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doodles from today of my darling OC Andromeda. She’s a character that I use in a role play with @walkingmelonsaaa and Zalgaroth. 

She is a high class succubus apart of a demonic hierarchy system put in place by her and Zal’s superior. Andy was trained since she was a child by Zalgaroth to take her place as a powerful member of their system. However Andy does have a weakness. She cares for Zal. which could get them both in trouble :o 

Oh gosh I think this RP has like…over 500 pages now? Honestly maybe even over 700. I’m not too sure. We’ve written as these characters I think since…last August? They both have really grown into really well developed characters and its awesome to see them then and now. 

Andromeda was originally designed to just be a quick villain in a group rp. But I started to really like her as a character and now I think she’s my absolute favorite. <3 

The Little Things


You had started playing a game called Demi Lovato : Path to Fame and had slowly became obsessed. Jay had of course hated it but then slowly became as obsessed as you were. (These are just snippets of events and it is just basically fluff because I can’t help but see Jay as the type of guy who would do anything to make his girlfriend happy)

You laid on your side with your left hand cuddled in between the pillow and your left temple, your right hand holding onto your phone; your finger tapping on the screen slowly. Jay’s right hand was wrapped around your waist his left holding up his head. You could feel his breath against your ear and as he nibbled on your ear from time to time, his thumb rubbing circles on your left hipbone. The two of you were snuggled against each other for quite some times, dropping comments and giggles here and there. It was the perfect position for the both of you.

It had been somewhat of a routine whenever he stayed over at your place or you stayed over at his place. Given it had been rather hard to even get together these past few weeks, him with his busy schedules with his new album released and you with your preparations for your new album.

“This guy will probably be the third person.” Jay commented as you tapped on your screen again continuing with the game.

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((Cyborg Talon ref sheet

You guys really like him a lot more than I had originally planned so I guess I need to do more stuff with him, yea? Originally based around the Metal Gear Rising universe. You can ask him questions too if you want, need to establish his background lore and stuff anyway))

5 days!

It’s officially five days until we start up! Send in an application as your favourite youtuber now! All the info is down below and I will be accepting apps over the next few days. Hope to see you soon.


“I do a few Disney role-plays on YouTube one year ago and it was the best thing I ever did. I’m really bad at making friends but this has helped me a lot with both talking online and meeting people in person. As well as helping with my writing. But the best thing is that I’ve meet some of the best people who are in the role-plays with, who help me no matter what. I just wish we lived closer as I’m British and they’re in Canada and Spain.”