youtuber you would most like to be for a day

Dating Jacksepticeye would include (Part 1):

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- Hearing him scream while doing videos at the most random time.

- You’ll just hear, “Oh, fuck me!” a million times throughout the day, and you won’t be able to stop laughing.

- Matching green hair.

- Him yelling for you when in videos, like asking you to bring him water or come say hi to everyone.

- And doing silly videos together.

- Seeing who can cuss the loudest in a public place, like a mall food court.

- Him learning songs on the drums that you really like and playing them for you.

- Staying up and keeping him awake during late nights of editing/making videos.

- Sharing a hotel room and lots of good memories at conventions.

- And at those conventions, him making everyone look at her and applaud for you while he’s on stage. Basically just gushing about you like, “Look at them, every body. Wow. WOW!”

- Matching ugly Christmas sweaters and santa hats :/

- Him wearing your crop tops because you ask him to because it makes you laugh.

- Dates to the arcade with classic games and sharing soda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Goofy pictures basically 24 / 7. Lots of tongues sticking out and cross eyes.

- But also a lot of pictures of him kissing your cheek cause he thinks the smile you get is gorgeous.

Get to know me!

1) Who had the biggest impact on you while you were growing up?
2) What are your hobbies?
3) If you could have dinner with any 3 people (dead or alive), who would they be and why?
4) What sorts of things make you laugh?
5) What is your biggest goal?
6) Do you have any pet peeves?
7) What do you like to do on the weekend?
8) Have you ever had a nickname? And if so, what was the story behind it?
9) What was your favorite tv show while you were growing up?
10) What are your favorite tv shows now?
11) What are your favorite movies?
12) Tell me one thing that would surprise me about you?
13) What do you look for in a girl?
14) What do you look for in a guy?
15) Tell me about what you were like as a kid?
16) What are some of the items on your bucket list?
17) Have you found your calling? If so, what is it?
18) Do you, or have you ever had any pets? If so, tell me about them?
19) Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
20) Tell me about a challenge that you’ve had to overcome and how you overcame it?
21) If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
22) if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
23) If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
24)If you could only watch one tv show for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
25) Tell me about your favorite childhood memory and what made it so special to you?
26) What is your favorite commercial that you’ve ever seen and why?
27) If you were stuck on a deserted island and you could only bring one thing, what would it be, and why?
28) If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?
29) Who is your celebrity crush?
30) Who is your favorite music artist?
31) What is your favorite music genre?
32) What is your favorite broadway musical?
33) What is your favorite cartoon?
34) What is your favorite album?
35) What is your favorite color?
36) What would you do if you won a million dollars?
37) If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
38) What would be your superhero name?
39) Which actor/actress would play you in a movie about your life?
40) What would be your dream vacation?
41) Where did you grow up?
42) If you could trade lives with anybody for a day, who would it be and why?
43) If you could be on any reality tv show, which one would it be?
44) What’s your favorite book?
45) Who’s your favorite author? 
46) Who is your favorite YouTuber?
47) What’s your favorite tv show?
48) Which celebrity do you admire most and why?
49) What are some of your favorite childhood memories?
50) What countries have you traveled to?
51) What is your favorite drink?
52) What is your favorite restaurant? 
53) Do you like to cook?
54) What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?
55) What’s the best thing that happened to you last week? 

Book Inspired Asks!
  • Harry Potter: What is your Hogwarts House?
  • The Bone Season: Do you believe in clairvoyance?
  • Firebird triology: Do you believe in alternate universes?
  • Acotar: What is your favourite season and time of day?
  • Throne of Glass: Who is your favourite female fictional character?
  • Shatter Me: If you could have any power, what would it be?
  • Percy Jackson: If you were a demigod, who would be your godly parent? 
  • The Raven Boys: If you could find out when you die, would you want to know? 
  • The Mortal Instruments: Would you rather be a shadowhunter, warlock, werewolf or vampire? 
  • Skulduggery Pleasant: If you could control one element, which would you want to control?
  • Geekerella: do you believe that you can fall in love with someone you have never met?
  • The Sun is also a Star: Do you think you can fall in lovewith someone in  a day? 
  • Anna and the French Kiss: Where in the world would you most like to live
  • The Lunar Chronicles: What is your favourite fairytale?
  • The Infernal Devices: If you could live in any time period, which would it be?
  • To all the boys I’ve loved before: What is your favourite sweet treat? 
  • The Lux Series: Do you believe in aliens?
  • Queens of Geek: Who is your favourite youtuber?
Nine Odd Tricks to Maximize Your Weight Gain

Hello gainers of all shapes and sizes. Today’s post is about tricks you can use to maximize your weight gain. From lighting to subliminal messaging to your plate size and color, I’m going to teach you how to trick yourself into getting fat. This post makes references to psychological, chemical, biological and historical studies, all impacting weight gain, and makes it easy to digest. Let’s get right into it!

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So @lum1natrix and I came up with the idea to make a community sketch for Teamiplier, and with the current infatuation with the Jims, we know just how to do it.


We are going to have YOU GUYS record yourselves reporting the “news” as the Jims would! I’m going to edit the videos together to make a full newscast and post it here and on YouTube!


1.) Dress up in your most Jim-like outfit,

2.) Grab a friend (optional, but encouraged),

3.) Get out (or in!) there and report your biggest story the way that a Jim would. It can be about anything, just make sure it’s wholesome, funny, and/or happy.

4.) Upload your video to YouTube as unlisted (tutorial here),

5.) Send me the LINK in a submission or a message so I can get it downloaded!


And that’s it! I should have the video up within a couple of days!

I really hope you guys will participate in this, as this is kind of a thank you to Teamiplier for all their hard work on Who Killed Markiplier, A Date With Markiplier, and a future thank you for projects to come.

hogwarts houses as students

*based on people I know*


  • neat handwriting
  • always shows up 1 second before class starts
  • class president
  • teachers always love or hate them
  • relatively quiet unless they know the subject by heart
  • would rather be really bad in a subject than average
  • most likely to study economics 
  • 10/10 would bring their pet to school every day if they were allowed
  • dresses up for the first day of school
  • “Do you think mr. Smith will let me skip the test if I say I accidentally ate weed brownies?”
  • wear uggs and are proud of it
  • brings a phone charger every day, and charges $5 for 30 minutes of use for everyone except their friends


  • “WHAT? we have a test tomorrow??”
  • the prankster 
  • watches youtube in class, without sound
  • constantly arranging events (costume events, halloween, sports day, pyjama day)
  • complains about wanting to take a gap year every day
  • doesn’t give a fuck about their handwriting
  • thinks homework is unnecessary but does it anyway
  • can’t study without music
  • loves p.e.
  • the one who always buys food from the cafeteria
  • really interested in learning about other cultures
  • hates wearing glasses but looks really cute in them
  • thinks dress codes are hopeless and should be abolished right away


  • starts the day with tea
  • gets really mad when the teacher says “tea isn’t allowed in this class”
  • uses every highlighter color so that every color feels valued
  • the one who remembers every single birthday and brings the birthday kid cake
  • “Why can’t we make croissants in French class?”
  • every day is a great hair day for hufflepuffs
  • wants to get into med school and works so hard to accomplish it
  • always the ones standing up to bullying
  • writes poems all the time
  • brings blankets for the people who always fall asleep at school
  • always asking if anyone needs help
    • helpful af


  • only notices that one grade they were disappointed with 
  • the library is their happy place
  • always shows up early or always shows up late
  • “flashcards are too basic, mind maps are better”
  • procrastinating, and then pulling all-nighters
  • obsessed with grammar
  • would rather discuss conspiracy theories than pay attention
  • most likely to love black coffee
  • always wants to beat the slytherins
  • “Why are teachers so damn stupid????”
  • caffeine addicts since the age of 12
  • books > people
  • wears Christmas sweaters from october to january
  • jazz, blues and classical music lovers
This website is stupid a lot

Twice now where i think, holy shit this thing i like is also progressive so the tumblr crybabies might actually get to enjoy it but NOPE. There are too instances of this ive seen.

In BOTW, the gerudo are the best they’ve ever been. A thriving city with vendors and shops. Economicly sound and strong. I thought since they are almost all POC and women(and most likely lesbians), tumblr would have a field day, but apparently its racist??

And in DDADDS, this game lets you be trans, lets you choose to have your previous partner be male or female and let you choose wether or not you adopted your daughter. And there’s a trans guy in the main cast. And like have of them aren’t white. Again i thought tumblr would fucking love this but no, because a couple of popular youtubers didn’t realize that the binder was a binder(i did the same thing too) they are trans phobic.

These both just reinforced what i had previously thought. People like this have a victim complex and need to justify said victim complex by claiming works that aren’t problematic(they are actually very progressive) into just that. Only because they can’t just enjoy a game and always have to find some way where someone is attacking them.


This is going to be such a long post….

What to say about Jack’s show…

It’s weird. You watch someone on YouTube for so long and somehow, they don’t seem like a real person anymore, even though you keep telling yourself that they are. It just becomes routine to watch someone on a daily basis, it becomes the “norm” to you… To forget about all the shit you’re going through, to listen to what feels like a friend, or just to have someone talking while you’re busy doing something. It maybe the only bright part about your day, week, month, or even year. Hell, it’s probably been the only bright thing about my life since my brother died almost 4 years ago. To know that each day, you’ll have a reason to forget about everything bothering you, to smile, and to laugh. Even though these people you watch may not seem real anymore, it’s comforting to watch them. When I get in a dark mental space, I just watch YouTube, which has replaced my TV, and these YouTubers pull you out of that dark place, and you feel, well, sort of normal.

It’s not until you see someone live that all these feelings and emotions come flooding to you. Your mind knows they’re real, but when you see them live for the first time, your brain starts to believe it as well. Personally, only when you meet them, does everything ‘click’. That’s the only downside about these types of shows. I feel the exact same way when I see a band live… I can’t really explain how my brain works…

Anyways, going to see Jack, and it being his first solo tour date, was nothing more than astonishing, an honor, and a huge pleasure. No one has ever seen this show before, and to be at the very first show is something that I will never forget.

I personally feel like Jack is the most personable YouTuber there is. He seems absolutely and 100% genuine in everything he says, and to him saying it’s not about the fame, popularity, number of subscribers, or money, I truly and honestly believe him when he says that. And to hear him tell the story of, pretty much his life, growing up, starting on YouTube, to where he is now, is again, an honor.

Listening to Jack tell these stories of key parts of his life was just incredible. Everyone calls him the “loud Irish YouTuber”, and I can confirm that that is a perfect description of him. He’s so bombastic and talks to the crowd like he’s talking to each individual person in the audience. You feel, well, special.

Going back to the stories he told, it’s so different hearing these stories in real life than through a YouTube video… This was so much more intimate, and you learned so much more about him… What makes him tick, what he’s gone through to get to this point, and you can see why he is such a genuine person.


It’s 2:30am, and my sister and I just got back from Jack’s Milwaukee show… And wow… I don’t even know where to begin. My mind is going a million miles an hour, and I want to say so much, and am speechless at the same time. My mind won’t let me process what just happened… So, I’ll just start at the beginning.

Coming up to Jack’s shows, I was beyond excited because we had 2 chances to see him live, something that most likely won’t happen again. After the Chicago show, I was still happy because we still had the Milwaukee show. Going to the Milwaukee show had me feeling a lot of different things. I was so excited to see how he was on stage compared to his first show.

During the show, you can tell how much more confident he was, that he wasn’t as nervous for the first show, but Jack, you looked pretty damn tired. Even though we had heard the stories from the Chicago show, my sister and I were still laughing so hard. Jack just has a way with words and how he tells stories. You can listen to him say the same thing, but the way he says it was just a little bit different, and it felt like I was hearing the story for the first time. The show was again, amazing.

After the show, my sister and I already said that we would try to meet Jack because, well, he has never been here and we know we would never have the chance again. There was so many people waiting with us. The security guard told us that Jack wouldn’t be coming out until 2am, that he will ignore everyone, and he will be surrounded by cops, and will not talk to anyone. Everyone but about 20 people left. So, we sat and stood around for hours… Probably about 3 hours. It was a little after midnight and there was 6 people left, and everyone was saying how it was probably time to leave.

We then spotted a group of people walking from the front of the building, and I instantly spotted Jack, and jumped up. We all looked at each other and stood in a line for some reason. Jack came up and said we were crazy for waiting this long, and I was the first one to ask him for a hug. Let me tell you something, Jack’s hugs are the absolute best. He just kept hugging tighter and tighter, and wow, writing this is making me tear up, something I have only done twice since.

He turned to my sister and I and we got to thank him. I told him about my brother, and a few other things. I didn’t say everything I wanted to say, but I said the important things. I’m so happy I got to tell him that he’s helped me out so much ever since my brother passed.

It’s been a very rough almost 4 years with really bad depression and PTSD, and constantly reliving the day I couldn’t save him, so to meet the guy that has helped me so much, helped me even more. He talked to us for almost 10 minutes and I cannot believe how sweet the guy is. He actually seemed to want to learn more and cared about everything my sister and I were telling him. Now I can say with 100% certainty that Jack is such a genuine and humble person.

We wanted the other 4 girls to have a chance to talk to Jack so we talked to Arin for almost another 10 minutes… I’ll write about that in a different post.

Vernon told us that they had to go, but before they left, Jack ran up to my sister and I and gave us such a big hug. I’m still at a loss for words right now…

I’m happy… I haven’t been this happy in the almost 4 years since my brother died. It’s just such a weird feeling… But I’m also sad at the same time, emotional too. I’m happy because I met one of the main people that I have looked up to, and someone who has helped me overcome some really rough shit. I’m also sad. Sad because those 15-20 minutes went by extremely fast. Sad that I know he will forget about my sister and I. Sad that I’m positive we’ll never meet him again. Sad that we can’t just sit down with him for a little, and just talk, and fully explain how thankful I am. There’s just so many conflicting emotions going through my head right now.

I think I’ve written more than enough, and it’s a few days later… I’m just going to end this with one last thing:
@therealjacksepticeye, I know I said this already, but I really just want to reiterate it. You have helped my sister and I so much more than you will ever know. We lost our brother on October 31st, 2013, when he was only 18. My brother and I played video games together all the time. We had the same exact hobbies. We did so much together. When he passed, it felt like my life was over. Then I found you. I found the loud Irish YouTuber, and at that point, I didn’t realize just how much you would help me down the road. You make me laugh, but most importantly, you make me smile at least twice a day, no matter how shitty I feel, or how bad my depression or PTSD is. You’re videos are sometimes the only good part about my day, and other times, they help make my day so much better.

Now, I really don’t have anyone to play games with, so my sister watches me play games. Not as much as I would like, but she used to always watch my brother and I play. I wish I could play video games like I used to when my brother was here.

Anyways, I just want to thank you again. You do not know how much you have helped my sister and I out, and I don’t think I will ever find the right words to explain.

We both really hope you come back to Chicago/Milwaukee again because we would love to see your show again, and see how it’s changed from the “test run”. (It would be lovely if you came back!)

We will never forget Sunday night. We still can’t process that we met you… Our minds still think it was all just a great dream. We really do hope we get the honor of meeting you again.

Thank you from the bottom our our hearts, and keep doing what you’re doing, because you have helped countless people. We love you! ❤️

P.S. My sister wants to ask you to a drum off. She’s been playing for almost a decade. 😊
SVT College AU  -  Vernon

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a/n: he’s got the cutest smile hands down fuck all of y’all


-ok so this dude

-ever since he was young he’s always had a knack for doing some really cool home videos

-especially with his little sister

-and he then edited them 

-so they were like little superhero movies

-he also did this with his friends too

-*war flashbacks to kidney function is not a right it’s a privilege*

-but that was ages ago

-this dude is now grown up and is in college! 

-doing media!


-his favourite aspects of media are filming photography and photoshop

-make those dank memes boi 

-every slip he catches on snapchat of his friends he will god damn meme the fuck outta it 

-he made his friend into the shooting star meme and he got a distinction for it just on the basis of the editing and the transitions 


-so by accident this kid was getting distinctions while doing nothiiiiiiiiiing 

-another one of his favourite memes to make is the jojo to be continued memes

-he accidentally filmed someone getting a pineapple thrown onto their dick 

-and he made that into a meme

-which became popular on twitter

-but other than the memes and the accidental distinctions and the really cool fashion sense 

-he’s really good with social media?? 

-so good with social media….that he has a youtube account??

-so he’s pretty popular??

-his facebook insta and twitter are full of really cool and aesthetically pleasing things !!

-but most of his following is from youtube !!

-his channel name is PeaceKeeper 

-he doesn’t really fall under a niche category 

-but he does it all 




-he does it all

-he even does parody videos

-but good ones

-not like bart baker

-he can go suck on a choDE


-he’s got a LOT of subs

-a LOT

-over 200,000

-200,069 to be exact lmao 

-pfft 69 eeyyyy you know what that means lmao 

-@ me grow up gdi

-he started out with fifa videos but just went into normal things wow 

-like the vlogging and the unboxings and stuff

-of course he can’t do the unboxings because his PO box is in america

-but that doesn’t stop him from doing the other videos! 

-so while he’s studying 

-he would just vlog about his daily life at college

-”hey guys–”

-”what if penguins had penises that were actual penguin bars?”

-”and that’s it for today i’ll see you guys tomORROOOOOOW”

-yeah he’s pretty enthusiastic about this youtube 

-you know who else is pretty cool and has a youtube account too??


-yes you! 

-you’re a fashion and design student who’s rooming with a great swimmer and a really cute physics student!!

-you’re actually a pretty big youtuber too! wow o wow

-you have quite a lot of subs actually

-100,666 to be exact



-your youtube account is a lot similar to hansol’s in terms of content

-like you’ll have ootds and vlogs too

-but you’ll also have really funny stories animates by yours truly

-that’s you btw

-yeah you dab(dAB ON ‘EM)ble in the FINEST arts


-semi complete stick men with slightly good looking facial features

-only if you got the anatomy of a human down you could have been doing FINE art :( 

-and fine art at that

-hansol is also FINE too 

-”so that concludes the story of how i helped a monkey back into the zoo. marbles the chimp is such a close friend to me”

-”what the–”

-”shut the fuck up this is a legit story”

-of course you looked like an angel 

-but you kind of had the mouth of a sailor

-if you swore or said anything profanic then you let it be

-you: @ youtube come fight me over parental guidance and locks come fIGHT MEEEEEEEEEE”

-”hello everyone!! how are–”

-”how about this– a dragon dick that can talk??”

-”…….you said that on camera….”

-”…..can you put it in the video??”


-like ok 

-you had haul videos vlogs and other things

-but you don’t think you let your subs into your life

-you told your subs what college you attend which wasn’t that big of a deal because it’s not like they’ll stalk you or anything

-you trust your subs

-they’re like family 

-the cutest family in the worrrrrrrrld

-one time in your live Q&A with your friend 

-someone asked if you knew hansol

-and honestly,,,,,,,,,,,,you looked to your friend with the most confused expression

-”w-wait who’s hansol??”

-and you just see another comment saying and explaining that he’s a big youtuber like you

-and your face just goes so bright because you actually knew the channel name…..and not his actual name…….weird but moving on 

-”oh PeaceKeeper??? i don’t know him in person but i’ve seen his content and he’s really funny !!”

-”didn’t you say he was cute–”

-”AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd next question !!”

-oh gosh

-that would have been baaaaaaaad wow ok 

-but uh

-too late?

-the next day hansol did a Q&A explaining what he was doing and stuff and it was really cool to see him growing up and being in college !!


-a fan asked him where he was attending and he hinted that it was near his home town

-and his fans knew that the closest college to his home town,,,,,,was the one you were attending

-so they put two and two together and asked if you two were attending the same college

-”huh? y/c/n goes here too? ah thats sick”

-sick in a good way 

-and like every fandom


-a small cult just started about you and hansol

-good luck


-you were filming down the corridor to your dorm as usual

-and your roomies were doing some weird shit

-like one tried to do a backflip but fell backwards

-your roomies were weird as heckkie

-weird friends=friends for life

-also views

-”aaaah the dorms are super nice here and so is everyone else ahaha”

-just as you were filming

-so was hansol

-hansol was just walkin about and he then spots you

-and you just spot him 

-and you’re both like

-”wait i know them”

-and in a moment of brilliance 

-you two turn the camera to each other as you’re both walking down the corridor 

-and you’re both like

-”hi PeaceKeeper”

-”sup y/c/n”

-you two both wave and just smile

-but then 

-holy fuck

-in another moment of brilliance

-unplanned at the EXACT



-you both stopped

-your friends are like “wait what???”

-you turn around and he turns around too

-and you two just look at each other



-you both run back to each other and it’s just like

-”hey you’re hansol right??? we’ve talked online but never in person hey how are you???? it’s cool to see you wtf?????”

-”yeah yeah hey you’re yn?? how’s your channel??”

-”pretty good still got that 69 extra subs??”

-”yeah i still got em how about you??? you got the 666?”

-”you fukin know ittttttttttt”

-”wanna be friends in real life too?”

-”sure !!”

-”cool cool”

-and that was how your friendship with hansol started

-like you two became really good friends 

-your and hansol: good good good friends

-that one cult of fans that’s growing bigger that ships you and hansol together:    y / n s O L   W I L L    R I S E 

-oh jejduhewd


-your subs would ask if you would collaborate with hansol one day because it wouldn’t be hard i mean y’all are close

-so close in fact he’s only a couple doors down from your flat


-anyways in another Q&A your initial answer was like

-”huh idk i guess if we have time,,,,we both have different courses and classes so idk i guess??”

-can you hear the  S C R E E C H E S  and the  S C R E A M S  from that one cult that’s really getting bigger and bigger cONTROL CHILDREN CONTROL

-and of course on a live stream hansol was asked if he wanted to collab with you and he said 

-”100% she’s really cool and it would be awesome”

-then just out the corner of the room he could hear chan go 

-”hey hansol didn’t you call y/n really cute when you first met her?”

-”h u H”


-and chan didn’t realise he was doing a livestream 

-and hansol’s reaction was like


-what made it even better was the fact that he was actually behind an actual curtain

-aka he came in from the balcony

-anyways hansol messaged you and asked to collab 


-CAUSE GUESS WHAt you liked hansol a whole bunch now 

-like a whole bunch 

-and he liked you too

-but honestly uhhhh it was uhhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh not awkward but

-complicated lmao 


-yeah uh complicated


-because you both kind of thought about how the fans would react

-it’s like when an idol just decides to date

-and you see the backlash 

-well the both of you didn’t exactly want to have backlash 

-hansol didn’t want you to have mean comments from crazy fangirls saying 


-and nobody really wants to deal with that

-but then again you didnt want hansol to have backlash because you kind of have a group of ‘white knight” fans

-”yEAH you’re dating y/n? our precious y/n? uh i dON’T THINK SO BE GONE THOT”

-again nobody wants to deal with white nights or koreaboos


-so you two just kept your feelings to yourself

-you thought long and hard about what this collab would be about since he told you to think of a concept for what would be on your channel 

-so you thought


-yeah it was fun to do these things

-like makin slime and shit

-like that would be really cool

-so one day you got everything together and he came over the same day to film and it was really chill

-you noticed that in some bits though,,,,,

-he would just like….

-hug you

-but from behind

-it was so cute wtf


-you added one hug in because you couldn’t crop or edit that shot

-so you just left it in

-and of course your part of the collab went up first

-you named it

-”the long awaited collab…..hansol don’t eat the sLIME”

-he tried to eat the slime

-first the crocs now this hansol step your game up lmao 

-so yeah you uploaded first

-but you weren’t ready for the storm that was the comments section

-a small fraction were the white knights threatening hansol

-ಥ‿ಥ oh dear lord fuck this isn’t good

-and there were a couple fans from his channel who didn’t exactly like you,,,,,,,who said some pretty mean things

-but you don’t let that shit get to you

-the other majority of the comments were pretty positive


-you then noticed one comment…..that started a domino effect

-”y/nsol shippers unite!! we’re so happy that you guys collaborated hope to see more in the future!!”


-y / n s o l?

-you and………hansol?


-you do a little more research and you’re now like 

-”fuck my subs are creative but do they actually ship us? do they really want us to be together?”

-you were a little conflicted on whether to bring this up to him……..but he did it himself actually

-”@hansolareclipse y/nsol? that’s a pretty cute’s cute that you guys are creative ahah”

-gdi twitter

-you like the tweet just to be on the safe side lmao 

-next thing you knew 

-it was the day of the second collab

-and you’re just like

-”fuck is he gonna bring up the y/nsol thing yeah i get it’s cute and stuff and its really cute how they want us to be together and i kinda like hansol a lot but is it what hansol wants?”


-”fuck is she gonna bring up the y/nsol thing yeah i get it’s cute and stuff and its really cute how they want us to be together and i kinda like y/n a lot but is it what y/n wants?”

-the collab you two were doing for his channel was a gameplay of grand theft auto 5 since he just got the game

-and you were just trying to figure out the controls 

-you were so stuck like wtf help me 

-so you know what hansol does

-yO U   K N O W     W H A T     M A N S     D E C I D E D     T O     D O 

-HE JUST DECIDED TO PULL YOU OVER TOWARds him and just places you in his lap






-”ok so hold down to play the radio and stuff…and oh shit the cOPS”


-you didn’t exactly know you were blushing

-and he was just like 

-”fuck wait she’s not moving from my lap what the fuck is she ok whahjksdh”

-you’re ok

-hansol not so much

-the gameplay playthrough collab ended and you two were jus chillin on his bed and shit

-when you said to yourself “fuck it”

-”ok i’m going to need your honest opinion”

-”oh what?”




-”y/nsol…..i think it’s cute…’s even cuter when you think about the fact that they found out that i like you even before i said anything”

-and you just see a huge smile appear on his face

-and your first reaction was ???

-but then you upgraded to 

-Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ!woah woah woah woah woah woah wOAH WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY 




-your eyes widened a little because it was kind of making sense to you now??

-either way you told him that you liked him back and he was so happy that the first thing he did was hug you for a long time until you had to leave

-and when you did leave

-he stopped you before walking out the door

-”hold on let’s take a photo together !!”


-and so you just place your tripod down

-and stand next to him while he places his hand around you 

-and just as the photo was taken 

-he just turns to you and gives you the sweetest little kiss on the cheek 

-and it’s just like AAAAAAAAA

-you on the outside:(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ aww cutieeeeEEEEEEEE

-you on the inside: ( ͡☉⁄ ⁄ ͜⁄ ͜ʖ̫⁄ ⁄ ͡☉) aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

-so yeah youtube power couple right here ladies and gentlemen 

-oh yes yes yes 

-”wait you’re going to put that online?”

-”it would be cute for the thumbnail”

-”whatcha gonna name it then?”

-”the day that the y/nsol cult was given a banquet to eat”


-”we basically fed them”

-”w-we did?”

-”you’re so cute aww”


Don’t you wanna know?

1. What was the last thing you googled?
2. You have to listen to these songs:
3. Do you chew on your straws?
4. Have you ever been awake for 48hours straight?
5. Will you get married? Do you see yourself getting married in the next 5 years?
6. If you could move somewhere else would you?
7. Read on a Kindle or paperback book?
8. If money was no object, what would you do all day?
9. University or life experience, which do you feel best prepares you for life?
10. What is the one thing that should be taught in school that isn’t already?
11. If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?
12. When you have 30 minutes of free-time, how do you pass the time?
13. What’s the best/worst gift you’ve ever given/received?
14. What was the first thing you bought with your own money?
15. What would your parents be surprised to learn about you?
16. Apologize or ask permission?
17. Beach vacation or European vacation?
18. What is the ideal number of people to have over on a Friday night?
19. Who is a non-politician you wish would run for office?
20. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
21. What do you usually think about right before falling asleep?
22. Ever been addicted to a iOS/android game? Which one(s)?
23. List 5 goals on your life’s to-do list:
24. If you HAD to change your name, what would you change it to?
25. What is one thing you will never do again?
26. What words of wisdom would you pass onto your childhood self?
27. If you could speak another language, which would it be and why?
28. If you were head of a major TV station for one day, what would you play?
29. Which one of your friends would make the best U.S. President and why?
30. What’s your favorite holiday and why?
31. How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?
32. In what ways are you the same as your childhood self?
33. If you could master one skill you don’t have right now, what would it be?
34. What was your dream job growing up?
35. If you could live forever, how would you spend eternity?
36. If you could bring one musician back from the dead, who would it be and why?
37. What was the last picture you took with your phone?
38. What kind of sickness have you lied about so you wouldn’t go to work?
39. What was the last lie you told?
40. What is your perfect pizza?
41. What question do you hate to answer?
42. What keys on a keyboard do you not use?
43. Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with?
44. Is there anything purple within 10 feet of you? What is it?
45. When was the last time you ran/went for a jog?
46. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days?
47. What after school activities did you do in high school?
48. What ice-cream flavours do you love/hate?
49. What is your secret recipe?
50. What channels do you have subscribed on YouTube?

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couldn't watch the live what happened? and thanks for existing you are awesome.

  • dan got a new webcam and spent several minutes playing with the color and brightness settings and settled on one where it looks like his piano is just transcending to another dimension bc of the amount of white light it is emitting 
  • he gave a very long and beautifully articulated little ramble about the manchester attack, making the charity shirt, and why the city matters so much to him and phil. he mentioned it was phil’s home and the place he grew up, the place dan went to uni, and the place ‘dan and phil’ began. he also very briefly touched on some of the criticisms that have been raised. to those who thought it was inappropriate for dnp to put themselves on the shirt or make the shirt at all, he politely asserted that they must be people who don’t understand what the city means to him and phil, and the connection they have to it. to those who argued they’re trying to make themselves look good, he kind of jst said ‘obviously not,’ and touched on a very interesting philosophical point about altruism and how it is bullshit to expect kindness and charity to be performed in a sort of emotional vacuum where the benefactor feels nothing and isn’t allowed to be happy that they’ve done something helpful. to those who criticize them for only doing something for a western tragedy when attacks like this happen so often elsewhere in the world, he thinks that is valid criticism and that’s why he feels like supporting the red cross is so good bc they help people all over the world. i was vibing a lot with this discussion and i very much appreciate dan in his calm and gentle states like the one he exhibited here
  • someone interrupted this whole discussion to say ‘phil and i’ though which caused him to consider changing the channel name from danisnotinteresting to pHiL aNd I (in reference to the spongebob meme)
  • phil was gone for two days last week so dan decided to jog for an hour while listening to a political podcast bc he was bored and also he’s an idiot who apparently thinks “cardio” doesn’t use muscles and therefore he wouldn’t be sore if he did this, but lo and behold he was in acute pain the next day and was basically rendered immobile for four days. the saga of dysfunctional dan whenever phil isn’t around continues 
  • he and phil and some pals played dungeons and dragons which for those who don’t know is apparently the nerdiest possible game anyone can play and it involves role playing and designing your own characters. dan’s character was an elf prince or some shit who is basically oppressed by his father and the many rules of their household or something so he runs away to get some life experiences and also he has a completely useless right hand. phil wanted to be magical so he decided to be a mage called shazeem? or something like that? i forgot. and he had a weird eye. idk. they’re weird
  • dan’s grandparents came to stay this past weekend and they arrived an hour earlier than planned which sent dan into a scramble to clean and polish every surface of their house and also order lunch and basically have a breakdown lmao and also his grandma is apparently the most adorable person on the planet and baked them a crumble which she dropped on the train, as well as buying an oreo cheesecake but she didn’t know what oreos were so she pronounced it o-RAY-oh and dan was briefly under the impression she’d brought them a fancy french pastry. cute. also very likely the bbq phil tweeted about was for them. and this happened like a week after returning from the lester family vacay so clearly family’s been the dominant part of the past month for them and i wanna die
  • graphic design is dan’s passion. he rambled more about the trials and tribulations of needing to define yourself by a font. relatedly he emphasized that his rebrand doesn’t mean he’s ditching wearing black and being bleak and having crises–if anything those are the things that define him the most. i think this is in line with what we’ve heard from him a lot this year about like,,, not knowing what he’s about on youtube rn and feeling a bit lost. 
  • he owns pastel pajamas 
  • he wished everyone happy pride and said “love yourself” 
  • he has slowly made the house look like, vvv aesthetic. to that end, he has at least 10 succulents that are all alive did you hear that phil 
  • at his all boys’ school, the culture was such that on the day everyone got painful TB injections people would wait around just to punch each other on the arms bc they knew it hurt 
  • his nipples were almost out when he was walking down the street in his vetements hoodie and got caught in a wind tunnel
  • he would wear a dress in theory but is still in practice constrained by social/gender norms 
  • introverted dan wanted to do nothing for his bday whatsoever and stay inside but he was talked into going out to dinner. so he’s doing that on sunday
  • someone said it was their 4 month anniversary w their girlfriend and he congratulated them and then asked how they feel, if it’s good/exciting or like, terrifying, bc it can be terrifying, sounding very much like he wanted to relate to the feeling of being in a new relationship from his own experience. given that we almost never hear him talk about anything to do w relationships from his own perspective anymore, i thought that was p cool
  • new gaming video tomorrow–a game for the switch called ‘arms’ where they almost punch each other 
  • phil is downstairs
  • don’t listen to his summary of nihilism it is. tragic

(dan live show: ‘‘daniel’ = deep dark and dank’ - 6.06.17)

Big Bang reactions to their gf having a youtube channel

[GIFs not mine]

[Who is your favourite youtuber? Do you ship anyone with any of BB members? I love JREKML but I don’t have any special youtubers I would ship them with. If you do you can share it with me ^^]

He liked the fact that you were a youtuber  He didn’t want to be in your videos if you didn’t ask him. He would support you if you wanted to keep being a youtuber and he would post instagram posts of your videos to notify everyone how great youtuber you are. He hated when you got in depression because of mean people spamming your channel. He felt so sad at that moments. If you were depressed a lot because of that he made you stop for a while to get better.
“I loved that video when you played games Hahhahah It was so funny… You are so good.”

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Ever since he met you he watched your videos. He wanted to meet you since you were the most famous beauty vlogger in the world. He was very interested in meeting you and when he did he fell in love with you immediately. Since your fans wanted to see him in your videos, he loved to help you get more attention and he did everything you wanted in your videos and even made a video with you, to tell men about makeup and gave some advices. He would take legal actions if you got threatened.

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When you met him in the USA he was on tour and you were in the same club with some of your friends who were also famous vloggers  He recognized you and you got to know each other well. Your relationship was great and he loved when you went on a trip together and he could film you while you did vlogs  He helped you edit them too. He wanted to help you as much as he could so you would have more time for each other. He dealt with your haters more seriously than he did with his. If you ever cried about hateful comments he stayed with you and told you how important you are to him.
“Babe~ You are the most important human in this world for me, okay? In this universe I care about you the most~” *His cute words would cheer you up immediately*

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Daesung isn’t much on social media so when he met you, he had no idea who you were. That’s why he fell for you, he didn’t care who you were. You were so nice to him and talked like an angel. When you told him about your youtube channel he watched all of your videos in a day or two and the next day he asked you about what he wanted to know. He liked if you filmed your moments together but he wanted some things private. He totally understood if you were depressed sometimes and tried to cheer you up as much as he could.
“H-E-L-L-O! MY NAME IS DAESUNG. I AM FROM SOUTH KOREA. I LIKE Y/N…*introducing himself to the camera*”

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You were VERY surprised when he approached you at the event you were. You are famous youtuber who does kpop reactions and does kpop compilations. You were pretty famous and some idols knew who you were. But you never expected your BIAS-SEUNGRI would know who you were. You ‘clicked’ immediately and went on a dinner together. When you announced to the public you are dating he wouldn’t let you record your reactions alone and always made videos with you even if you wouldn’t post them. He loved the fact you were a youtuber. He always watched your videos first and liked it and share it with his fans.
“Heyaaaa ~*has his own hello* It’s me, Seungri from Big Bang and today I’m here with Y/N and we’re going to see the Pisa tower. Do you think it’ll be fun Y/N?”

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Usually, my videos don’t trend because I swear, so that's weird. I thought I wasn’t allowed to be in trending because I say bad words. Someone at YouTube didn’t watch the video when they approved it. Keep doing that. Don’t watch my videos, just know that I’m a good person and keep going “yeah, this can be on trending.” I can so be on trending. Trend me every day. I make great friendly content. *awkward grimace* … You are allowed to swear, YouTube just don’t want to feature content that has swearing in it because someone could be like 6 and click on trending. That's like the thing. People are always like “why can’t it just be automatic?” ‘Cause the weirdest stuff ever would be, if it was just whatever got the most views in 24 hours, the weirdest stuff … They're just thinking if a child went onto and clicked on trending and then clicked on something, would they get in trouble? And they’re not going to get it perfect every time.

@danielhowell during his live show on the 19th of September 2017 (x)

Quotes from Dan (84/?)

Dan on YouTube’s trending policy. 


These are the videos that just fell short of being on my top 15 list. They’re great and all classic, but just couldn’t be on the list for whatever reason.

This guy really prefers a Mac.

Still maybe the best ending to any video, ever.

We found this back when YouTube had a “Most Recently Uploaded” feature and I can’t tell you why we laughed so hard at it. This is the origin of the catchphrase “Do the skit.”

A maserpiece in 14 seconds.

This dumbass polls a unanimous room and then declares it “split.” It really shouldn’t be that funny but I quote this like almost every day.

This joke-off takes a BIZARRE turn. I would have definitely put this on my list, but I felt weird including just a straight up clip of a TV show.

Turn this up and dance so hard your heart stops. Then you’ll meet God face to face and get to show him this rad video of his coolest followers.

What can be said?

Alright, that’s about it for now- come back tomorrow for THE NUMBER ONE YOUTUBE VIDEO OF ALL TIME…

okay, a deal’s a deal so luna’s guide to playing a youtuber is here! now, i know that some of you are gonna be like “okay who tf made you qualified, like we all watch youtube videos sis!” fun fact: i’ve been involved in the youtube community and been best friends with content creators for a substantial amount of years now. i’ve seen youtubers grow and diminish and i’ve heard all the shit that comes with it. anyways, this guide is gonna be under the cut, and i’m gonna try to cover what it means to be a youtuber, how to become a youtuber, the dynamics of youtube, how to define if you’ve made it and some other shit too. i would also recommend watching ben cook’s becoming youtube series as that is also super informative!  
please reblog or give this a like if i helped because it literally took me over an hour to write and i have hand cramp ! 

please note that this is all taken from the perspective of a british person & someone involved in the british community. this means it will vary if your character isn’t from these parts.  (p.s. view this on /mobile for a more concise experience!) 

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studyblr introduction

hello fellow students! 

now that my blog is up and ready, it’s time for me to introduce myself to the studyblr community and maybe make some friends! i need buddies i’m very lonely

basic info about me

  • i graduate from high school/the ibdp in 2019
  • my subjects are geography, computer science and english b on higher lever
  • history, math and polish a on standard level
  • for cas i take up norwegian and dance classes
  • my ultimate dream is to study journalism at city, university of london
  • i would love to work for the bbc radio one day

study aesthetics

  • drinking coffee, flavoured, with caramel syrup, or pumpkin spice latte (every single day of autumn not even kidding) 
  • classical music, spotify generated playlists are perfect for me
  • breaks always consist of calling mum and dad
  • daydreaming about laying on the beach under palm trees somewhere far away from responsibilities

random facts

  • when i procrastinate i’m most likely to watch nikkietutorials, threadbanger or simply nailogical on youtube, or friends the tv show (life saver)
  • i run a 1d blog on here and you could have heard about it in early 2016
  • can’t cope with stress too well unfortunately
  • i like to say that i go to concerts often but in reality it’s not that often
  • puppies, kittens, small animals, big animals, they all make me cry
  • the arizona green tea with honey is my unhealthy guilty pleasure

i follow many great studyblrs but tagging the ones that have been inspiring me lot recently and for the past year, i appreciate all of you guys and love your work!!:

@emmastudies  @studyign @studypetals @maryplethora  @busybby @ibmugglestudies @astrnomy @universi-tea @studyingtobeeducated @classicalstudies @booksandstationery @goodgrades-goodcoffee @juniorincollege @revisicn @theorganisedstudent

happy studying!

kat from pumpkinstudylatte ✨☕️ 

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Welcome to the family! To start off, how would the UT UF US Skelebros react to an S/O who is secretly a famous Youtuber? Like theyre up there with Pewdiepie, Dan and Phil, Markiplier, and stuff



He’s pretty active when it comes to internet, it’s the most entertaining thing to do without moving, so yes, he watches a lot of YouTube. He’s the kinda guy that would wind up in the “weird” part of YouTube. But he has heard of some big names, and he finds out about your profession before you tell him after going on a YouTube binge one day. He doesn’t freak out about it, but he does mention it when he sees you again. After you confirm his suspicions, he’s really chill about it. He likes to hang around put of camera shot and watch you record. He likes the persona you put on when on camera, but later, when you’re both intertwined and relaxing after a long day, he ultimately decides that he loves the off-camera you so much more.


WHAT?!? HIS HUMAN IS A CELEBRITY?!? Honestly, this smol bean is so excited that you’re so famous! Not in a manipulative, coveting way but more in a “My datemate is so cool!” way. If you’re the kind of channel that does collabs often, he insists to be a part of them. He likes to help you edit, like suggesting certain effects for certain clips. If you’ve been reading the comments and you’re motivation is pretty low, he’ll do his best to make you smile again with skele cuddles and a warm bowl of pasta!



Doesn’t want to be on camera. At all. His confidence isn’t as great as it seems. He loves watching your videos though. When he’s working, he’ll go through playlists and playlists of videos with you in them. He learns a lot about you this way, actually. Sometimes he goes through the comments, and if you look closely at the replies to some of the more negative ones, you’ll see a lot of rants that are strangely all lowercased and consisting of piles of cusswords.


He doesn’t really understand at first? He thinks it’s stupid honestly. He sometimes steps into your studio while you’re recording and questions everything. “WHY ARE YOU SO LOUD? WHAT IS THAT FOAM THING AT YOUR MOUTH? WHY IS THIS CLOTH GREEN?” After he starts to get it, he lets you be. On trips when you go to conventions, he watches your vlogs and pretends to be there with you, if he isn’t already. Depends on if you’ve been public about your relationship honestly.



He lowkey starts idolizing you? He doesn’t watch a lot of your videos, mostly because he’s always up and active, but his attitude changes around you a lot. He holds you a lot and kisses your face, lips, hair, everywhere, when you cuddle. It gets to the point where he barely lets you do anything, and you had to put your foot down about it. After that, he just insists that he’s your biggest fan no matter what.


He actually has his own channel, ironically. He does let’s plays, and depending on the kind of channel you have, you both collab a lot. When he has a question, you’ll answer, and vice versa. You ultimately become a power couple together, kinda like Dan and Phil except obviously you both are in a relationship. He’s happy that with the income he can spoil Sans a lot more.

A rant about YouTubers

 We live in the 21st century and everybody is free to state their opinion. It is mature and wise to scroll down, ignore or criticize constructively any thoughts you don’t agree with, whatever they might be. I am about to rant in a way I should’ve done a while ago. I feel like more people than they’d like to admit think this way and honestly I have no problem in doing this for them. I would also give names because what’s the point of sending indirects when you’re criticizing something anyway? So the only thing I’d be willing to say sorry for is if I hurt anyone’s feelings. It’s 100% not my intention to hit anybody right in their hearts, so if I do, I hope you forgive me. That said, let’s get on with the rant. 

For the past 1-2 years, I have not been enjoying YouTube. I’m aware that many people have been saying the exact same thing (check fireflysuggs on Instagram), but I want to explain why. I feel like, nowadays, there are 3 types of YouTubers I can easily pin down, all of them with examples.

1. Zoella. Zoe has been recieving some really harsh comments lately, and honestly it hurts to say that, at this point, I don’t even know if she deserves it or not. Bare in mind, she does not deserve pointless, bullshit kind of hate, I am talking about those people who stopped watching her because her videos got repetitive and boring. I kind of agree with that last part. Her content is mainly long hauls that make me want to stop watching within 5 minutes. She cracks a few jokes every now and then, but there’s somthing about her videos now that make me not want to click on them. There are no twists, no funny moments, no original content. It’s like sitting there watching a woman talking about beauty products most people can’t even afford or get their hands into for 20 minutes. No, that’s actually what it is. I still love some of her videos tho, mainly her collabs with Mark. But even her videos with Joe (I’m talking about the last one: ) seem quite boring to me. It’s like her videos are a flat line, when a few years ago they were a rollercoaster. And I feel like most people subscribe to her or are still subscribed because she’s Zoella, which is kind of sad. 

However, she’s worked really hard on her channel throughout the years and she surely deserves all the subscriber she has.

2. Alfie Deyes, Bethany Mota. These are the kind of YouTubers that, in my humble opinion, do not deserve to keep gaining money from making videos. For God’s sake, Alfie’s main channel has been dead for 4 months. Bethany still uploads every now and then, but her videos are not genuine anymore. It just gives the impression that she only uploads for money. Before you jump at my neck and detach it from my body, I know Alfie still posts vlogs. All I’m saying is that they should not be making money out of something they don’t use anymore. Specially Alfie, in this case. All in all, I think they should make money depending on how often they upload. 

3. Jim Chapman. I really do like Jim, and it hurst to say that his videos have become my least favourite kind of content: look at how fabulous my life is, I want to share it with everyone. Honestly, he’s now living the good life and working with really important fashion brands because of YouTube. I feel like many YouTubers forget the reason why they’re famous now. Tyler Oakley’s content has also been annoying me lately, although he makes me laugh like fucking crazy and I just can’t hate him even if they paid me. 

And then, believe it or not, there are still some genuine YouTubers out there who actually do it because they love it or they just really want to help others. Some of them actually have real jobs outside the screen. The only one I can think of is Louise Pentland ( but if you guys know some more, I think you should share them with everybody.

The conclussion I’ve reached is not really satisfying. As a hard working young adult, it grinds my gears every time I go on Instagram and Caspar Lee is on a fucking plane again. Off to some dreamy paradise for like a month with no worries on his mind because all he does is post a video a week no longer than 10 minutes (at least he’s original, I’ll give him that). 

To be fucking honest, I don’t think YouTube should moneticise videos. I could only imagine how many people would stop posting if that happened. No one should gain more than a hard-working, sacrifying human being who actually spends his/her 12 hours at work five days a week. As you can probably tell, I am completely fed up, and that’s why I unsubscribed and stopped watching most people’s videos, even those I’ve been following for the past years.

As hard as it might sound, in your working life, you will proabably earn /are earning less money a month than these people, and all they do is…well, nothing. I have made videos before (I have not posted any of them) and it literally takes me 1 day to film and edit all together. What do they do for the rest of the week? My favourite part is when they don’t upload in time. Like wow, I didn’t know that not doing anything all day was so time consuming.

Fascinating, just fascinating. 

anonymous asked:

How rfa + V and Saeran react if MC had a popular YouTube channel? thank you!

nno problem! 


  • so let’s just say that mc has a gaming channel and they’re quickly rising the ranks
  • he was so confused when his lolol buddies started suggesting he watch this “new gaming channel” and he went to youtube only to find that it was you!
  • he didn’t even bother watching any of your videos
  • the second he saw your face he ran to you and started questioning you 90 miles an hour
  • he was more excited than anything and really wanted to see your setup
  • so the next time he goes to your place you take him to your room and he was surprised to see all the equipment
  • “how did i not notice all of this before?”
  • asks to be in your videos which you happily agree bc how could you not
  • is also slightly dumbfounded when you admit you make some money off of it


  • mc is a beauty vlogger and does things like outfit of the day, makeup routine, etc (doesn’t matter what gender bc obv james charles and manny mua are a thing)
  • zen doesn’t really have time to watch youtube but somehow he stumbled across one of your videos
  • he watched as many as he could before he was called off to do something and texted you about it
  • “mc! why didn’t you tell me you were a beauty vlogger?”
  • “er.. it’s not really that important”
  • except that your videos are your main source of income aaaaa
  • he’s really not even that surprised bc a lot of the times when he was texting you, you were busy with your clothes or makeup
  • he knows a thing or two about beauty routines but he would always be confused as to why you took so long to do it and why you did it so often bc more often than not you didn’t even have makeup on and was wearing sweatpants
  • now he knows it was just for the videos lmao


  • mc operated a channel where it was just a bunch of mukbangs and them talking about their life
  • mc’s channeling trisha paytas
  • you didn’t even bother keeping it from her 
  • one day she asked what you do for a living and you explained that, besides your job as whatever it is you do, you also make extra cash from doing mukbangs
  • obviously doesn’t know what the hell that is so you have to explain it to her
  • she’s really weirded out at first but then you show her the videos and she kind of gets it
  • also scolds you a little for eating so much junk
  • “but jaehee you do too”
  • “yes but i have no other choice, most days”
  • this prompts a lot of dinner dates


  • mc is a part of a company like buzzfeed or watchcut
  • obviously jumin doesn’t watch youtube (or even know what it is) so you have to tell him what you do
  • he’s actually intrigued and asks to watch some of your videos (and also explain to him what youtube is)
  • before you can even press play he offers to partner with your company and you’re just like “thanks but your company would not profit from that js we’re not that type of company”
  • doesn’t understand but you don’t bother to expand on it as you press play on the video
  • probably even more confused than before
  • he doesn’t know how to even categorize the type of work you do so he asks to come to work with you one day
  • honestly that is the best day of your life 


  • mc is one of the pranksters but obvs a good one and not a jackass
  • saeyoung already knew and he didn’t even bother bringing it up
  • instead he just pranks you nonstop and eventually you get fed up and prank him back
  • except you do it 10x better and almost made him cry bc you were so much better
  • of course you had to film it and it ended up being one of your most popular vids
  • the two of you end up doing videos together like Prank vs Prank (minus the breakup)
  • your channel grows sooo much to the point where you can actually make a living off of it, and like, a good one


  • this mc is also a foodie but they do things like rosanna pansino and does a lot of baking/cooking and “trying foreign foods!” videos
  • jihyun had actually known about your channel prior to losing his eyesight so imagine his shock when he meets you in the rfa lol
  • since he can no longer watch your videos, he still clicks on every latest video and listens to it, just to support you
  • you didn’t even know until he casually mentioned it one day
  • “you should try french candies for your next video, they’re pretty good.”
  • you literally did a double take and that’s when he admitted he knew of you before you joined rfa
  • after that he gets you a subscription for snackcrate, which is just lootcrate for snacks
  • a lot of the times you’re missing candy from the box bc he sneaks some out and eats it


  • mc is basically like shane dawson and just does whatever they want
  • conspiracy theories, crazy food videos, etc
  • saeran is on youtube more than you would think, and he had been subscribed to you for a while
  • he didn’t even try hiding it and, like jihyun, suggested a video that you should do
  • you tried to get him in your videos but he always insisted against it
  • until you listened to one of his suggestions and then he was right next to you, too quiet and too still
  • only talked like twice (you found out he was actually camera shy) but you could tell he had a really good time