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Name/Nickname: JSEG

Height: 5′ 1

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Favorite color: Blue

Fictional character I’d like as a sibling: Jim from Treasure Planet

Number of blankets I sleep with: 0-1

Dream vacation: New Zealand 

What I’m currently wearing: Jeans, and a shirt

What I post: Jacksepticeye gifs xD and sometimes tweets and vids

Do you get asks on a regular basis?: Not everyday

Aesthetic: Depends

Star Sign: Rather keep that private D:

Last thing I googled: Youtube

Favorite music artists: P!ATD, Justin Timberlake, Ed Sheeran, P!nk

Do you have any other blogs?: Yep, 2 others :D

Why did you choose your url?: I liked Jacks vids and I like making gifs

Pokemon team: Mystic

Average hours of sleep: 7-9

Lucky number: Don’t have one

Dream Job: Animator or voice actor

Following: I’m following 85 blogs :-)

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nicknames: Don’t have one
age: 18
gender: Male
birth country: England
closest city: London
eye color: Green/Blue
hair color: Dark Brown
natural hair color: Dark Brown
glasses/contacts?: Nope
piercings: Nope
tattoos: Nope
other appearance notes: None to add
religious beliefs: Christianity
political views: I don’t have many
sexual orientation: Bisexual
romantic orientation: Biromantic
weird talents: I can cross literally all my fingers
weird fears: Ghosts and Rollercoasters
weird habits: I don’t know
biggest strength: Kindness
biggest weakness: Shy
favorite physical feature: Hair
least favorite physical feature: On me chest, on others, feet?
first language: English

favorite book: TFIOS
favorite short story: Dunno
favorite movie (animated): How to train your dragon
favorite movie (live-action): Too hard to pick
favorite anime: Free!
favorite manga: Don’t have one
favorite (non-japanese) comic: Don’t have one
favorite tv show (animated): American Dad
favorite tv show (live-action): Game Of Thrones
favorite band: Green Day
favorite solo musician: Lily Allen
favorite song: Boulevard of Broken Dreams
favorite album: American Idiot
favorite video game: Timesplitters
favorite console: PS2
favorite webcomic: meh
favorite web animation: meh
favorite website: Tumblr or YouTube
favorite podcast: Dunno
favorite fictional character: Daenerys Targaryen
favorite food (in general): Pizza
favorite ice cream: Cookie Dough
favorite breakfast: Bacon related
favorite lunch: Bacon Related
favorite dinner: BBQ Pizza
favorite dessert: Fruit Salad 
favorite variety of pizza: BBQ Chicken
favorite cuisine: Italian
favorite vacation spot: USA
favorite article of clothing: Shoe
favorite stuffed animal: My monkey thingy
favorite holiday: XMAS
favorite actor: Brad Pitt or Gerard Butler
favorite actress: Scarlett Johansson or Emma Roberts
favorite lead singer (male): Bille Joe Armstrong
favorite lead singer (female): Jenna McDougall
favorite quote (from media): Dunno
favorite quote (from a celebrity): Dunno
favorite quote (from friends or family): Dunno
favorite kind of weather: Snow
favorite color: Blue
family and childhood
born in: a hospital
earliest major memory: i can’t remember haha
immediate family: brother, dad, mum
favorite non-immediate relative: don’t have one, all equal
family life: okay, sometimes shit
adopted?: no
did you move as a child?: no
best childhood memory: dunno
worst childhood memory: when my last cat died :‘c
school and work
current education level: Like collegey level stuff
major/planned major (if applicable): no idea
minor/planned minor (if applicable): —–
first job (if applicable): ——
current job (if applicable): ——
favorite school year/grade: Any year before this school
least favorite school year/grade: Any above 7
favorite subject: Science
least favorite subject: English
subjects you excel(led) at: Maths and Science 
subjects you suck(ed) at: Art
dream job: Helicopter Pilot
friends and relationships
best friend: I have a few
single or taken?: Taken
significant other (if applicable): Most people know who she is
favorite thing to do with friends: Football
dream date: Just us two alone outside with the night sky above us
have you ever…
smoked?: nope
drank?: yes
done soft drugs?: nope
done hard drugs?: nope
been kissed?: yes
had any kind of sex?: Don’t think so
traveled outside your country?: Nope
traveled outside your continent?: Nope
been hospitalized?: Yes
broken a bone?: Fracture
seen your favorite band/musician live?: Nope :c
cried at a piece of media?: Yes
written fanfiction?: No
gone to church?: Yes
been baptized?: Yes
changed/renounced/found religion(s)?: Yes
signed a petition?: Don’t think so
participated in a protest?: Nope
attended a wedding?: When I was a wittle baby
attended a funeral?: Don’t think so
flown on a plane?: Nope
gotten into a car accident?: not that I know of
pulled an all-nighter?: Yes
been to a convention?: Nope
cosplayed?: Nope
performed on stage in any way?: Yes
been homeschooled?: Nope
won an award of some sort?: Yusss
played on a sports team?: Yes
seen the ocean?: Yes
gone to a midnight premiere/release?: Yes
learned an instrument?: Nope
been in a band?: Nope
been stood up?: Nope
loved someone who didn’t feel the same?: Nope
remained friends with an ex?: Kinda
gotten the high score on a game?: Yes
gotten married?: Not quite yet
gotten divorced?: nope
had kids?: nope
been pregnant?: nope
won a tumblr giveaway?: nope
changed your url?: yes hehe
remade your blog?: nope
made a post with over 500 notes?: possibly
blocked someone?: yes, creepy people