Some of these YouTubers are just plain WRONG for this 

Dating Jack Maynard Would Include

*not my gif*

-Taking so many selfies together

-Him always wanting to cuddle no matter where or when he wanted to cuddle you

-Taking care of him when he gets sick *which seems to be a lot honestly*

-Staying in bed till ridiculously late times during the afternoon

-Always messing around with his hair

-Constantly snapchatting each other doing practically anything and anything

-Always stealing his clothes

-Going with him when he gets tattoos and even getting a few yourself 

-Being in so many of his videos *even if you weren’t the featured collab he would always pull you into the videos*

-Him being jealous of the other boys when you spend a lot of time around them without Jack being with

-Him being especially jealous of Conor because you spend the most time with him *as in when they all lived together*

-Making food for Jack, Josh and Conor because they’re hopeless in a kitchen

-Him being an extremely needy and touchy boyfriend all the time. Always wanting your attention

-Going out together and both getting extremely wasted together

-Feeling very hungover the next morning and doing absolutely nothing but sitting in his bed or on the couch watching films and cuddling

-Him being the worlds biggest tease *I mean come on. He teases about everything. Even in his videos*

-So much sex. Like honestly the boy never wants to stop

-Him making jokes about the two of yous personal life all the time, resulting in the boys constantly having to edit out a bunch of footage from vlogs and normal videos

-Joe treating you like his little sister and taking care of you when you and Jack are sick. *most likely from Jack getting you sick tbh*

-All the boys being very protective of you when you go out with them

-Being really close with all the boys

-Being really excited and supportive of all the exciting things Jack is getting to do with his new found ‘fame’ from YouTube

-You and Anna getting along really well

-Him begging you all the time for a cat. *we all know much he loves cats*

The other one’s I’ve done like this for the other boys: Joe  Conor  Mikey   Caspar

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Bianca is a projection of your failure and immaturity. Wavebird is a projection of your anxiety and submissiveness. Emily is a projection of your shame in what you like. Stephany is a projection of your secret faggotry. You want to fuck Milky and Catrina. Loki IRL is sad.

I think this is suppose to be insulting, But I’m more flattered that’s a pretty cool analysis

Also Milky Mint is there to represent me currently sort of in terms of youtube fame. And yes I would fuck her.

tfw you realize joji is at the tipping point of being either entirely unattainable in concept as a fan and on the level of a-list celebrities which he’s already rubbing elbows with or disappearing off the Internet forever and either way he’s out growing his YouTube fame into something much larger and inaccessible so u want to be proud but ur also sad


Thanks to the person who resquested this imagine This is the first time ever that I am writting a sibling imagine with Joe. I hope you enjoy it, also I’m sorry for what you’re about to read. xx

“Thanks for your time. I’ll see you next week. Bye.” The dark blonde boy nicely said, sending a last wave to the team he had worked on for the day. He grabbed his jacket and sent a few nods to different members present in the Gleam office before he walked through the exit, letting out a long exhausted sigh. Joe put out his phone to check the time and realized how late the meeting had lasted. He waited for a few minutes before getting into the back seat of the Uber he had ordered. A short while after, he was walking through the elevator, pressing the button to his floor as he leaned onto one side of the lift, fighting back a yawn. It had been a long busy day for him and he simply wanted to eat and get into bed as soon as possible. He looked up to his phone again and noticed that a few of his friends had texted him about a night out but he didn’t feel like it and typed a quick reply before locking his phone again and stepping out of the lift.

After Joe had had dinner, he was settled onto his couch, a random movie playing in the background as he was trying to keep his lids opened but they felt too heavy. Just as he was starting to slowly fall asleep, his phone started buzzing, signaling that someone was calling him. Joe let out an annoyed groan, rubbing his eyes like a child before taking hold of the phone. Joe frowned at the screen as he noticed it was an unknown number and he wondered who could call this late. He picked up on the call, still trying his best to stay awake. “Hello?” Joe replied, he hoped it wasn’t a prank call because at this point, he would have been so annoyed. “Hello, is this Mr.Sugg? Royal London Hospital here.” An unknown voice asked and he suddenly sat straight up. Something was definitely wrong and there was suddenly a tight knot in his stomach. “Yes, it’s me. What’s going on?” He asked, a wave of concern hitting him. “Your sister Y/N got into a huge car accident, she’s actually in critical conditions. You were referred as the first person to call in case of emergency.” The guy explained but his voice was far away from Joe’s ears after he had heard the first sentence. “I’m on my way.” Joe stated before he hung up, grabbed his keys and ran out of his flat. He didn’t need to hear more, he had to leave.

As Joe was getting closer from the hospital, his grip tightened on the steering wheel. Even if he was trying his best to stay focused on the road, his mind was out of this world. He wandered through the possibilities of what could happen but there was one particular possibility stuck in his mind and his heart only kept pounding more and more. Once he was there, he ran out of the car and to the reception. He always thought these kind of scenes looked ridiculously exaggerated in movies but he wasn’t so sure anymore. “I’m here for my sister, Y/N Sugg. Where is she? Is she okay?” Joe rambled, gasping for air as he was trying to stay calm. “They’re still trying to do whatever they can, we’ll let you know as soon as we have news.” The woman said, sending him a reassuring smile but all it did was give him more nerves. Joe started pacing around the waiting hall, taking in some deep breaths in order to stop himself from freaking out but he couldn’t, his sister was gravely injured and he was hit by a wave of guilt. There were so much things that he hadn’t gotten around to tell her and she was so young. He couldn’t believe something could happen to her, not now. And after a few minutes, he finally sat down, getting ready to wait for hours.

Two hours later, Joe was sat by his sister’s side, his chin pressed against his joined hands as he watched her being connected to loads of cables. The beeping repeating sound echoed in his ears, it was the only thing that let him know that she was still alive. And if that sound ever stopped, his heart would too. Joe jumped out of his thoughts ad he felt a gentle hand on his shoulder, he hadn’t paid attention to the footsteps coming near him. As he looked up, he met his older sister’s eyes full of tears  and he put his hand on top of hers, letting her know that he was there. Another man walked to the edge of the hospital bed, putting both his hands on the board and it took Joe a moment to realize that is was Zoe’s boyfriend, he sent him a nod. This heavy silence was still hanging in the air, until Joe broke it. “Zo, what if she doesn’t make it?” He asked, not taking his eyes away from his other sibling. “She will be fine, I know it. She always makes it.” Zoe affirmed, a voice crack escaping her throat as the words flew out of her mouth. “But what if she doesn’t this time? What if she doesn’t wake up and she leaves us? How are we gonna tell dad? How are we even going to be able to breathe still?” Joe rambled, his panic only growing as he looked up to meet her eyes. Zoe opened her mouth to speak but no sound came out as more tears ran out of her eyes. Joe closed his eyes for a moment as a memory flashed his mind.

Joe was organizing one of his livestreams when a call came through his phone, which he annoyingly picked up. “Too busy for my calls, now huh?” Y/N asked, the anger evident in her tone. Joe frowned. “What are you on about?” Joe replied, trying to hide his annoyance. “Oh well, I just tried to call you about fifty times this past week and you completely ignored me. But I’m fine, how are you?” She said, sarcasm in her voice and he rolled his eyes. “Listen, Y/N, I have really important stuff to do righ-” Joe started but he was cut off. “I can’t believe you! Since when did the fame got to your head? Is it that 8 million thing? It’s the million that gets you big headed, isn’t it? So much that you can’t even answer my fucking calls.” Y/N snapped on the other hand of the phone and Joe was surprised, she never used that tone with him but the words she used hurt him on a way. “You know I’m not. It just means a lot to me and you know that too. Stop being so self-centered, I also have a life.” Joe snapped back, his own anger growing, even if he hated so much when they argued. It went silent between them for a moment and he sighed. “I’m sorry, I’ll just call you later, okay?” Joe suggested, wanting to get away from this as quick as possible. “You know what, don’t even bother.” She replied before hanging up on him.

Two weeks after that, Joe stood by her side in a hospital room. He suddenly wanted to punch and yell because he was mad at himself. “I fucking yelled at her.” Joe said, barely above a whisper. Zoe frowned at her brother’s words. “What?” She asked, watching him intensely as if she was trying to read through his mind. “The last time we spoke. I yelled at her, it was our last conversation. I’m such a fucking prick.” He snapped at himself, the chair he was sat on flying against the wall as he got up violently. He passed his hands over his head, he couldn’t even remember the last time they had been able to hang out. They used to see each other at least two times a week but soon enough, it became once a month, until he couldn’t even reply to her texts anymore. Zoe took a step back by his sudden action, she had never seen him being so violent but she knew he was dying inside to see their sibling like that, especially since they were all such a close family. Joe turned to watch Zoe and Alfie, his stare completely blank. “I don’t even remember the last time I told her I loved her. What if we can’t hear her voice again? She’s only 21, the world doesn’t have the right to take her.” Joe admitted, his voice barely audible. He sent a look towards Y/N, fighting back the tears stinging at the back of his eyes.

And as he looked back to his older sister, his cheeks were already wet and Zoe walked closer to him, wrapping her arms around him as their sobs were the only sound left in the room. That and the beeping reminding them that she was still here.

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Can you do an hc where Jungkook is like the Pewdiepie of youtube and jimin is the marzia and how cute they are 💚💚 thxxx

+ Jungkook is famous for his scary game play, just cause his reaction is gold.

+ “It’s not so scary guys, it’s kinda la-AH WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!?!?!?!? WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT??? DID YOU SEE THAT SHIT? Ugh, that was fucking ugly!”

+ Jimin is known for his cool eye make up tutorial along with his amazing dance covers.

+ Jungkook and Jimin sent videos to each other before they got YouTube fame. They were cute private videos that had each other giggling.

+ they hit fame at different times (Jimin causally growing while Jungkook blew up.) But started dating a bit before that happen.

+ Jimin saw his subscriber count go up after posting a video called: My Boy friend does my makeup (w/ GoldenBoy97) and his comments blew up freaking out how cute they were together (some hate too but that was drowned by the love)

+ “I should put you in all of my videos.” “Useing me for my fame?” “Yup.” “Don’t touch me! Gold digger.” “Aw stop. Give me a kiss.” “Ok.”

+ Jungkook SNS accounts is really full of cute pictures of Jimin. Jimin is the same.

+ Anything that has YouTube couples in it, the famous GoldenMochi pair (jikook lol) always makes #1.

+ Their anniversary videos always hit trending because they’re goals.


2016 Albums You Should Try:

1. Yuna’s “Chapters”

for fans of: Jhene Aiko, Pharrell, YouTube to international fame success stories

2. Gallant’s “Ology”

for fans of: MNEK, BJ the Chicago Kid, that one song that played during every commercial on Empire

3. Mac Miller’s “The Divine Feminine”

for fans of: Odd Future, Logic, every other Mac Miller single

4. H.E.R.’s “Vol 1”

for fans of: Solange, SZA, chill house parties

5. Tkay Maidza’s “Tkay”

for fans of: Angel Haze, LE1F, Azaelia Banks except……..not

6. Tinashe’s “Nightride”

for fans of: Aaliyah, Kehlani, sexy, fun, sometimes unexpected pop

7. Hayley Kiyoko’s “Citrine”

for fans of: Halsey, Troye Sivan, young LGBTQIA+ representation

8. Jojo’s “Mad Love”

for fans of: Brandy, Jordin Sparks, the year 2004

9. Thomston’s “Topograph”

for fans of: Lorde, Mikky Ekko, dancing alone in your bedroom

10. AlunaGeorge’s “I Remember”

for fans of: Disclosure, Snakehips, soft indie voices on bumping beats

Yes, I understand that Calvin is not the best person all the time. I understand that many people dislike him, that he’s a bully, and his ticket to youtube fame has been expired for a while now. However, that does not give any person the right to disrespectfully share his personal information. With that said, some argue it must be karma, some people say it’s what he deserved, but the right people will say that everything that has happened these past 24 hours have been uncalled for. Although there is the argument that only leafy fans care, it comes down to the correct morals and opinions of a person. I once was obsessed with calvin, and although he had his pull on my heart, today I can’t stand him. His content is terrible, he’s rarely active, and he still lives in the past. I will still defend him through this, though. I believe in equality and what’s right. Not to mention it would be hypocritical to why I stopped watching leafy in the first place, to treat this situation any different.

From our dead beat fandom, to you “slayerlmao” supporters, there is one statement I will still gladly stand by.

“Positive vibes, or kys.”

Ever just feel like giving up on Youtube?

Jealous and insecure time!

I do. I mean, how can I possibly compete with this for attention:

Jessica Nigri:

Liz Katz:

Tara Babcock

Random shit compiled together into millions of views:

And of course Jenna Marbles:


This is why I sometimes wish I was a skinny blonde girl with great cleavage. It’s like an instant ticket to Youtube fame and fortune. I mean, I’m not saying that’s the only reason they’re popular - they are all entertaining. But being very attractive really helps I think…

Honorable mention to Tabby. I actually like her and she doesn’t make me feel jealous and insecure. She’s ok in my books.

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Okay, so im new to team10 and i only really know the twins and jake, would you mind helping me out with everyone else please??

sure thing!  So there’s

Jake Paul - has like 7 million subscribers on YouTube, actor on Disney Channel’s Bizaardvark, age 20, dropped out of high school.  Married to Erika Costell.  Grew up in West Lake, Ohio.  Best friends with Anthony Trujillo and Chance Sutton

Erika Costell - got nearly 2 million subscribers on YouTube in a week.  Practically the Team 10 mom.  Her best friend is Tessa Brooks, and her husband is Jake Paul.  Age 23

Tessa Brooks - has 1.9 million subscribers on YouTube.  Is a professional dancer.  Her best friend is Erika Costell, and she is married to Chance Sutton.  18 years old

Chance Sutton - has a YouTube channel with his best friend Anthony Trujillo.  They have 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube.  Chance is 20 years old and married to Tessa Brooks.  Grew up in West Lake, Ohio, and is best friends with Jake Paul and Anthony Trujillo

Anthony Trujillo - has a YouTube channel with his best friend Chance Sutton.  They have 1.6 million subscribers.  Anthony is 21 years old and is currently single.  He grew up in West Lake, Ohio.

Tristan Tales - has a YouTube channel with about 400,000 subscribers.  He is 22 years old, and I honestly have no idea if he is single or not

Alex Lange - a beautiful 16 year old French boy brought up in England.  He is a model, and has a YouTube channel with about 150,000 followers.  I am completely in love with this boy (we are the same age).  He is dating Bailee Madison.  His best friend is AJ Mitchell.  He is so beautiful, here’s a picture of him:

AJ Mitchell - an up-and-coming musician with an angelic voice.  He is 16 years old, and has a YouTube channel with 294,000 followers.  His best friend is Alex Lange.  His first original song is called “Used to Be” and it is amazing

Kade Speiser - I have no idea if Kade is actually part of Team 10 or not, but he is in the house every day.  He is 21 years old, and is a photographer.  I have no idea if he has a YouTube channel or not

Nick Crompton - E N G L A N D   I S   H I S   C I T Y  He is 22 years old and is from England.  He is an entrepeneur, and Team Ten would be broke without him.  Very underappreciated, he needs more love

Emilio and Ivan Martinez - 18 year old Spanish twins.  They have 2.3 million subscribers on YouTube, and rose to fame on Instagram and

That’s really all I know off the top of my head, if I know more I’ll add them onto this post

why jack is so amazing

i love how jack could be busy all day long, but still find time to interact with us. not many people do that just for their fans. not many would interact with their fans daily, but the fact that jack does makes me even more grateful and appreciative of him.

some people just do youtube for fame and money by doing some clickbaity videos or going on other people’s channels and asking for subs and likes. but, people like jack has worked so hard for their subscribers and they deserve every single one. it’s so easy to let fame get into their head and do videos just to do videos. but, jack and a bunch of others do videos that they enjoy, that they like to do, that make them happy. because like what jack said, “get the most fun out of what you have.”

i love how jack was so busy with packing his stuff, moving to a different country, making tons of videos, but still has enough time to interact with us. whether it’s on here, twitter, youtube, etc. he’s always there with us. not many people would go out all of their way just for us. not many people care for their fans the way jack does. not many people would stay up until 2am in the morning to talk to us like what jack does. not many people would spend 9-12 hours a day for us. and the fact, that jack loves each of us all so much that he’s willing to spend most of his days doing things for us makes me one of the happiest people alive.

i hope more people realize how amazing he is because honestly i could go on for a long time about how he’s one of the sweetest and most genuine people i know.

remember, he started off from nothing, but look at him now. all his hard work paid off. all the people smiling because of him at this second. all the support he’s getting. everything. i’m so proud of him and i really wish i found out about him earlier. it’s my dream to meet him, i love him so much.

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re: your reply on Hannah's blog, GOOD POINTS. I've had such tunnel vision about the proposal that i've barely started thinking about the overall narrative & direction of the show from here. I guess for some reason I was thinking that if the setting changed then the overall story would kind of reset as well, but I think you're right - they've been carrying the plot over from season to season lately and it makes sense that even though the characters get moved somewhere else the same story points -

stay relevant. And you don’t just go all-in on a story about prison brutality & public visibility and then just drop it, lmao. So yeah, I think you’re right about the significance of all those details moving forward… I feel like I need to rewatch the season right way to fully appreciate everything that happened, I haven’t felt that since s2 so that’s pretty exciting!

I mean like… it still COULD… reset & everything. because I just genuinely would not put it past them after season three. since everything about that season is just ALWAYS going to prove that they’re more than capable of imploding everything in order to start over with a forced & false restart. but… I want to believe so badly that they have an endgame here, & that they’re not going to implode everything once again to stretch the story out in an unending cycle of building up & tearing down until they literally cannot suck anymore life out of this show & these characters. just… they have SUCH a good opportunity here to take the story in a bigger direction while ALSO starting to wrap it up in a really neat & concrete way, like PLEASE don’t fuck this up???

yeah, I’m clinging desperately to the hope that a story this big CAN’T just like… fade away. & that the youtube channel/fame & the viral video & all the family members who were thought not to care showing up & the parallels to Bayley & Poussey with that other kid/Piscatella & the ENTIRE GODDAMN MAIN CAST all being in that basement… it all has to mean something. & LIKE GOD. IMAGINE THIS KICK STARTING SOME SORT OF REFORM THAT SPANS THE NEXT TWO SEASONS, ENDING WITH PIPER GETTING OUT & LIKE “HEY GUESS WHAT, AS SOMEONE WHO WAS IN THE TRENCHES OF ALL THIS, I’M GOING TO WRITE A BOOK ABOUT WHY WE NEED TO KEEP PUSHING.” LIKE PLEASE WHAT A GOOD WAY TO TIE THE STORY UP BY COMING BACK TO THE REALISM OF IT ALL. PLEASE DON’T FUCK THIS UP GODDAMMIT.

this is a thomas sanders post womp womp

because I follow some great people do i had to check tags to see what was going on but i keep seeing misinformation on my dash regardless and I don’t want to encourage the dogpiling response that this website is infamous for

if people take issue with a 28 year old marketing their humour and content towards teens then they must sure hate… every teen comedy actor pretending to be a teen…. every kids show host making shows for kids and pretending to be children for the sake of education…… adult voice actors who voice kids and teens in cartoons…. pretty much all adults who write teen fiction or children’s books????

like??? if you find someone annoying due to their entertainment persona then that’s fine, avoid them where possible

if you disagree with them on a specific point sure, go ahead, try and read tone though and look at who they associate with and amplify the voices of because this dude was directly confronted about a specific opinion and answered honnestly and he probably formed it because of the input from his various friends who he features in his videos as well as what he sees online and at no point did he tell anyone to agree with him? you can say “well he knows he has an audience” so sure, definitely, but no part of his opinion was an instructional guide

also the incident everyone took issue with was one of ignorance on his part and as soon as he was informed of what he did he got rid of the offending post and apologised with a request that people not do the thing (the thing being underaged fans drawing raunchy fanart, something a lot of teens do but that he felt uncomfortable with once he realised the age of the person since it was inappropriate and that’s why he asked that people not do that)

and the thing is that youtube fame and vine fame is such a recent thing and so different than traditional celebrity, there is no PR department or social media management, it’s just one dude and his friends?? nobody who gets popular by making the funnies online is gonna be to everyone’s tastes in comedy

like…. I find his humour kinda boring and falsely energised, his audience skews younger so it’s not really relate-able for me anymore which is weird because he’s not much older than me

so if you don’t like him…. blacklist his name tbh? hit the j key to skip posts on tumblr that slip through your filters?

know the difference between genuinely harmful content and people who annoy you

I find him annoying too but i can see a lot of positive messages in his content so who the fuck even cares, at the end of the day all that happened is 

1: a guy got popular online and accidentally reblogged raunchy fan content without knowing how old the fan was and once he was told about it he apologised, removed it, and discouraged younger fans from creating that sort of content in regards to him

2: a guy got popular online, kept his personal orientation private other than referring to himself as being a part of the lgbtq community and visibly supports his friends of various genders and sexualities, when directly confronted about his opinion on if asexuals are lgbt gave his opinion in as respectful a way as he could and failed to comply by the definitions that suited everybody because the way that the non cishet acronym is defined is already complicated and there’s a lot of controversy right now about the place of ace/aro people within that dependant on their romantic or sexual preferences and the behaviour of people in various groups and issues of oppression and attempting to apply labels in ways that are inappropriate and it’s a complicated issue is what i’m saying

3: a guy got popular online and his style was hyper optimism and #relateable content targeted at teens and uni students and people got annoyed at his persona and thought it was inappropriate for him to market himself like a teen when he’s in his late 20s and there’s something to be said about adults putting themselves in spaces aimed at teens but what he’s doing is closer to a comedy actor playing someone younger for skits and would you direct the same criticisms at SNL actors playing teens or adult actors in teen movies or series? Probably the fact that his content is online and he’s not a traditional celebrity and is way more likely to interact directly with fans is the issue, there is a genuine problem with men who achieve online fame using it to take advantage of people in their fanbase and we should be wary of that issue but that’s not what’s happening here

ultimately this is not a defence post, I don’t follow thomas sanders, I don’t find his work that funny, if he does turn out to be a scummy person then I’ll talk about him like he is one and warn others off and support the people who need it, but as far as i can tell he’s a fairly neutral to positive personality online and totally avoidable. As for the ace dis-curse…. yikes. yikes to people on all sides.

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i'm kind of on the outskirts of the phandom, and i just can't help but wonder about some of the shipping stuff that other fans post. like, obviously dan and phil are best friends and love each other and etc etc but i just can't understand why people are literally 100% sure they're dating... like i just don't understand a) why they wouldn't come out if they were b) why they have an apartment with two bedrooms, c) why they get two hotel rooms when on tour... (1/2)

(2/2) to me it’s just kind of baffling why they would put so much work into creating this completely unnecessary charade… like all their fans already think they’re in a relationship, people (like that charlie stuff you were talking about earlier) have already supposedly tried to out them, so like… why would they not just publicly confirm it? i just don’t get it, man.

Because 1) coming out was a decision taken out of their hands at a time when they were very, very clearly not ready to be publicly out and while youtube was not yet as viable a career (the Valentine’s Day video leak, and I’m not sure out outskirts-of-phandom you are but if you really need a summary of what I’m talking about hit me up off anon - I won’t bite, I promise) and 

2) there is a very big difference in coming out as a famous person and coming out as a famous person in a relationship with another famous person who is also coming out. If they’re not both ready to be out as individuals, they can’t come out as a couple. But even if one day they are both on the same page there coming out changes things. They’re gonna go from two funny/well known British youtubers to Those Two Gay Youtubers (and yeah, no matter their sexualities, they will be Those Two Gay Youtubers to the general public) and the platform they’re allowed to operate on will change from underneath them. It’s not even a Hannah and Ingrid or a Troye and Connor situation, because Dan and Phil have been together before hitting youtube fame and build their careers on top of each other. Coming out would mean people feel like they were entitled to get to ask questions that Dan and Phil clearly don’t want to answer. You’ve got to be both confident in your career and confident in your relationship to want to take that risk - so no, I don’t think it would just be as easy as ‘oh we got outed, lets confirm it.’