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Life After YouTube


“So Joe, let’s start the ‘Family’ part of this interview off with the question everyone has been asking; why is Y/N never really featured in your videos.” Caspar asked his friend as he leaned in closer in his seat, no longer paying attention to the camera that sat in front of them. 

“She’s in vlogs but I’m assuming you mean videos on my main channel. Umm I don’t really know. I guess it’s not something that needs to happen, like I’m not that kind of Youtuber who relies on other people for views. She’s been in the ‘Girlfriend Tag’ and various Q&As and she helps out when she can, but she’s got her own thing she’s doing. She works outside of the flat so I usually film when she’s gone. I guess I feel like my videos don’t need her in them to make people laugh or smile, despite what the comment section says.” Joe paused as he laughed awkwardly at the camera.

“You say that but she’s in almost every vlog of yours.” Caspar said as she straightens back up in his chair. 

“Yeah, vlogs are different. Vlogs are snippets of my days, the better part of them anyways, and thats usually when Y/N is around. When neither of us have anything work related planned, thats when I vlog the most because we’re usually out doing vlog-worthy things. But even when were not doing anything I like to vlog then because I want to document the moments we have together so I can look back on them in a few years, or so Y/N can look at them in a few weeks,” Joe laughed again as he remembered how many times his girlfriend rewatches past vlogs of his, “We also live together now and it’s kind of hard to avoid each other, she’s there when I wake up and when I go to bed.”

“And hows that going? You guys living together, that is. I wanted to say that it was something new but she’s been here a while now.” Caspar and Joe followed the sound of Grant’s voice from behind the camera. 

“It’s been nearly a year mate, not sure where you’ve been.” Joe laughed again. 

“Its only been a year? Feels longer than that.” Caspar chimed in.

“Officially a year, she was around a lot when we were first started dating. It got to the point where she would spend weeks here, only going back to hers to collect her mail or to grab more clothes so one day I just asked if she wanted to move in. And to answer your question Grant, it’s going great. We’re still together  which is good! We haven’t had any major fights, just a few minor ones caused from one, or both, of us being stressed out but they blow over pretty quickly. And I love having her here. Even if we are in separate rooms doing separate things, its nice knowing that she’s somewhere in the flat, in out flat.”

“You’re very cute Sugg. So my final question is fulfillment.” Caspar said, closing the last topic and starting a new one for discussion.

“Awe it’s over? I was just getting warmed up!” Joe pouted to the camera. 

“Where do you see yourself in 50?” Caspar asked.

“50…well not dead. Umm married with kids hopefully.”

“With Y/N?” Caspar said cutting Joe off quickly.

“Ah, yeah. I hope so. I mean I’m nearly 26 and I don’t really want to start the dating process over again. It took me a lot of years and I met a lot of people before I met Y/N and I don’t want to so that again, so I don’t plan on letting her go.” Joe said shyly.

“Do you think you’ll stay in London?” 

“Definitely not. We’ve talked about moving closer to family, whether it’s mine or hers, when we decided to start our own family. I want to be able to have a house with a garden so our kids could run around in and explore and unfortunately thats not something that can be done in London without spending millions and even with that you aren’t getting a lot. I’d like my kids to grow up how Y/N and I grew up; ‘normal’ and not so invested in money or the newest technology. I want them to run around in the dirt and explore the outdoors instead of only seeing it on a computer screen or having to drive 30 minutes to the nearest park like you do in London. Y/N and I have talked about this a lot, and pretty much are on the same page when it comes to settling down with kids.”

“So you definitely see Y/N in your future.”

“100 percent.” Joe blushed as he peaked between his friend and the camera. 

“So what about YouTube in the future, do you see this still being your job?” 

“I think its inevitable that I won’t do this forever, but I want to try for as long as I possibly can, but I don’t know when that will be. It might be when I have kids or when my kids are older, they could take ‘ThatcherJoe’ off my hands and turn it into ‘ThatcherJoeJr’, but ultimately I have no clue. If I can still make people laugh with I’m 50, I’d love to still do this but not like how I am now. I’d have to slow it down a lot and possibly focus on other things like art or maybe going back into thatching or actually start a rock band…” Joe said causing he and the other boys to laugh.

“Alright Joe, thank you for letting me interview you. If you guys haven’t already subscribed to Joe, all his links are in the description box below. Make sure to pre-order his third book, Username: Uprising which comes out next month right?” Caspar asked looking over at Joe who nodded, “Alright guys, I’ll see you next week.” He ended the interview with a wave towards the camera.

Anti will always hold a special place in my heart
He was the first ego I fell in love with, and he’s the one who’s currently keeping me alert to make sure I don’t miss anything

And for that, I think he deserves some love
(Yes I am making this hashtag a thing!)

"Are you kidding me? We're not fine!" Kian Lawley

Right here recently, everything has been going wrong in this relationship. Ever since we’ve moved houses, Kian has been the biggest dick i’ve ever met. It really all started when him and Jc made that video with Tana and Corinna. Her and HER boyfriend have just broken up because he didn’t like the fact she gave MY boyfriend a lap dance or was in the tub with him :) Yeah, tell me about it. I didn’t really care for what Kian did in videos, i completely understand because i also am on YouTube. But in this case, it was all anyone was talking to me about and it really ticked me off. “No Kian I never said i don’t trust you. You KNOW i didn’t really want the video to happen and you KNOW i don’t particularly care for Tana Mongoose anyway” I rolled my eyes for the third time in 2 minutes. “Why didn’t you want the video to happen then?” He raised his voice. “I DONT LIKE HER AND IM TIRED OF PEOPLE SAYING SHIT TO ME ABOUT YOU AND HER” I finally yelled out. He shook his head and left, he just left. A few hours later he came back and guess who was with him, Fucking Tana. Harrison saw the look on my face and tears in my eyes and he asked if i was okay. “I really don’t think so” I said and walked upstairs. A few minutes later, he came up and said “What’s wrong? Kian said you and him were fine”. This made me a little angry and i walked downstairs, “KIAN! Stop telling people we’re fine! We are not fine! We haven’t been for awhile and you know that. Stop lying to people just because this is your fault” I yelled very loudly. I saw Tana roll her eyes, “You have about one more time to roll your God damn eyes at me-” I was cut off by her doing it again. “What are you going to actually do? like really?” She smacked her lips. “Tana please shut up” Jc whispered but it was too late. I reached across Kian that was in front of me and hit the ‘actual’ fuck out of her. “STOP! TANA GET OUT! AND Y/N GO TO OUR ROOM” Kian yelled. “You’re really making me leave just because of this bitch?” She held her face. Kian held up his hands that were around me and i hit her again. Kian grabbed me before i could hit her once more and carried me upstairs. “Listen i’m sorry. Okay? I love you. I love you so much and i promise it’ll only ever be you. Please let us be okay again. I only told everyone we were fine because i didn’t want people to know we were arguing and almost about to break up over this shit.” His eyes teared up. “Kian, don’t cry. It’s okay. I love you so much too. We’re okay babe” I smiled and kissed him. “Good because i honestly don’t know how i’d make it without you” He said, kissing me again.

hello everyone! i just created a youtube channel. i have a personal one, but considering I’m not out, I don’t feel comfortable addressing these topics on that channel. im going to be talking about my experience, give tips, and possibly do themed videos, regarding being an lgbt Christian. ill give affirmations, a ton of stuff. i want to help someone out there. also feel free to fill my inbox with suggestions. God bless you all :)

Hospital // Buttercream gang

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You wake up, groggy and overwhelmed with pain. You were confused, unaware of your surroundings. You kept your eyes tightly closed, reaching up a hand to rub your swelled face. Bumps and scars were scattered across your face. They were mainly around your chin and under your eyes. A bandage was tightly wrapped around your wrist, you could feel the compression. You continued to lay still, wanting the pain to go away. The soft beep of the machines around you indicated that you were in a hospital. You couldn’t remember anything that could have given you these injuries. The last thing that was stuck in your mind was that you were going to get something. Food, you think. You thought you could remember holding a bag, so you were probably going food shopping. You were alone, you knew that for sure. How could you going food shopping bring such an injury upon you?

You opened your eyes slowly when you heard people filing in the door. The bright lights strained your eyes, making you close them again. A faint gasp was heard from across the room. There was a click. You opened them once again, to a much darker and welcoming room. Yes, you were definitely in a hospital. In front of you stood 4 people. Your Mum and Dad, along with what you believed was a doctor and nurse. A tear fell from your mothers eyes, while your dad hugged her. “Hello, Y/N” said the doctor, walking over towards you. “Hello,” you replied, voice croaky. The doctor checked your eyes and arms. You had broken your wrist, and managed to get a deep cut to your forehead. The doctor explained what happened to you.

You were walking back from the supermarket at around 5pm. You looked both ways before crossing a road, but a large car drove around just as you started to cross. It was too fast, as the driver of the car was highly intoxicated. You were struck, and thrown across the ground. You have a broken wrist, stitches on your forehead and a fractured ankle. You’re lucky to be alive, Y/N… very lucky. This all happened 2 days ago. It was on a Tuesday night, it is now Thursday midday.”

You sat in disbelief at the doctor’s words. You were hit by a car? How are you not dead? It amazed you how you had these minor injuries after getting hit with a car. You nodded, and the nurse and doctor quietly left. Your mum and dad swarmed you soon after, asking you if you were alright. You assured them that you were fine and just a bit sore. They pressed a button for you. “You’ll feel better soon, this feeds medicine through your cannula.” Your dad said. Your mum’s phone rang as they were about to leave. She talked to them for a while, before hanging up. “Some wonderful people are coming to visit you soon, sit tight” she smiled.

You slept for a while, and was woken up by a soft knock on the door. A group of boys walk in, 2 of them holding gifts. You smiled at the sight of them. In front of you stood your best friends. Jack, Joe, Conor, Mikey, Oli, Caspar and Josh. Joe held a bunch of flowers, while Jack had a box of chocolates. They all stood before you, waiting for you to speak. “Hi guys,” you whispered, voice suddenly sore. They all said their hellos. Oli, who was one of the closest to you, realised that you were having trouble speaking. He grabbed the whiteboard and marker next to you and sat it on your lap. You smiled up at him before grabbing it. “Babe, how are you,” Joe cooed. You scrawled on the board. “Fine now that you guys are here” They all laughed and smiled. You didn’t mind that Joe called you babe, even though you weren’t dating. You were best friends with every single one of those boys, and loved them to death in their own ways. But one think you did know, was that you loved them only as friends.

They continued to chat to you, while you wrote messages back. They updated you on things that you missed in the two days you were M.I.A. Josh managed to sweep a girlfriend the day before. You were happy for him, as you knew that he had liked the girl for a long time. He had actually liked the girl for months prior, but he was too scared to make a move on her. You loved seeing your friends happy, it put the happiness into your day. Caspar filmed a video with Mikey, Conor and Oli… where they did the ‘conjoined twin challenge’. They showed you the video in the room, and you found it hilarious. You smiled for the rest of the afternoon, up until most of the boys had to leave.

It was agreed that one of the boys could say with you tonight, and you would circle around their houses after leaving the hospital. They didn’t want to get close to lose you again, so they always wanted to keep an eye on you.  Joe was sleeping in the arm chair next to you tonight. Tomorrow night you’re going to sleep at home, but with Mikey and Oli crashing at your place. After that, you’re going to be with Caspar and Josh, followed by Jack and Conor. Joe will float around with you in the day, as he’s staying in the room tonight. It was agreed between the 7 of you that you’re going to do this circuit once. After that, you have full rein to sleep wherever you like, at your own house or someone else’s.  You loved the boys, but sometimes they can be way too overprotective!