If you are new to youtube and leave comments on other people’s video advertising yourself, I have a better option for you!

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Hey guys!! So as you know school is ending and graduation is happening and proms are happening, so I thought we could have a YouTube fandom yearbook!

So what exactly is the YouTube fandom yearbook? It’s a time to have fun, post pictures of memorable things that happened this year (which could be memorable things with you, your friends, Internet friends, things that have happened in the fandom, anything really) and sign other people’s “yearbook” (which is as simple as leaving a nice message in someone’s ask or reblogging their rad selfie)

But mainly it’s a time to make friends, talk to friends, and just have a good time! So on May 30th at 2pm central time post your best selfie, Manip, edit, picture of your friends, anything that you want to be in the YouTube fandom yearbook (pssst, don’t forget to tag #youtubefandomyearbook)

((Also if this get no notes, it never happened))

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