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Day 2 of 30 days of Tubers 

Obab Scribbler, Scribbler Productions 

She is most well known for MLP fan fic reads, But she dose some great Grim dark fics and comic dubs.

I also have had the pleasure of meeting her in person and she’s a lovely person to talk with.  

Until next tuber Laters ;)


**4,000 Sub Special!** We Are Number One but whenever Robbie sings…… it’s Pinkie. 

Thanks to Hellhounds04 for the Pinkie art!


Come join me as I start a new series reviewing pony sets! Our first is the G1 TAF ponies!

Like and subscribe to my channel and let me know which pony set to review next! :D



Equestria Girls: Friendship Games deleted duet between Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle, in a scrapped story line about Sunset wanting to go back to Equestria.

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I want to make an MLP video soon! But I need help deciding what topic to cover!

What should I talk about? These are the ideas that I have:

  1. Top 5 Most Personal Episodes
  2. Top 5 Favorite MLP Reviewers
  3. Why I Don’t Consider Myself a Brony

I’d appreciate some feedback about what you think I should do in my next MLP video! I’ll get around to doing all of them at some point, but which should I do first? Please tell me!


This weekend I got to meet Max Gilardi (Hot Diggidy Demon) at my college’s convention. After the convention I even got hang out with him!! Me and my fiance took him to dinner and then he came and hung out at our apartment for a bit (that’s him with my cat).

If you don’t know who Max is, he created the PONY.MOV animations along with other incredible videos. Max was an absolute joy to meet and he was super laid back and down to Earth. I hope he comes back next year!





Finally i’ve opened a serious Youtube channel! In this channel i will upload my SpeedPaints and others videos of my works and drawings.
Here is my channel:
StePanda Channel

This is the first video that i uploaded. Sorry for the poor video quality, but it has been made a year ago and with my old PC.