youtube threats

Okay, I’m getting hate comments on my videos again. I can laugh off most of them but one was suicide-baiting and I reported it.

Please go check out my channel and give my vids some likes and comments of a positive nature. Donate to my Patreon, too, if you want. It’s going to be harder for me to keep it running since I’ve got a new job, but considering I’ll eventually get myself an apartment, it will definitely still get uploads. 

My channel name is Sapphire Crimson Claw, I make vlogs about things like:

  • ableism
  • witchcraft/Satanism
  • trans/nb rights
  • being intersex
  • ace discourse (I am pro ace/aro)

And more

I also have written books. (Somebody just bought a copy of my horror short story anthology last week, actually.) 

Any and all support is greatly appreciated.

Freedom of Speech Only Applies to Freelee and Durianrider.
  • Freelee The Banana Girl: "...and we should be able to critique each other without getting channels and videos down, ripped off the internet, that's just shit, you know? That is not part of what youtube is about."
  • Everyone else on Earth: Then what the fuck did you do to Fullcircle Vegan and The Vegan Mojo? #DOUBLESTANDARDS #FREELEEISNTQUEEN

“Of Course” Game

Ravi: Rock, paper, scissors (literal translation is in a different order but means the same thing). I’ll go first. If you don’t say “Of course”, you lose… Later, after this game is over, N hyung said he will give you 5 kisses on your face, you like it? 

Ken: Of course! Later when we finish, N hyung said he will kiss you on the lips, is that ok? It’s ok right? He will kiss you on the lips a few times, N hyung said.

Ravi: Of course! What you just said was a lie right? It’s a lie right? 

Ken: I lost. 

Ravi: What do you do if you lose? If you lose the game you have to take a selfie with a wink & a V sign with the starlights in the background and upload it on twitter.

Translation by the lovely @efflorescenteunhae❤️ 

The Game Grumps fanbase is disgusting.

So I just went to watch the game grumps episodes from today and saw that one was missing, I found his odd, so I looked in the GG tag to see if anyone knew why and what I found disgusts me.
Apparently, in what would have been today’s episode, Dan mentioned the name of the person who made the “walk through” for the sonic game they are playing. Now I say “walkthrough” because it literally says things like “go here, this area’s not so hard so it’ll be pretty easy to beat” which is very not helpful if you are genuinely stuck at a point in the game. Anyway, so dan said this persons name on the episode, and apparently, despite having only been up for a few hours, people instantly started messaging and harassing this person for having made the walkthrough.
This is not okay on so many fucking levels. Like it’s already bad enough to harass someone like this, but to also do it with the Grumps in mind is not only hurting the person you harass, but also hurting the grumps. I understand that whoever made the walkthrough didn’t do a very good job, but that does not give anyone the right to harass them for it.
What the fuck is wrong with the game grump fanbase? You guys just do not know how to act like civilized people. I wasn’t there when Jon was on the show but I know it took a very long time for people to finally accept Dan and stop being a dick to him. Then you guys harass Suzy all the fucking time, like seriously give the girl a damn break. Seriously you guys, DONT FUCKING HARASS PEOPLE.
I don’t know what it is about youtuber fanbases that just fucking love to harass people. They stalk youtubers, send death threats to their significant others, Harass anyone they happen to mention offhand. Then when the youtuber starts drawing back, disabling comments and not responding to fans, they attack the youtuber themselves.
Stop harassing people. You are not invisible because you are on the Internet, the people you harass are not nameless avatars, they are real live human beings with emotions.
This is why we can’t have anything nice, because fuckwads like you feel the need to voice every negative opinion at people. Fucking stop.