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You can create this design with both Gel polish and regular nail polish.
I’m trained in Gel Polish application and use this method on my own nails as it lasts much longer than regular polish.

As Spring is on our doorstep I was feeling the urge to create something fresh and simplistic!
Nude nails go with any outfit, and the nautical stripes add a subtle ‘fashion’ element without being over the top.

I wore this design on my nails last year and received SO many compliments, so I knew I just had to share the ‘how-to’ with you all.

All the products and equipment used are listed below:

Products Used:
Nail Harmony LED Gelish Curing Lamp (as featured in the tutorial)

Cheaper LED Nail Curing Lamp

Gelish starter kit including;
*PH Bond
*Foundation (Base)
*Top It Off (Top Coat)
*Nourishing Cuticle Oil
*Nail Bed Cleanser
*Gel Polish Remover

OPI Gel Colour - Tiramisu For Two

Nail Harmony Gelish - Artic Freeze (White)


I have such an awesome design in mind for another YouTuber inspired design…. But my nails are soo short! 😁 Ughhh. I’m super excited though! I think I’ll make a tutorial for this one! 💅 IN THE MEANTIME, make sure to check out my Pewds tutorial on my YT channel! 😄👍 and follow me on my Instagram for more designs!


Inspiration: connorfranta danisnotonfire amazingphil sprinkleofglitr

Let’s see if tumblr will finally let me post a speedtorial without banning it for being “sexually explicit”. Lol so rediculous. 
Anyway, watch the full video tutorial right here!


Requested tutorial for my gradient dry brush nails. I hope that you can see what I’m doing. If you can’t, feel free to ask questions! 

I love this unique design! I LOVE negative space designs and I’m also really digging this cool dispersed water marble technique. Watch the speedtorial here, or click here to see the full length tutorial on my YouTube channel. 

Nail designs I created for @barrymcosmetics summer nail tutorials using the #BarryM “Summer Matte Nail Paint” collection, the “Exotic Summer Gelly Nail Paint” collection and the best “Matte Topcoat” out there (definitely my favourite Matte Topcoat!)…all by #BarryMCosmetics !!! Absolutely LOVE these colours! Subscribe to the Barry M YouTube channel to watch the nail art tutorials! New collection Barry M nail art tutorials coming soon… 💅💖💛💙💜💚❤️💅🎨😘🎉