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recorded a lil somethin somethin!  Draw This Again! 2012 VS 2017 | Spooky Halloween Redraw


Hey friendsssssss 💛 I am a college Youtuber who records videos about hair, beauty, and lifestyle! My goal is to reach 3,000 by tomorrow because that’s the calendar year date for the end of summer. I would love your support please subscribe today!! tell a friend to tell a friend 💛



In other news I was slightly productive today in that I made this silly little montage right quick. (or; I’ve been getting some pretty nice POTGS lately and I wanted to try my hand at something a lil’ bit different video-wise)


I synced Chris Pratt rapping to Forgot About Dre with the actual beat

Meanwhile on  YouTube;

German youtuber BibisBeautyPalace is literally rushing the dislike-toplist like a fucking pro. Her song was released yesterday, and she received 1 million dislikes (more than most of Justin Bieber’s songs) in only one day, although she only has 4 million subscribers and only has a german fanbase.

Some reasons why people think the song is so unpopular are;

-The song simply sucks

–She didn’t make the lyrics, which are terrible enough on their own.

–She didn’t mix the music

–She didn’t create the beat

–Her voice was altered a lot.

(–It sounds like a tune from that could be from a TV-commercial as well, but that is just my opinion)

-Many people criticize her for starting to cash in at the music market too, since she already created several beauty products that saw widespread release and fantastic sales, making her more of a marketing figure. Why is this bad? Germany hates marketing YouTubers, because being a sellout for advertisement is against the sort of YouTube-honor-code Germany upholds.

-She promoted the song about a week before it was released and made pre-orders for 4,99€, while the song only costs 1,29€ today.

-She started using english text out of nowhere so she could get more views internationally which only makes her even more sellout than she already is.

–She made horrible mistakes in her description due to this. For example, she forgot to translate Austria and kept it at the german name “Österreich”, although everything else was english.

-Some people also argued that she tried to get more male audience, because she is wearing extraordinarily sexy clothes that aren’t really what she wears regularly, and because she is supposedly not wearing clothes in some shots.

At the moment, she is around the Top 11 most disliked YouTube videos of all time, beating videos like the Pokemon GO song or the YouTube Heroes announcement in just 24 hours.

Less than 24 hours in, Taylor Swift’s video for her new single “Look What You Made Me Do” had already broken YouTube records for its time span with 31 million views — but now that the final 24 hour tally is in, the numbers are even bigger.

The clip had the biggest debut of any video in YouTube history, clocking 43.2 million views in 24 hours, easily topping the previous record-holder, Psy’s “Gentleman,” which racked up 36 million views in its first 24 hours. Swift’s latest clip averaged over 30,000 views per minute in those first 24 hours, with hourly views reaching over 3 million views. A rep for the platform stressed that the view-number circulated Monday was not the final 24-hour tally.

The clip, which debuted during the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night, signaled the beginning of an aggressive new era for the singer. She rises from the dead, quite literally, as a zombiefied version of the pop star crawls from the grave. It then gets much more glamorous, as Swift bathes in a tub of diamonds before cutting to a shot of her on a golden throne, snakes popping up behind her.

Swift ended the video with a bit that included every iteration of herself — from her innocent first album to her infamous 2009 VMAs appearance (where Kanye West interrupted her win to talk up Beyonce) to her new, edgy self.

“There she goes, playing the victim, again,” snarks one Swift, likely playing on media criticism of herself. Another’s on her phone, “getting receipts” — probably a play on the video in which Kim Kardashian “exposed” her controversial phone call with West.

“I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative,” says 2009 VMAs Swift, before the rest yell at her, “Shut up!”


You might not have all the resources or support that you need to get where you want to go, but there are still so many seeds that you can sow. Keep planting and knowing that what you do for the Lord will surely grow.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. - Galatians 6:9

You don’t have to wait for all the resources or support to come in to start actively sowing seeds into the things that God has put on your heart to do. Whether it’s mission work, nursing, worship leading, engineering, blogging or a combination of things, be intentional about seeking opportunities to sow seeds on a daily basis, even if they seem small and insignificant. Find a way to volunteer. Find a way to pour into people who are younger than you that haven’t experienced that yet. Find a way to write or speak or record YouTube videos…even if it’s just for yourself, to remind yourself that this is a journey and it’s okay if it’s not all figured out yet.

God’s got this, and He wants you to wait on what He has for you, but He also doesn’t want you to just wait around not doing anything. Make the most of every opportunity (Ephesians 5:16), knowing that what you sow today will surely reap tomorrow.

Everywhere you turn, there are people to be loved. There is work to be done locally and in cities around the world. There are stories to be told. There is life to be lived. Life to be lived in Him! So make the most of every single opportunity you have today.

Your life at times may seem to be unfruitful, but God remains faithful in producing fruit in your life every single day. So give Him your best now knowing that there is still more ahead tomorrow.

Written by @morganhnichols for #TheDevoCo


Footprints in the Snow
An Original Song
(I think I wrote it last year)

I lost myself in the snow
Following my old footprints
Weaving through the forest
Into my tracks and out then in
Some so deep and carefully
Embedded in the snow
I galloped ever gingerly
Not knowing where to go
And when I figured out the truth
That I had wound up lost
It was too late by that point on
Frost bitten toes were cost
My footprints headed this way
That way, North, South, East, and West
Direction had abandoned me
And left me second guessed
What I thought to be the right way
Only turned out to be wrong
And I now I wander cautiously
Accompanied by song
And no one else, it’s only me
But really, could you tell
With all these frozen footprints
Overlapped upon themselves
I lost myself in the snow
Trying to find a magic mountain
And at the tippy top of it 
Is an immortal fountain
All I wanted was to find this
This Never- Everest
But all I got was this place
Wherever this place is
Defeat became my numbing face
The dreamer never wins
Against these hidden places
That no one’s ever been
But in the longest moments
Of my bitter solitude
A sudden self- reflection
In a sheet of ice I viewed
What I thought to be the right way
Only turned out to be wrong
And I now I wander cautiously
Accompanied by song
And no one else, it’s only me
But really, could you tell
With all these frozen footprints
Overlapped upon themselves

[ARTICOLO] Il video musicale di DNA dei BTS raggiunge 40 milioni di visualizzazioni in tempo record

“Mentre le visualizzazioni di ‘DNA’ dei BTS continuano a salire, il video musicale ha raggiunto in pochissimo tempo un traguardo importante.

L’MV di ‘DNA’ è stato rilasciato il 18 settembre alle 6pm KST e ha battuto i record per i gruppi K-Pop raggiungendo i 10 milioni e i 20 milioni di views prima che passasse un intero giorno. È poi diventato il video K-Pop più visto in 24 ore e il più veloce a raggiungere i 30 milioni di visualizzazioni.

Oggi 22 settembre intorno alle 9:15am KST il video è ora l’mv K-Pop che ha raggiunto più velocemente i 40 milioni di visualizzazioni mettendoci solamente 3 giorni e 15 ore per raggiungere questo numero.

Il primo video di un gruppo K-Pop che ha raggiunto più velocemente i 40 milioni, precedentemente raggiunti in 9 giorni, è stato ‘As If It’s Your Last’ delle BLACKPINK.

Intanto ‘DNA’ dei BTS ha raccolto più di 1.98 milioni di mi piace.”

Traduzione a cura di Bangtan Italian Channel Subs (©CiHope) | ©soompi


Fly Me To The Moon.  

Performed by Jamie & Wes.

Songs from the Missing Cake Sessions were originally performed at our close friend’s wedding, and the sessions serve to remember our fallen comrade, an entire layer of wedding cake that disappeared the night before.  Thievery?!