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The Achievement Hunter Prophecy

So me and @blackwhitetiger000 were discussing the new Jones baby and stumbled upon this weird fact that we decided needed to be shared.

So Geoff Ramsey was born in 1975.
And Michael Jones was born in 1987.
Making Geoff 12 years older then Michael.

Millie Ramsey was born in 2005.
Iris Jones was born in 2017.
Making Millie 12 years older then Iris.

It’s like some weird internet prophecy. What’s even better is that Geoff is also Iris’ Godfather.

(Also just think in a few years a new season of schooled could just be all AH kids)

the signs as my favourite RT quotes pt. 5

aries: who bought this house? it’s haunted as shit [x]

taurus: everybody like stops and looks at me, and i go “i am catbug!” [x]

gemini: only ripped jesus could have saved you [x]

cancer: what you’re doing is entrapment. what i’m doing, i have my own show it’s called “to catch ‘to catch a predator’” [x]

leo: gavin… what kind of freak have you become? you’re standing on top of the house wearing nothing but your underwear, staring into the darkness. [x]

virgo: “it’s the one thing for formally sane medical personnel - its one thing for” medigg - fucking kill me [x]

libra: oh! see you later jack you bitch [x]

scorpio:  it’s lucius anus, please [x]

sagittarius: yeah, i mean. you see a lot of things in life… once. [x]

capricorn: im nervous gavin, if we get too deep will we unleash the balrog [x]

aquarius: what’s stopping someone just from going to a beach and just digging way too far? [x]

pisces: oh you’ve gotta be shitting the dick off my body [x]

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PSA For AchievementHunter Fans

Please if your thinking about commenting on anything asking “Where’s Iris?” or “When will Iris be in a video?” or anything along those lines,
Be patient!!
A newborn child can’t just leave the house. They are EXTREMELY susceptible to illness and anything of the sort. If you really want to know, it will most likely be a few months. Iris needs to actually develop an immune system before she can go anywhere outside of a blanket in her parents arms. So please don’t bombard them with questions and stuff about wanting to see Iris, she’ll be walking before you know it I promise, I speak from experience, and you can see her run around the office then.

I know everyone’s upset about DaddyOFive, so I’d like to help calm the air by reminding everyone of a great YouTuber dad: Geoff Ramsey.

Seriously, this man is a heavily tattooed drinker who plays video games for a living, and he still manages to be the best dad ever.

There’s a podcast where’s he tells a story about Millie saying she doesn’t trust him as much as her mom, and HE GETS SO DEPRESSED ABOUT IT.


So next time you’re angry about what DaddyOFive has done to his kids, just remember this guy.  Here’s to Geoff, everyone raise a glass.