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The Party - PMV (Madeon - The City) Thank you video!

Here we are, the project that is long overdue, i want to thank everyone for their support in following this blog and liking and sharing my posts, and to those who stuck with me as i worked through my struggles to complete this project, but most of all, thank you everyone who had the patience for me to complete this project, all of your combined help has driven me to complete this animatic for you all and i could not be prouder of my self to completing a project this major. and to have all of you to share it with.

i was originally going to celebrate the milestone of reaching 250 followers but as time went on, some how, some way i slowly started seeing more people choosing to follow this blog, despite the lack of content for some time. i really appreciate all of you and wanted to share the exact number of followers i had in the video of 284! but after the completion and rendering of the video, i gained a few more so now it off a bit (Thanks @askfuunsaikipony, @flurryflash, @my-slender-man, @danceshowoff) i appreciate it ^^

with the success of this project and the support of you all, i will be pressing to continue this blog to the very end, and this is just the beginning, i hope you all will be able to stay to enjoy weekly updates (as best as i can)  and not only give you a great story (to the best of my ability) but to have a chants to interact with you all. i hope you’re having a fantastic time in your life and had a awesome weekend ^^

Now to share the list of all OCs featured into the project, i apologize if i somehow missed anyone but everyone who submitted their OCs properly to me have been included ^^ (i drew all ocs to the best of my ability but being a black and white sketch it can some times be hard to find or recognize Characters, if you have a hard time finding your oc) i will be sure to message back at what time in the video your OC comes into frame.

P.S. their is a good chants i may have missed a name in the list below, if you know you sent me an OC for the project, ask me and ill let you know if i was able to include you.

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Disney XD’s trying to be ominous about SVTFOE season 3, but it turns out Eclipsa’s still a relatable goofball.


After 7 years and 7 seasons, we finally have a movie based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I’ve been part of the fandom for a very long time, so I give you my thoughts in this video.

REBLOGS are greatly appreciated!


I started watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic back in August of 2011 and with the release of the movie I thought I would talk a little bit about my experience in the fandom.

REBLOGS are appreciated!


The teaser for the My Little Pony movie came out this morning, so I decided to do a reaction and give my thoughts on it.

REBLOGS appreciated!

Outsider Au where they all have YouTube Channels

(This is Gonna suck)

•He reads on camera
•thats it.
•its boring.
•during a video he was reading The Fault In Our Stars and Soda just ran in and started dabbing
•"N E V E R"
•he posted the video anyway
•Pony posts every Monday and Thursday

•makeup tutorials all the time.
•posts every Friday
•never told the gang he had a youtube untill pony found his video in his recommends
•"Johnny why are you showing people how to get a date with makeup on youtube?“
•"why were you looking at simmilar videos?”
•when Dally found out he watched everyone of Johnny’s videos
•"Johnny you need to post more"
•"I’ve watched all of your videos 200 times ”

•no videos
•just uses it to subsribe and like to the gangs channels and videos
•"what does it mean to Subscribe????“
•"its a follower”
•"whats a follower"
•"Darry No"

•posts best vines of _
•has one video of himself and thats because it was in a best vines video.
•comment wars about triggering content
•posted monthly then vine got shut down (I’m still salty)
•he now helps Dally with his channel

•fail videos
•Comment wars 24/7
•1000% offensive content
•only Johnny and Two-Bit knows about the channel
•Two-Bit helps

•joint account.
•"hey i just wanna introduce you to my little brother, Pony"
•*pushes pony into a pool* “NO ONe CARES”
•Steve pranks the entire gang.
•mostly Pony
•99.9% of the time Pony.
•he tried i prank Darry once.
•Never again
•N E V E R

((aaaaaaa these sucked. Plz add on??


My Tiny Pony - Pinkie Pie

Don’t you think it’s funny how Christmas/birthday presents went full circle? When you were tiny, a shirt with My Little Pony or Dora on it, you were ecstatic. But once you grew up a little, you began to despise getting clothes. But look at you now. Filling your Christmas lists with band and fandom merch.


The trailer for the My Little Pony movie was released this week, so I decided to do a reaction to it like I did for the teaser.

REBLOGS are greatly appreciated!


As an ancient god of something or other, it’s important to share my eternal knowledge with the younger generation.


My Tiny Pony


The pleasure of having a new YouTube channel that doesn’t have literally 3000 people subscribed means I get to make low quality pony videos. I feel good-ish and hope to make more (not exclusively pony) videos if I ever get the ideas.

Maud’s ominous “joke” inspired me to add Bloodborne music to some pony clips. It doesn’t flow at all and it clearly lost whatever main idea it had but I’m just happy to have just made something. My PC was freezing constantly and syncing up lots of short clips with the beat of the music is surprisingly tricky. I’ll get better at it if I continue.