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everybody should fucking watch this oh my god

Fic recs?

I have found that I have never finished more than 5 chapters of a fanfic. However, I love writing ideas that people give me.
So if you have a request!!!!!!I’ll DO IT!!

Vampire Academy
Ally hills
The Gabbie show
Pitch perfect
(And probably a whole bunch of others but idr rn.)

Typically I do wlw writing, but I can do wlm, maybe even mlm.
There’s no real limit to what I’ll write, smut is accepted any time.

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Going to Acen and or going to midwest anime cons


It'a official! We’ve “COME OUT” (harhar)! Here are all 6 episodes of the comedy BEARDS for your binge watching pleasure!

Our hope is to use the media to tell more LGBT stories. Please REBLOG and SHARE this post on your lovely social mediums to help us spread our message!


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Ellen Page on Coming Out | The Ellen Show

After her impassioned speech at the HRC, Ellen Page was here to tell our host about her experience of coming out publicly as a lesbian.

To celebrate the married couple ☺️ I decided to put the first minute of my “Brittana-Their Story-Season 1-6” video on tumblr! I try to get the whole video (which will be pretty long, more like a movie 😂) on youtube after the last episode of Glee airs!!

I really hope you enjoy the video. The quality is bad cause I just filmed it from my notebook with my iphone. So the actual quality will be better 😉!!

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Gay Aunt Barbara’s melon salad is so juicy and sweet you’d think we were talking about vaginas. NEW #CookingWithLesbians