you could twerk against his dick.

“Just like that,” he breathed out, sitting up slightly on his elbows to watch the way your ass bounced and slapped against his thighs. “All the way up, go all the way up.” You obeyed and lifted your hips all the way up until only the head of his cock was inside of you, nearly slipping out. Then, you sank back down, taking it all back in with a sharp gasp. “Again, all the way up…” You could hear the torture in his voice, and how he was most likely stopping himself from flipping you both around to fuck you as hard as he could.

You repeated the action, and he decided to then take control and keep your hips steady before ramming up into you at a quick pace. You let out a small scream as you felt Ethan reach the farthest depths of you, his cock feeling so incredibly good.

You started to get lost in the pleasure and had to stop him by putting your hand on one of his knees so that he could pull him out of you as you shook tremendously when a third orgasm came, instead going to grind against his balls. Ethan only laughed behind you and gripped his cock, jerking it a bit with his bruised fist while his fingers easily glided up to spread out your wet pussy. Just the sight of it alone would’ve made him cum, yet he also wanted to eat you out for a second time.

There was so much he wanted to do, but he knew you probably wouldn’t be able to take that much.

Once it was clear to him that you were finished, he brought you back to the bed where you were both now lying down on your side. You lifted Ethan’s silky jersey up, sweaty yet with no desire to take it off, and he gripped a boob to knead it in his hand, going to kiss your shoulder.

You turned your head around to be able to kiss him, full tongue, and then lifted a leg up so that he could get the message of you wanting him again. Ethan gripped himself first and started to slap his cock against your clit, making you gasp with the amount of orgasms you’d already gotten.

“Ethan… oh!” You got caught off guard when he swiftly pressed his tip inside of you, groaning, up until he was fully tucked inside, loving the way you immediately tightened around him, only making it harder for him to hold his only orgasm back. You bit hard down on your lip, hand going down to feel up his tight balls as he thrusted heavenly slow with a hand wrapped around your thigh to keep your leg up.

It only lasted so long before he started snapping his hips a little quicker.

Ethan was fucking you sideways, moving you slightly after a moment to make sure your legs were stuck together before wrapping an arm around your knees and placing his free hand on your asscheek before drilling into you. He practically had you curled up in a ball, fucking you as hard as he could in that position. His thick length was stroking your g-spot, your clenching walls hugging every inch and protruding vein on him.

You even started to tear up a little, each and every one of your limbs stiffening up. “That’s so good…”

Ethan dug his nails into your skin, before completely moving all over again, nearly making you dizzy. He got up and left you limp and sweaty on the bed, but before you knew it, he dragged you over to the end of the bed by your shaky legs, making sure you were on your hands and knees before starting to fuck you again.

“This fucking pussy…” Ethan breathed out, gripping your hips and lifting the lower half of your body up to meet his hard thrusts.

You screamed when he fucked you into the mattress from behind, causing you to knit your brows and let out the rest of the screams against the bed sheets, going to grip a pillow instead to bite into it.

“Look at me.” Ethan had no mercy as he was pulling on your hair next, making sure you were making direct eye contact with him while he kept his sweet thrusts going. He was panting behind you, clenching and unclenching his jaw every time your pussy got tighter, driving him crazy.

He used his free hand to draw foreign circles against your other hole before he pulled out, held his breath, and ejaculated all over your ass with a groan. You sighed and smiled once you felt every drip on your skin before he went back to making sure you had one final orgasm. He placed his fingers on your pussy and quickly rubbed at it, his wrist somehow being able to flick faster and faster.

“Oh God… Ethan!” You screamed as your thighs shook and he sent you into oblivion once more, pulling away from you to suck on his wet fingers like you were frosting.

After helping you clean up, he lied down with you on his bed, both of you still trying to catch your breath. You cuddled up next to him, and got comfy, just as your phone let out a ding when Ethan decided to go for it back in the living room.

Felicity: Hey sorry I left you at the game, it was so shitty of me. Ethan’s still an ass. Are you okay?

Ethan looked down at you starting to sleep soundly against his chest, his heart melting yet a small smirk forming as he typed away.

Y/N: More than okay.


New Magcon AU: You join the guys on tour as a photographer
You’re a very straight forward and open person, and when you meet Aaron on tour, you hit it off immediately. You spontaneously decide to share a hotel room at one of the stops and things start to get pretty heated. 

YOOO what have I done? :’D Hahaha I don’t know if I went to crazy with that but I kinda like it. Let me know what you think! :) 

I decided to watch ‘Chasing Cameron’ and this is what I came up with. Has anyone else watched it? If so, what are your opinions on the show? :)

(Yes, I’ve been gone forever, again. Just busy with life, as always. But I’ll always come back here cause I love entertaining you guys and interacting with you :) Hope you’ve all been good!)

MASTERLIST (not updated yet, but hopefully soon)

Imagine Your Otp

Person 1: They can give you everything that I can’t! You’d be happier with them.

Person 2: You’re right, but I don’t think they can give me a heartattack at 3am because someone decided to leave the house to go get slushie from the gas station. And if they did, they certainly wouldn’t have brought me back a pack of sour gummy worms. So, I think I’ll stick with you.

Person 1: *crys*

*(This was based of a dream I had. Sorry💀)*

Cherry Cola [G.D]

SUMMARY: When your father hires a young man to take care of your mother’s plants, he easily becomes intrigued by you and your obsession with cherries, making it his mission to fuck you in the garden that you seem to adore so much.

Words: 11.1k

Warnings: smut and maybe a small age gap idk ion say it


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