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TLDR: I, Kim Kardashian a racist, fetishizing bimbo of Black men that is also an imitator, vulture and minstrel show of Black women, forgive another racist, white twink Jeffree Star For saying anti Black slurs, being misogynoirist and being extremely anti Black for years! Even though those actions of racism were never directed towards me, I forgive Jeffree anyways. I hope this makes Jeffree Sttar followers buy KKW, I’m defending your racist twink god who critiqued my swatches! I’m also incredibly transparent but dont pay attention to all the other makeup guru youtubers I’m kissing ass too as well, except Jackie Aina who rightfully called out the lack luster product too but I threw shade and untagged her from photos instead. I cant ass kiss a Black woman who rightfully calls out my shit products AND racism because she might notice mines. 

Anyways, Love you all xoxo except the Blacks (women)


How to Use Setting Powder

One of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to setting their face  is quickly dusting powder over their skin and calling it a day, whilst this is quick and easy it really isn’t the most effective way to use a setting powder and set your makeup in place. Not only can it disturb the foundation underneath, but it can also give you an uneven, dry and cakey finish to your makeup.

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Everyone in the Phandom, or any fandom for that matter, is so talented whether they believe it or not I swear. The writers, artists, comedians, YouTubers, makeup gurus, the ones who inspire, the edit makers, the gif makers, the conspiracy theorists, the discussion blogs who somehow work magic with words no matter what the situation is, the woke ones, just every single one of us are so talented and we all have something cool to offer I love it.

On-Going Fics-Rec

Just a 5 fic recommendation of fics I’ve read this week. You probably already read them but if you haven’t, you should give them a try. They’re really good!!!

Also thanks to these talented and amazing authors ♥ 

Don’t forget some of these fics are rated bc of various reasons. Please check tags and ratings before you decide to read them

- JiKook -

hard candy by jiminlogy/ @dishwasherjimin

Jimin douses himself in colours every day and then he meets black and white.

P/I : This one is hands down my fave on-going fic rn! Youtube/MakeUp Guru Jimin and mysterious (but in reality dorky) Jungkook. I love this so much!!! 

Claimed by spicytteok

They’re meant to be, he knows it. Park Jimin doesn’t have a choice.

P/I : Obsessive Jungkook. I don’t want to glorify anthing that happens in this fic. But it’s really well written and very interesting! Pls don’t forget, in this case, it´s just fiction!

- YoonMin -

The Marigold and the Machete by minxry

A mafia boss and a florist accidentally switch bags at the airport and all hell breaks loose. On their flight from Busan to Seoul, Jimin brings home a suitcase full of guns while Yoongi brings home a suitcase full of chocolate.

P/I : Yoongi as a mafia boss = HOT + Yoongi who is easily flustred bc Jimin is too cute. Not the typical Mafia Fic. Love it. Also TaeKook/NamJin ;) 

we welcomed the morning together by taehyng (irltooru)/ @btseunha 

Park Jimin lives in a society where soulmates seem to be the norm, and he hates it. The biggest reason is because he feels he should be able to love who he wants to love, by his own personal choice. The second reason is when you meet your soulmate for the very first time, your world is drained of all colour. They say it’s a sacrifice, but it’s one that Jimin doesn’t want to make. Living through years of denial, rejection, and avoidance, the inevitable happens to him. His roommate Jeongguk hopes for his mindset to change, otherwise somebody might get hurt by Jimin’s strong opinions.

P/I : Tagged with Major Character Death. Which I NEVER read (bc my heartu) but after reading the first chapter, I felt intrigued. I really wanna know what will happen. I hope I won’t cry :)))

- MinJoon -

It’s Just Kissing, Not Rocket Science by Ragi/ @ragific

Jimin is in some desperate need to learn how to be sexy so he can stop all his boyfriends from cheating on him, and he can’t think of a better teacher than Kim Namjoon, a notorious heart-breaker and the owner of the biggest gay bar in Korea.

P/I : A MinJoon Fic I’m totally in love with!!! Like, everything is on point. Innocent Jimin gets taught by wise Namjoon lmao 

AU: Alec Lightwood is a youtuber (vlogger), Magnus Bane is also a youtuber (makeup and fashion tips guru) and Simon Lewis is friends with both of them, and sets them up. Mags and Alec skype each other daily, and on occasional basis Simon surprises Alec by doing a facetime call with Magnus. Eventually they finally meet in person and do a youtube video together.

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unilock prompt

Sherlock as a youtube makeup guru, showing all the idiots of the world how to properly apply eyeliner.

John discovers him when he walks in on Harry watching a tutorial for a night out. When she leaves, John shuts himself in the bathroom and tries to apply makeup and as he finishes that not only does he look completely dumb, but that he has a crush on a man he’s never met (what else would have driven him to do this??)

anonymous asked:

Would you have any advice to someone who has never cosplayed, only has sewing skills for the most basic of repair work, is clueless about makeup and wigs, has never laid a finger on a sewing machine, can't afford to pay someone to make anything, and has no clue at all where to start? There are characters I like very much, but don't feel I can "be" them, also, gender isn't a factor.

Choose a character and start learning.

A LOT of cosplayers start out with no knowledge! Learn from others, learn from your mistakes and stick to it. If your sewing skills are basic you can start with basic costumes and aim to alter existing clothing. If you don’t know much about makeup start binge watching youtube makeup guru playlists and get some basics to play around with at home. If you like hand sewing then stick with it, and invest in a machine when you have the funds and want to learn. You don’t have to do everything all at once, building your skill set and your collection of tools/materials will take some time. Aim to be better than your former self, rather than comparing your skill level to others.  

For the most part, the play part of cosplay is having a good time. You don’t have to “be” the character; you can just be a fan in a costume. However, try out getting into character for pictures, roleplaying a bit with other fans or acting in the masquerade competitions and find out if you like “being” the character and work at getting better at it if you enjoy it.

As for where to start? Once you’ve decided on a character I suggest breaking down their outfit into smaller parts: what are they wearing and does it look like anything that you could find at a mall? Then make plans on how to tackle each part and if you get stuck, start researching. There are a ton of great tutorials out there and many cosplayers are willing to give help and advice. 

You can do it!
Duckie / Admin

Hi today I am making a call out post for all the non-native women making “native inspired makeup” videos on YouTube.

And these are just some of the ones I found. The last one is one of the worst as well…her running commentary is awful the highlight was “you know native Americans were all in the jungle and this park is like the closest I have to a jungle haha.”

Yeah, so cultural appropriation is something that transcends into all forms of activity apparently. I was inspired to make this after watching Sailorj’s “thanksgiving makeup tutorial” video. So shout out to her and I hope this makes YouTube beauty “gurus” think a bit more.

Here’s my figure skating confession or whatever:

My opinion is that if skaters both former and current want to promote the heck out of their themselves/their brand on social media, they should totally go for it. I think it’s really stupid when fans call out skaters for doing that and say things like, “Something’s really off about them and the way they always promote themselves,” or “It’s so fishy the way they always promote themselves and/or endorsements on social media,” etc. 

First of all, it’s called an endorsement for a reason, and second, skating costs a lot and does not allow much time for educational pursuits/endeavors. If promoting themselves helps skaters gain a wider audience and secure their skating careers AND futures, judgmental fans can just go and f*ck right off

Like, if Tessa Virtue wants to run her own fashion empire one day, or if Maia Shibutani wants to be Diva Queen M and reign supreme over the As-Am community and eventually all of America, or if Andrew Poje of #TeamSupermodel wants to smoke the shit out of all of us with his beauty by doing more photoshoots, or if Patrick Chan just wants to sell some ice wine to pay for his Uniqlo shirts, or if Tarah Kayne hopes to find great success as a YouTube makeup guru, or if Madi Chock wants to do whatever the hell she wants and look damn good doing it, then HELL YEAH

Bring on the endorsement money and attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE IT RAIN, DAMMIT!