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In case you missed it, I made another sketchbook tour video!  n_n

Like I’ve said on all my other social media I’m really hype to get you guys Katsucon content btu I’ve been having hard drive issues. Hopefully they will be fixed soon but here’s an old Yuu photo to hold you over until then. (Cause I’m just so happy with our Owari no Seraph Katsu group omiwow!!)

Yuu Hyakuya Cosplay Made and Worn by telekineticManiac
Photo Taken by Locomania22
Post Production by telekineticManiac

Wellness (Ethan x Sick!FemReader) fluff drabble

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(A/n): Well HEy I said I would do this and I will COMMIT

Request:  I hate to ask.. And I am sure you are done with Ethan and crammed to the MAX with requests, but I have been stuck with the flu for a week and I am so done.. Would you mind writing an Ethan taking care of a sick reader? Thank you so so much..

Warnings: Swearing fluffy bullshit


Often when you were sick, you would keep sane by counting things. Like counting how many times you would cough in an hour. Or how many times you would sneeze in one go. Or even just how many times Ethan can ask if you are alright before he ultimately snaps.

“I swear to god, you might have The Plague…” Ethan drawled.

Before you could speak, a cough ran out of your lips. Dry and loud.

“I’m sure that if I had The Plague, I would not have survived a week as I have already.” you said, your voice bullied by a hoarse undertone.

“Not just that, but I’m not even sick.” you insisted.

Ethan look squarely at you, offering a concerned laugh.

“I see that in more ways than one, that’s bullshit.” Ethan stated.

You boyfriend kindly made a quick pace when coming closer to you. Though, you did take at least three steps back, warning him not to approach your form.

“Why is that?” he challenged.

“I’m-” you opened your mouth, but your words fell short. You were just about to admit to being sick, you had realized.

Looking down with small shame, you face flushed a deep coral for two reasons.

Ethan laughed at his own triumph. Being able to come closer, the youtuber cascaded his fingers across your forehead gently.

You peered back up at him. You caught his expression of worry at first sight, followed by a shy smile.

“(Y/n),” Ethan began “won’t you go lay on the couch for a bit? I’ll make you some tea and the rest of the sick cliche stuff.”

He grinned at your face lovingly, his kid like smile easing your aching body.

“What’s,” you coughed momentarily “what’s in it for me?”

The blue haired boy was stunned for a quick second but then laughed heartily.

“Wellness, that’s what.”

You allowed yourself to laugh just as well, swatting at his arm. He gave a fake yelp and scampered away to the kitchen. In turn, you found yourself falling atop the plush couch.

I guess you didn’t know it before, but you seemed to be really tired. It was because of the week long sickness you have be sparring with. The exhaustion really took time to seep in.

After some minutes, the blue youtuber returned with you tea, and a dark bottle of Buckley’s.

“Oooh, no.” you hissed drearily “Oh no no no.”

Ethan approached the couch and kneeled before you, setting down the steamy mug with caution.

“Oh yes yes yes.” he shot back. Ethan dipped into the bottle a teaspoon, surfacing it again with a small amount of umber liquid on it.

“Mark said that we didn’t have any other cough medicine; this is all I found.” he lulled.

You leant back into the cushions tiredly as Ethan brought the spoon closer to your lips. Quickly charming your face with a sweet expression, you peered into his eyes.

“If you love me, you wouldn’t try and poison me, you blue bastard.” you spoke in a sugary tone.

Ethan twisted his features in calm frustration, stringing up a hand to paw at your face. He grabbed your neck, directly under where your jaw ends and close to under your earlobe with his thumb and pointer finger. He squeezed.

A fierce pain rippled throughout your neck. You loosen your jaw in shock, distinguishably letting your lips part. Ethan took this chance to shove a spoon full of disgust in you mouth.

You had automatically locked your jaw afterwards and swallowed the liquid; feeling the blue haired boy’s hand leave your neck.

“What, nghh, the fuck was that?” you strained, glaring at him replace the cap on the bottle.

“Pressure points.” Ethan stated blandly “What else was I supposed to do when you were acting like a child?”

“You do that to children?”

“Well no, I-”

Your accusation sent you into a coughing fit, tained with laughter.

“You shouldn’t be touching children’s necks.” you spoke afterwards.

Ethan could only laugh at your tired state “I really hope this medicine doesn’t have alcohol in it.” he mumbled.

“What was that?” you coughed out, falling back into a laying position.

The youtuber replied to you by folding a blanket over top of your torso.

“Sleep it out, sweetheart.” he giggled, kissing your forehead.

“Roger, nurse.”

You allowed your eyelids slip closed and your breathing to even.

“Grabbing children’s necks?” came Kathryn’s voice. She stood at the middle of the stairs.

Ethan shook in surprise, before speaking nervously.

“For wellness.”


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This is absolute shit, I KNOW but IT’S FINE. DON’t wOrrY ABOUT iT

Oh Shit (Part 2)

After the months of your pregnancy ticked past, the boys had finally persuaded you and Josh to stay living in the house instead of finding your own place straight away. And realistically, they had been amazing. Every single one of the boys had made sure to play their part up to the point where all of you were now getting the nursery completely ready.
Not knowing the gender of the baby, you had opted for a neutral theme with a pale yellow and animal style for the entire room.
“JJ that’s not fucking straight!” Simon laughs as JJ and him try to fix in the shelves.
“What? How?” Jide exclaims, stepping back to check and leaving Vikk to hold it up.
“How are my happy little helpers?” You grin walking in, carrying a tray of food and drinks for them all.
“Much better now!” Harry smiles and grabs some food from you.
“Babe put your feet up” Josh sighs, slinging an arm around you, “We can do this”
“Trust me, by the sound of things you need me since the seven of you can never get anything done” You chuckle.
“Owww holy fucking shit!” Vikk shrieks as the shelf falls flat on his foot.
“What was that about me putting my feet up?” You raise your brows to Josh who simply laughs at his friend and continues with his task.
Within an hour, the main work and biggest parts are done with only the accessories etc to put in now. You probably should’ve got this done way earlier but you still had two weeks until your due date… That was enough time right?
“Alright Nim, you and Ethan can set up the bears in a suitable way for a baby” You comment, handing over a pile.
“What do you mean? We’re very suitable people!” Ethan exclaims, giggling at himself as he does.
“And JJ and Tobi you can-” You stop and wince slightly at the twinge of pain in your stomach.
“What’s wrong?” Both Simon and Josh question at the same time.
“Nothing, just seems feisty today” You smile, one hand resting on your bulged stomach, “Anyway Tobi and JJ yo-” You stop again and grip onto Josh’s arm beside you.
His other instantly falls around your waist and you can feel the concern radiate from his hold, “babe what is it?”
“I think-” You wince, “I think my waters have just broken”
“Oh shit…” All of the boys mumble in chorus.
As though everything rushes in a blur, you’re taken to the car followed by the boys carrying everything you could possibly need all while Simon panics that he can’t find his keys and JJ is scared because you’re early and Vikk is still hobbling on his foot and Josh is in a craze making sure everything is in your hospital bag and Harry is simply following what anyone tells him to do since he’s usually the child of the group and Ethan is laughing still because of everyone’s reaction even though nobody is in the state to listen and Tobi, well he’s sat beside you in the car reassuring you that everything will be okay.
It’s overwhelming to say the least. All of them in a sheer panic about this new life entering their own lives and they’re terrified that things won’t go perfectly.
Deep breaths. Deep breaths.
~~~Time Skip~~~
“Can we come in and see her?” You can hear Harry question from outside.
The room now was tranquil. Only you and Josh and your baby girl. A tiny bundle of white and pink wrapped around her miniature frame and both of you holding her like she’d break under your fingers.
“Well there is quite a few of you…” The nurse comments.
“Oh come on I’m her-” Simon begins, “We’re all (y/n)’s brothers”
The nurse clearly doesn’t seem convinced but reluctantly steps aside to let them all in.
“Is this her?” JJ asks excitedly.
“No JJ this is just a random kid” Tobi laughs, hitting him round the head.
“Did you think of a name yet?” Ethan asks, joining the six pairs of bright eyes that looked down to the three of you.
“Hollie Rose” Josh smiles, beaming down to his new child.
“Can I?” Simon asks, arms extended to which you cautiously place the bundle in.
He looks nervous but natural. One arm folded to hold her head and the other loosely underneath her legs.
“Hey kiddo” He chuckles, a proud uncle already.
The way he looks at her, with sheer adoration, already tells you that she would be the most important thing to him now. His first niece.
“Guys can I just point something out” Vik says softly, “We’re all uncles…”
And in chorus, all of the boys state, “Oh shit…”
She’d be lucky to have all six of them. Definitely.

prompt; by moose-on-the-l00se <3  If you still write for Markiplier, can I request a Markiplier x Fem.Reader, where she comforts him after his 6 mil and 8 mil subscriber videos, and is always really strong and his rock and stuff, and then something really sad or upsetting happens to her, and he’s there for her and fluff?

warnings; fluff, angst 

words; 967

a/n; thank you for the request darlin, hope ya like it. and to answer your question - yes, i very still write for mark xx


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Being the loving girlfriend you were, you were always a shoulder to lean on, especially after those subscriber special videos where Mark would bawl his eyes out and seek comfort once the camera was turned off. You were the less emotional one after all and not once or twice did your boyfriend remind you that without you he’d simply ‘fall apart’.

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