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Teamiplier as insults/threats I've made when tired
  • Mark: "do you really want to fight a 5"3 sleep deprived honours student?"
  • Tyler: "how many good thrusts from a barbed horse dick until you shut up?"
  • Kathryn: "I don't eat breakfast, I eat the likability of people. You serve me no purpose"
  • Amy: "I may be tired, but I never get tired of kill things"
  • Ethan: "I hope you had a nice breakfast, you 6" lump of insolence"
Dead By Daylight
  • Ohm: I-I'm right on Evan's butt.
  • Delirious: You're-You're not on nobody's butt! You leave-You leave Evan's butt alone!
  • *Silence*
  • Delirious: That's right.
  • -----
  • Delirious: Vanoss what-what's going on? What's going on Vanoss?
  • Vanoss: I'm repairing shit!
  • Delirious: Repairing stuff. I-I like it when you repair.
  • -----
  • Ohm: *Catches Vanoss*
  • Vanoss: *Screams*
  • Delirious: EVAN! Evan nooo! Nooo Evan!
  • Vanoss: Help me! Help me!
  • Delirious: Where's the house? *Sneaks in the house, waits there while Vanoss is being hung and gets him off the hook like a ninja* RUN! *Gets caught* Run-Run Vanoss! Run!
  • Vanoss: Okay I'm running!
  • Delirious: Yes Vanoss! Please! Please run!
  • Vanoss: I am running!
  • Delirious: Please! Please! Uh...Vanoss Ran. Vanoss ran.
  • Bryce: Noo, he would never run. He would never do that to you.
  • Delirious: Oh thank you Vanoss, thank you for running.
  • -----
  • Delirious: Now I gotta take out Vanoss because Cartoonz died and he left a will to me. He left a will. He left all the money to me.
  • -----
  • Delirious: Vanoss where you at? We need-We need friendship.
  • Vanoss: Huh?
  • Delirious: *Stutters* Help me please. Please help me.
  • Vanoss: Kay, What-What do you need?
  • Delirious: I need you to rub my back. Rub my back (babe).
  • Vanoss: Okay. *Rubs his back for a second*
  • Delirious: *Laughing* Is that it?! Is that it?! Please! Come on!
  • Vanoss: I'm fixing what's important first.
  • Delirious: No I'm important!
  • -----
  • Vanoss: Come on! Come one!
  • Delirious: *At the same time* I'm trying. I'm trying.
  • Vanoss: Come on! Jerk that lever off!
  • -----
  • [[Dead By Daylight - LEFT BEHIND DLC (New Survivor!) L4D Character Bill Overbeck! by H2ODelirious]]

Well Delirious is eager isn’t he? XD

Me when I find a gay moment between my otp and post it every where:

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