First we have people turning up at the zalfie house, then some girls followed dan and phil home from the tube, and now there’s a young viewer calling Louise’s house repeatedly to the point where she had to make a public post about it!?

WHY DON’T YOU PEOPLE GET IT? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? I know most fans aren’t like this but this made me SO angry and I cannot believe how little respect youtubers are getting recently.

THEY ARE PEOPLE, not characters from a movie for you to obsess over.

I’m almost 100% sure they aren’t going to love you more than other fans for stalking them to THIS level.


I’ve always found the whole body confidence thing extremely hard. As someone who clearly isn’t 6ft and size 8, I’ve always found it difficult to find clothes that I’m confident in and so I always tended to stick to anything black and not too revealing. But your clothing range has changed that for me (I think that skirt is now the most colourful thing I own!). Even just trying this outfit gave me confidence and I feel like I’ve finally found something that looks good in the right places! I could not be happier ☺️ thank you 💖 sprinkleofglitr