When Thomas Sanders makes a video, people are exited, filled with joy! When talking about his material somtimes, I can’t even tell people because I’m laughing to hard to explain. No matter how many times I watch his videos, I still laugh just as hard and feel just as happy as the first time I saw them. That, is how I want people to feel about my material, that is what I am striving for. It wont be exactly like his stuff, but I want to make people happy. If I can make somone laugh or smile I’m doing it right.

Hello friends!!

For Halloween me and Han are gonna do a Q&A video in costume with some of our decorations. 

We’ll be getting tipsy (on Hallo-wine - another of Hannah’s puns lmao) and answering whatever you send us so get your questions in now!! (They don’t have to be Halloween themed, just send them in). 

Ask me and Han anything you want <3