New Video ”Why Internet Fame Doesn’t Matter” (CC)


Everyone wants Youtube fame these days, but no one knows how to get it. First things first: make good videos. But before that, actually, let me tell you how to make good videos. 

I’ve been known to watch quite a bit of Youtube. When I don’t feel like doing anything productive, Youtube is my go-to for almost everything. From beauty tutorials to vlogs I watch a little of everything. Carrie Hope Fletcher is one of my favorite female youtubers.. I’ve watched her from the beginning, ever since I heard about her from Nerimon or Alex Day’s channel.

Carrie herself is crazy multitalented with an undeniable love for books and cake and everything Disney. Her rather large group of followers are called the Hopefuls, and she has quite proudly named herself their honorary big sister, a title that even I have grown to know her by. She’s kind and sweet and gives some of the best advice I’ve ever heard. Not to mention she is an actress and singer and lives in the theatre capitol of the world: London. A place I could only ever dream of living. She currently plays Eponine in West End’s production of Les Miz, along with an ensemble track before becoming Ponine. This is her dream role, as she told her Hopefuls, because when she was younger she played Young Eponine in the production. She is currently the only actress to have portrayed both roles on any West End stage. This is one of things I admire most about her. When I watched her older videos she was just a talented girl trying to pursue her dreams of performing onstage and now I see her and she’s living her dream. She loves performing and it’s because of her love of theatre and books and music that I feel I have such strong connection with her. She gives me hope that it is possible to achieve my dream roles on stage. Although she’s not too much older than me, I look up to her as a real life role model. 

Check out her youtube channel here.

xoxo, Absolutely Smitten.

         Honorary Big Sister and proud Hopeful.

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so i was watching videos about youtube fame and pewdiepie and the whole concept of becoming ‘famous’ on the internet, and it made me thing about tumblr, one thing i will say about tumblr is im glad theres not so much of a sense of needing to be 'famous’. yeah, of coruse everybody is gonna want more followers but 'tumblr famous’ people here dont sell out and start selling merch and shit, theres still a big sense of using this site cause you want to, which a big part of youtube doesnt have anymore. so thank you lil shits for staying real.



What’s Wrong With The Youtube Generation

I wish I was a famous youtuber so I could have my face drawn just in pencil

that sounds so incredibly nice

even if they made chibi drawings

and I would like to be shipped because it would be so funny to me

and I wish I could draw my life

and I want personal fanfics

it would just be so great

and I could tell these people about myself and meet them one day

and if the panel was over id still make sure they all at least got a high five at LEAST

and I would reply to all their messages and befriend them even if they weren’t youtube famous

if they were cutting I would even give them my number

I just want to be seen. and have friends that see me through that so I could see them too, no matter how many tweets they sent


HOW TO BE YOUTUBE FAMOUS // Tips and tricks on how to be just like those humans who get paid to talk to a camera. Wow! So cool! Watch now! (Note: Strong hints of sarcasm). 


The Temptation of YouTube Fame

Small scale let’s-plays channels start up for different reasons. For me, I love reacting to games. I love getting excited over good plots and games, getting frustrated over hard puzzles and getting really engaged with what I’m playing - but for some reason, it just feels lonely doing that on my own. That’s why I decided to become a let’s-play YouTuber. I want people to get excited with me. And as my channel grows bit by bit, I get more excited, because it’s a chance to grow. It’s a chance to perfect my video-editing, my commentary, my graphics and my drawings. Every video you release is a chance to improve in some domain or another.

However, there’s always this lurking presence in the back of one’s mind about fame. Fame seems so close yet so far when you’re on YouTube, amongst the let’s-play stars who have amassed more than 2 million subscribers. Every small-scale YouTube channel has probably thought to themselves, at one point, “One day. One day, I’ll be a little more famous, and I’ll have screaming fans, and I’ll feel great.”

You can’t let thoughts like that get to your head. At least, I definitely can’t. I can’t afford to be emotionally invested in fluctuations in my subscriber count. I can’t afford to waste time continually refreshing my channel page, waiting for my view count to rack up just so I feel justified about wasting 4 hours editing the one video. I need to stop that shit.

No matter what you do, what you publish and how many people adore or despise you, you should never - and I mean NEVER - forget why you started in the first place.

You should always focus on your own improvement. You must also enjoy the shit that you do. It’s extremely easy to change your mind from “I love doing this” to “I want to get larger figures and greater fame”, but it’s a lot harder to stay headstrong and focus on the quality of the actual material.

The fear of getting carried away with attention is the reason I want to stay as a small YouTube channel. I celebrate small victories, like gaining a few extra subscribers, but this project has always been for myself and my self-improvement more than anything else.

And I really, really want it to stay that way.

- Kirfyx