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School For Larries
  • English: Reading/Writing Larry fics and learning how to properly describe the feelings we feel and Louis and Harry feel.
  • Math: Calculating the amount of time it will take AIMH to reach number 1 on average. Also figuring out Mr.X (for algebraic purposes)
  • Technology: Making next level Larry proof videos for YouTube. Un-pixalating Wellington video. Creating manip's.
  • Geography: Finding out exactly where Louis and Harry are in the world and figuring out how that relates to Larry. Finding out exactly where all their relatives live.
  • History: Watching history video 1387654279 times. Studying all the important Larry dates (but lets be honest their all important)
  • Science: Writing essays on pregnancy's, what and what not to do, how long it takes for baby bumps to go down and if Women are aloud to walk out of hospitals.
  • Music: Just blasting one directions tunes and partying.
  • Drama: Re-enacting all the cute Larry af dream team moments.

I think this is the happiest moment of my life. I Just woke up to find out that FreddieIsMyQueen included me in CrackVid #4. I don’t even know if life is a real thing anymore! 

jiuhuyyur-deactivated20160923  asked:

that string bing thing you posted reminded me of this video i watched ages ago on youtube called wolfsong by wellington andrade. if you havent seen it, check it out - it's not even five minutes long, so it wont take too much time to watch or anything. the way the guy lifted the gun is what reminded me of the video. it looks pretty similar to some of the scenes it wolfsong.

I made Wolfsong. It was my third year film at Calarts. Wellington Andrade actually took it from my Vimeo account and shared it on youtube (and surprisingly its gotten way more views than my vimeo.) so thanks to him, the film is seen by a lot of people - and its good to hear people passing by it.

starfuckerval  asked:

so this is kind of a stupid question but-- I kind of took a One Direction hiatus in 2012/13ish and I have no idea what Wellington is. And now it's resurfacing and I'm confused can u help me??

Hello sweety :) Sure!

Here we go!

On April 23rd 2012, the boys came out to spend a night in a bar in Wellington.

This a video in which they interact with fans:

What we are interested about, happened at 2.22, when you clearly hear Louis scream “BOYFRIEND!”

Here’s the video of this bloody moment from another angle, the most popular of all:


Because of the poor quality of the video, the larry shippers are going crazy for 3 years now, because the one question that everyone makes is “WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?”

Now it seems there is a girl that has the video in high quality (It seems that she has it for years but has always kept secrets) and finally wants to publish it, saying it would be the biggest Larry proof.

Last night came out this photo, apparently from that video

Now you can understand why everyone is going crazy. We are finally discovering the truth?

Personally I don’t know what to think, if it’s true that this video exist or if it’s all a lie. Soon we will find out. (the girl said on twitter that she will post the video at 12pm est)

Anyway, thank you for making me this question, I am honored that you ask me for help, I hope you’ll understand what you needed from this post. By the way, you can watch the other stuff that I have recently repost/post about this situation, maybe you’ll understand better.

Hope you’ll a have a great day! See ya :* <3

(the video and the pics are not mine, credit to the owners)