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Part Sixteen Part Fifteen Parts One-Fourteen

Later tonight, Anti will formally crown Beans the “Prince of Darkness” and give him a collar with a skull and crossbones on it. Dark refuses to pet it every time he comes over.

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Black Sabbath - Killing Yourself to Live


Here at the final countdown for the release of Breath of the Wild, Youtuber abzifun has created a wonderful, beautiful tribute for the series in anticipation for this next chapter in the series. (Though Skyward Sword has been out a while, I will leave some a warning that there are some soft sp0ilers for the game in this video. All BotW clips have come solely from the trailers, however, and are sp0iler-free)

aren’t these the kind of matching outfits y’all wanted? 

i’ve been seeing ships with these shirts everywhere but never saw a d&p one sooooo why not?

also idk who came out with these shirts idea but if you do you could dm me their username or link so i can credit them propely.

ps: if you are seeing this in a computer and phil’s hair looks like it has radioactive poo in it i’m sorry. in my phone it looked completely normal.

What a cold cell…

“A story centered around ideas ulterior at best to those who do not delve deeper for discovery”

This is one of many codes I have in store. Work together with anyone to decipher them.
If you really have interest and truly want to read my comic “Ulterior”, then you best start deciphering.



Kesinlikle izlenmeli.



Part Seventeen Part Sixteen Parts One-Fifteen

There’s one rule of thumb when interacting with Dark: Never, NEVER, NEVER let him talk you into anything stupid. You will regret it.


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Holy guacamole guys! Yesterday’s video had over 100 views already! Wow! I never expected that at all, thank you so much! :D

@therealjacksepticeye Maybe you might like this too :P


Söylesene sevdam
Bu nasıl, bu nasıl veda?
Bu nasıl yalan?
Sen kaçıncı yalancı, ömrümden çalan?

Smile #053 Jacksepticeye ♥
“And any of you out there who are feeling very lonely, very depressed, very sad, anxious or you’re having panic attacks, anything like that: it’s not a bad thing and you’re not a bad person. You can get out of it and I believe in you. If nobody believes in you, just trust that I believe in you.”

I know, his smile looks crazy big but we all know that he has a BIG mouth xD 
It was pretty hard to choose only one of all the nice, uplifting things he said. You can easily make a whole blog about him (and there are lots of them, I know :D) 
To me there are only few Youtubers who are as encouraging and fun to watch as Sean. I really enjoy his content and I’m happy that he is out there helping people just by being himself :3 

Keep going, @therealjacksepticeye! \^o^//