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I think this is the happiest moment of my life. I Just woke up to find out that FreddieIsMyQueen included me in CrackVid #4. I don’t even know if life is a real thing anymore! 

School For Larries
  • English: Reading/Writing Larry fics and learning how to properly describe the feelings we feel and Louis and Harry feel.
  • Math: Calculating the amount of time it will take AIMH to reach number 1 on average. Also figuring out Mr.X (for algebraic purposes)
  • Technology: Making next level Larry proof videos for YouTube. Un-pixalating Wellington video. Creating manip's.
  • Geography: Finding out exactly where Louis and Harry are in the world and figuring out how that relates to Larry. Finding out exactly where all their relatives live.
  • History: Watching history video 1387654279 times. Studying all the important Larry dates (but lets be honest their all important)
  • Science: Writing essays on pregnancy's, what and what not to do, how long it takes for baby bumps to go down and if Women are aloud to walk out of hospitals.
  • Music: Just blasting one directions tunes and partying.
  • Drama: Re-enacting all the cute Larry af dream team moments.