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2016 memes

2016 memes

•bad new year jokes
•if a dog wore pants would he wear them like this or this
•all these suggestion blogs
•orange soda please
i’ll have the strawberry soda
me too, the strawberry soda
•You fucked up a perfectly good x is what you did. Look at them. They got anxiety.
•kylo ren is shredded
•Jared Leto: *does something*
Director: oh my God…it’s like…is he Jared…or Joker right now?????
•tag yourself
•super mario 64 half a press
•this is x. be like x

•the finebros suing something
•secret government agent: *punches me in the face* SAY IT
me: never
secret government agent: x
me: *spits blood in their face* fUCK YOU
•bernie or hillary things that have a ridicilous issue and even funnier answers
•jean something, jomething
•damn daniel
•ted cruz is the zodiac killer

•the dad from kuzco being like 👌
•kazoo kid
•everyone who watched zootopia is a furry
•history of japan
•x or y? *insert similiar pictures here, like donald trump and raw chicken*
•get you a man that can do both
•going to papaw’s house for burgers
•no oscar meme is dead meme
•we dem boyz
•i’m you but stronger

•marge simpson
•different variations of the hs panel where jade picks up the note
•tumblr’s lizard voting
•everyone’s a dirty homestuck
•lot of those powerpuff selves
•baby stevens
•ruining someone’s dream journal
•there’s no way out of it you’ll just have to decapitate me
•autocorrect in verbal conversation
person1: i love you
person1: *hate
person2: this is a verbal conversation
•don’t talk to me or my son ever again
•dark x show me y

•dan backslide (and dover boys)
•dat boi
•stone age spongebob

•are you x or y person? (tag yourself meme in text format)
•get a man who can do both is getting more popular again
•it’s june where the fuck are halloween memes???

•america memes
•the vacuum cleaner playing a harmonica
•associating characters/songs/etc. with spongebob screenshots
•(any videogame) go, go outside and x
•a picture of something with text, and more pictures after that, in every one of the pictures the picture starts getting waaay worse, but the text gets really detailed
•judge: how do you plead?
x: *looks at y*
y: *mouths ‘not guilty’*
x: hot milky
y: jc just lock them up
•hitting the blue button

•arthur screenshot where his hand is a fist
•9-1-1 for kids
•sausage party
•how (character) are you feeling today? *numbers from 1 to ten with silly pictures of the character*
•alola form

•the thing with voltron fandom where there’s train tracks and “death in season 2” and two characters and u have to choose which one to kill
•someone: a basic word
me, an intellectual: that word said with synonyms to make it sound weird
•gonna prank dad when he gets home ((he never gets home))
•[song] but it keeps getting faster

•the presidental debate, i can’t believe that there still are people who want to vote trump after that, yikes
•you vs the guy she told you not to worry about
•photofunia retrowave
•picture of someone with those math things
•my longest yeah boy ever
•taking a picture of something that requiers two hands in a bathroom
•posting ur favourite vines

•christmas stuff
•dick: out
•sir, you’ve been in coma
•kermit with a hood on his head
•blurred image that says perfection, after that an image where glasses are being cleaned, and then something u like

• *picture of really basic or bad food with text that’s spelled wrong and the phrase “bon appetit” is spelled even more wrong"
•*dropping something, and it spells send nudes*
•x but every time y happens it gets faster
*bee movie but every time they say bee it gets faster
•several spongebob memes
•i described the meme about bad pictures with detailed text in july, it’s wildly popular now
•dramatic youtubers

apparently i missed a few things so, additions:
•steven’s knife
•joe biden
•aux chord
•a lot of spongebob memes, like the blurry mister crabs
•nebby get in the bag
•harambe happened earlier than it says on the list
•several stranger things memes
•we die like men

Hey everyone so I kno we all love the 3w gang but I’ve found their playlist making skills to be a bit… lacking… so I went ahead and bundled all the episodes into playlists for your heart’s content

Every episode ever realeased by the 3w that might even remotely relate to thrilling intent + all of their livestreams-

Every livestream-–m-Qnt17rC2wty_8Vjn

Every livestream mini episodes-

So I basically googled “Christmas family portrait” and picked the first one with a dog.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Strange Fruit / Billie Holiday

Southern trees bear strange fruit
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root
Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees

Pastoral scene of the gallant south
The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth
Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh
Then the sudden smell of burning flesh

Here is fruit for the crows to pluck
For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck
For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop
Here is a strange and bitter crop

-written by Abel Meeropol

woah what’s that? A post from me?? I’m back! (Somewhat)
I’ll now just be posting when I can, because posting on a schedule like the one I had was a bit draining,,
still!! I’m back !

Ruined Holiday


This holiday was suppose to fun; a stress-free week away from your responsibilities with your boyfriend and his mates, but after the past couple of weeks you and Joe had, you weren’t exactly looking forward to this holiday.

You and Joe had an argument a few weeks ago that the two of you never quite resolved. He had been stressed, no surprise, and had all of his focus this project paying no attention to his other responsibilities like tiding the flat or doing the simple tasks that you had ask him to do. He hadn’t actually been paying attention to you either.

You’d see him in the morning, usually still sleep after your alarm goes off and wouldn’t see him until he crawled into bed later that night after he managed to pull himself away from his computer. 

In the days leading up to the argument, Joe had told you that he was getting stressed. His work load was becoming too much but he didn’t really do anything about it. He didn’t take a break or relax, all he did was complain. The day you finally snapped was when you came home from work at the flat was still a mess from a video the boys had the other day. You had asked him to clear up the mess after they had filmed but was met with a very unconvincing, “I’ll get to it love.” 

You rolled your eyes are the sight of your living room before heading upstairs into your bedroom where you were met with piles of laundry you had asked Joe to either start washing or start folding. You marched your way back downstairs and into Joe’s office only to find that he wasn’t there. When he returned hours later having said that he had gone into London with the boys is when you blew up and ever since that day, the two of you exchanged very few looks and words. 

On the plane ride out to your holiday, you asked Mikey if you and him could switch seats. You weren’t really in the mood to sit next to someone you had no intentions of talking to and thought that you and Oli had a 110% chance of being able to have a civil conversation for the next 5 hours. The boys gave you and Joe questionable looks when you exchanged seats but neither of them said anything, not wanting to start something on a plane.

There were 3 days left of your week away from life and you honestly felt more stressed than you had when you left. You and Joe had bickered the past 3 nights and the amount of effort it took for you to not blow up on him when you were out with the boys was alarming. This was nothing stress-free about this holiday and honestly you were over it.

You sat outside on the balcony that you all had rented for the week letting the sun seep through your pours in hopes to replace the anger. You heard the door open and the sound of laughter from the boys briefly before the the door was shut. 

“Hey.” A familiar voice said behind you. 

You peeked an eye open before closing it again, just checking if it was in fact the person who you thought it was before deciding to speak. “I thought you were filming a video.” 

“We’re playing a game and I lost pretty quickly, thought I’d come out here with you for a bit.” Joe said with a slight chuckle as he looked back through the glass door at his mates still playing the game. He moved his attention back to you and frowned when you didn’t say anything. “Are we really going to do this the entire holiday Y/N?” 

Joe’s sudden change in tone startled you slightly, blinking both eyes open turning to look at him. “Seems like it.” You said simply before closing your eyes again. 

“Jesus Y/N!” He said standing up from his spot next to you. “What is going on with you? We’re meant to be on holiday, why are you still holding onto this just let it go!”

“Let it go? Are you really blaming me for all of this? You’re the one who’s been a dick the past couple of weeks and hasn’t even noticed that.” You said, letting the anger you had pent up inside of you out as you sat up in your chair. 

“I had a lot on my plate Y/N you knew that-”

“Yet you still had time to go out with the boys every other day doing god knows what but couldn’t put the washing on.”

“You’re made at me because I didn’t put the washing on?!?” Joe yelled.

“Oh my god.” You said running your hand over your face. “No Joe thats not why I’m mad. I’m mad because-” You paused as you and Joe heard a click, the both of your heads turning towards the door that led back into the house. 

Josh and Caspar were standing at the behind the glass, Josh’s hand releasing from the lock as he folded his arms. 

“What the fuck Josh, unlock the door.” Joe said walking over to the door and banging on it. 

“No, not until you two sort whatever the hell it is that you have going on between you two. We can hear you guys from in here and we’d really like to finish this video, tonight.” Josh said, his voice muffled slightly from the glass, before turning around and moving back to where the rest of the boys were filming. Caspar shot you and Joe a sad look before turning to follow his friend.

You watched Joe hang his head down as he let out a deep breath. It looks like your plan to keep the arguing to a minimum and away from the boys had failed as you and Joe were now locked out on the balcony with nowhere to go. 

“Joe?” You said quietly walking towards him a little. You waited for him to either respond or turn around but when he didn’t you grabbed his hand and pulled him backwards slightly. “Hey.”

“Whats wrong with us?” He asked looking into your eyes. 

“Couples fight Joe, there nothing wrong with us. We’re just both on edge and this holiday just bad timing on our part.” You said leading him back to the chairs where you had been sitting before. 

“Yeah, being stressed about wanting to finish all my work before the stupid holiday really took a toll on our relationship. I basically ruined this holiday didn’t I?”

“No love you didn’t ruin anything. It was ruined before we eve got here.” The two of you laughed. 

“I bet the boys don’t think that.” Joe said looking back over at them through the glass. They had seemed to forget about you two as the resumed their game pretty quickly.

“They’re just a little annoyed, I wouldn’t blame them honestly.” You said bringing Joe’s attention back to you. “We have 3 more days were, well 2 full days. Why don’t we just try to enjoy what time we have left.”

“Then when we get home we can plan a holiday for just us two and I can tell you how sorry I am for being a dick lately.” Joe said leaning in to kiss you. 

“I’d like that, but we’re canceling if you get too stressed. I’m not going through this again.” You said between kisses. 

“Deal. Should be interrupt they’re filming to tell them we made up?” 

“No, let them film. They’ll come get you when they need to do their outro. Just come lay here with me because we haven’t cuddled in weeks.” You said pulling Joe closer to you. 

“Yeah I know, I’ve really missed you. Sorry I’ve been a dick.” Joe said kissing your forehead. 


Velvet x Coco Christmas CMV <3