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anonymous asked:

what are the paladins favorite youtubers?

mod Flux: honestly none of the mods watch more than 2 or 3 letsplayers so this was an experience


    • he likes cute animal videos and that’s p much it
    • anything else is because one of the other paladins shows him
    • doesn’t understand memes


    • whats a youtube
    • likes to watch videos of people cutting up random objects with swords
    • also likes those videos of super heated knives slicing into stuff


    • howtobasic
    • vinesauce (Joel & Vinny)
    • polygon (monster factory)
    • watches the most letsplayers tbh
    • NinjaSexParty


    • epicmealtime
    • game grumps (hears them a lot as bg noise becausec of lance)
    • has a playlist just for recipe videos he finds
    • MyHarto’s drunk kitchen series is a favorite of his


    • Jogwheel
    • TechRax
    • The Slow Mo Guys
    • danooct1
    • YourMovieSucksDOTorg
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    Heathen Devotionals

    To Loki, With Love, 8tracks, youtube

    For the Sacrifice (Narvi), 8tracks, youtube

    Lady of Dust (Hel), 8tracks, youtube

    Mother of Monsters (Angrboða), 8tracks, youtube

    Mother Earth, 8tracks, youtube

    Oblation and Victory (Sigyn), 8tracks, youtube

    Hound of Hell (Fenrir), 8tracks, youtube

    Ouroboros (Jörmungandr), 8tracks, youtube

    Valkyrie Queen (Freyja), 8tracks, youtube

    Divine Frenzy (Óðinn), 8tracks, youtube

    Huntress (Skaði), 8tracks, youtube

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