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How to Get Rid of Spam Bots

Step 1. Finding a spam bot (note: Youtubers like Mark, will usually put links in the description and they are the only ones who can access/change it)

Step 2. Check if its the real person (Mark is an example). Roll your mouse over the channel name or click on the channel if you’re on mobile. (Also: please note that the real person will have a tick mark next to the name)

Step 3. Click on the 3 dots that correlates to the comment. These should be a little window that asks if you want to report spam or abuse. Click on that.

Step 4. Report for “Unwanted commercial content or spam” and click “Report”

There ya go! YT will (hopefully) take care of the rest ^.^

Please help us get rid of spam. People could get viruses, their money taken, credit card numbers stolen, and/or other problems. There are people out there that could/actually think these are the real people.