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I Hate Response Videos. by the1janitor

This week’s video is late, but it’s here! So as many of you probably now “Response Videos” are really common on YouTube, particularly within the political/social space. People on all sides of the debate use them.

Personally though, I kind of hate response videos, I just think they are a pretty terrible way to frame a discussion and cause more harm and confusion than good.


Channel Frederator, responsible for the 107 Facts video, just uploaded a new Wander related video! This time, covering the question many people out there have been asking, “What happened to Wander Over Yonder??”. It gets bonus points for mentioning the #SaveWOY campaign, so we definitely want this getting a lot of views. Give it a like and share it around!


This week, we rate your pets!!! We were sent SO MANY, so we apologize if your pet didn’t make it into the video! We had an absolute blast making this so maybe we’ll revisit this idea again in the future. Your pets were beautiful and so are you!



Heres some on-the-desk doodles for Reporter!Jack and Waiter!Mark in an AU ive had brewing for about a year… either way, i really like drawing on desks… 

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This is kinda a wonky question, but I don't really understand all the controversy about Autism Speaks? Could you help me out if you know? If not that's totally cool thanks for acknowledging me. You're so cool omg

Pfft thank you xD 

Too sum it up quickly here’s a video they made, with the narrator supposedly being autism itself (If you get upset easily don’t watch it (I can’t watch the full thing)

Former Autism Speaks board member Harry Slatkin, whose wife, Laura, continues to serve on the Board of Directors, stated in an interview with Town and Country while still a board member that sometimes he hoped their autistic son David would drown in the backyard pond rather than “suffer like this all his life.” Evidencing a pattern of similarly violent rhetoric, Autism Speaks is also responsible for the 2006 PSA “Autism Every Day“ in which their then Vice President states on camera that she considered putting her autistic daughter in the car and driving off a bridge, and that the only reason she refrained from doing so was because her other, non-autistic daughter would have been waiting for her at home—her autistic daughter was in the room as she made these statements. Furthermore, the producer of this PSA explicitly admitted that the film was intentionally staged to portray negative images of autistic people and their families.

Only four days following the release of “Autism Every Day,” pathologist Karen McCarron smothered her autistic daughter with a garbage bag. McCarron stated that she murdered Katie because her “autism had not been improving,” had thought about killing Katie, that made an earlier brief attempt at suffocation, wanted to cure Katie, thought killing Katie would make her “complete” in heaven, and wanted to live without autism and thus had to kill Katie. Investigators found that McCarron was obsessed with different treatments for Katie. (See People v. FRANK-McCARRON, 934 NE 2d 76 - Ill: Appellate Court, 3rd Dist. 2010.) Though it is not presently possible to draw a direct connection between Autism Speaks’ PSA and Katie’s murder, this crime and dozens like it only underscore how the kind of rhetoric that Autism Speaks favors only serves to recklessly endanger the lives of autistic people.

(source article)

Autism Speaks also publicly supports the Judge Rotenberg Center, a group home for autistic and neurodivergent students that uses “treatments” like food and sleep deprivation and electric shock to try and train the residents into acting neurotypical. The center has changed states three times in an attempt to bypass regulation against abusive treatment, and their practices have resulted in the deaths of more than one student.


  • Autism Speaks does not have a single autistic member on their board.
  • Autism Speaks only spends 4% of their budget on “family services”.
  • Much of Autism Speaks’ money goes toward research, and much of that research centers on finding a way to eliminate autism, and thus, autistics (which will likely be done through a prenatal test, in the same way that the Down’s Syndrome test is conducted).
  • Autism Speaks produces advertisments, small films, etc. about what a burden autistic people are to society.
  • Autism Speaks was responsible for “Autism Every Day”, which featured a member of their board talking about contemplating murder-suicide of her daughter in front of her daughter. This has now be removed from Autism Speaks’ Youtube channel.
  • Autism Speaks is responsible for the atrocity known as “I am Autism”, a short film produced by the same person who directed the 3rd Harry Potter movie (yes, really) and features an ominous voice saying things like “I am autism…I know where you live…I work faster than pediatric AIDS, cancer, and diabetes combined…I will make sure your marriage fails.”

For further reading, here are a few resources about Autism Speaks:

Here are a few other terrible things that Autism Speaks has done recently.

  • This woman’s job offer was rescinded after she asked Autism Speaks for accommodations in caring for her autistic son.  They refused, and she made necessary accommodations for childcare, but they withdrew her offer anyways.
  • Autism Speaks shared the news of Google removing hate speech regarding autistics from Google’s autofill feature, completely erasing any mention of autistic people’s flashblogs having anything to do with the change.  It was only after a member of the autism community (and not a parent, but an autistic person themselves) spoke with a reporter about the flashblog and a statement was released to the media that Google decided to make this change.
  • Autism Speaks highlighted AAC use, while erasing those those who actually use AAC devices to communicate.  The focus was on the caretakers, not on the autistic people themselves. (The attached link has a link to a rebuttal by a nonspeaking autistic person, Amy Sequenzia).

In short: Its a hate group disguised as a charity and my god I want it to end

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Are you planning on making more hannibal videos in the future? (cause the cmv was so SO great)


Will Graham is my favourite cosplay and both Jack and I love to play these characters.

We’ve got another music video planned and part of our cooking segment will probably have Hannibal in, but I’d love to do more than that if we can come up with some more ideas~


My Bisexual Dilemma (CC)

“He was just joking”

We’ve heard some take on those words probably a hundred thousand times. On both a large scale and a small one. It’s the go-to defense for anytime our fun steps over the line and ends up hurting someone else–just joking, didn’t mean anything by it. It’s often flimsy excuse in the best of cases, but when we apply those words to people who make a living off of making jokes, it really exposes our own hypocrisy.

 So many fans of Youtubers have sent a comment that on their darkest days, watching one of their faves’ videos still makes them laugh. That sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps them going. Humor has the power to turn an entire shitstorm of a day around. We’ve all experienced it. And yet for all that we’re willing to nod and share stories about how humor has the power to uplift and heal us, very few of us are willing to acknowledge that power when it comes to the other edge of the sword–as powerful as jokes are in bringing us joy, they can also be just as powerful in bringing us harm. Anyone who has every been a victim of bullying already knows the truth of this first hand. Jokes, when directed at someone can demolish them. Destroy their self-confidence, their motivation, the self-perception, sometimes for decades after the teasing has stopped. The repercussions of such harmful jokes last long after the ones who’ve told them have forgotten about it, moved on, unaffected. 

Plenty of us have friends whose boundaries include not teasing them about weight or appearance or the way they talk, even when very obviously joking, even when every action and other word out of our mouths is filled with love for them. Because even if coming from a place of love, sometimes a joke just hits too close to home–it hurts anyway.

This is why racist, sexist, and anti-semitic jokes are always bad. They always cross the line. Whether the person making them intended harm is besides the point if they aren’t willing to fully acknowledge and change their behavior. Pewdiepie’s “just jokes” rest on top of a history wherein millions of Jewish people were murdered just for being Jewish. In this case there is no “he didn’t mean it that way.” He knows history. If he didn’t mean it to be cruel, if he didn’t mean to cause harm, then what did he mean, in targeting Jewish people, more than once, and the long, dark history of hatred they face as the butt of his jokes? 

Don’t discredit a man who has made millions, made history, made his life’s work making content to entertain, to make people laugh, as “just joking.” If youtubers didn’t think that humor had any deep meaning, any power, and influence, then they wouldn’t poor all of their time and energy and heart into their channels. We know this.

So when one of them starts making jokes that aren’t there to bring us joy–or will only bring us joy if we are willing to cause other innocent people pain–we have a duty not to dismiss their actions as “just” jokes. As “just” humor. We’ve all experienced the power behind humor, behind any words, and we need to demand that creators wield that power responsibly. Many youtubers are angry at the media for being disrespectful of pewdiepie, but pewdiepie himself was disrespectful of both Jewish people and the youtube community by making Anti-semitic content, regardless of whether he is a card-carrying Nazi or just ignorant of his own actions. He has apologized for the jokes, but has become more concerned with news outlets besmirching his image than he has the repercussions of his actions on his fans and on Youtube as a whole. After all, we all found out about the pattern of Anti-semitic jokes after he faced punishment from Youtube–he wasn’t tried in the court of public opinion, by warped facts and clickbait articles, but by his business partners. Felix called it “laughable” that anyone might think he is actually a Nazi, as if blind to the reports of increasing bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers, swastika graffiti, and the re-emergence of Nazis in all corners of life both on and offline. Forgiveness is a process that can only happen when the one who asks for it takes the process seriously. That means not minimizing one’s own power to influence other people, to harm as well as heal, not laughing off the concerns of other people, not assuming anyone speaking out is just a hater or doesn’t know you. 

Right now what Pewdiepie needs is critical fans and critical friends. People who can say “we can demand better from him, from all of Youtube, and we should. We can support him by refusing to enable the worst in pewdiepie. We can help him heal the damage he’s done. We can help Jewish fans feel safe here.” 

And right now that isn’t happening. And it doesn’t bode well for Youtube.

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Fathering Autism is the best :) they're all just such sweet people and I think they do whatever they can to help Abigail and keep her happy. It totally sounds like they paid me to say this haha! She uses a few kinds of aac and I love seeing that because how many Autism Parents™ are happy to leave their child with no way to communicate effectively? Also the sensory toy and room videos have given me so many good ideas !!!

Oh also my fave thing about FA is that they don’t try to make her seem NT like a lot of people who use ABA they do it to help her communicate, strengthen motor control and other stuff that is super useful! Theyre also super supportive with stimming, they actively encourage it even!! They talk about it a lot because obviously people have concerns because of ABAs history

That’s great to hear! Thank you for weighing in!