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When Cherik accidentally spills into your RL
  • So this is a thing that happened.
  • Mr. Pink: (from downstairs) Uh, Pink what are you watching?
  • Pink: (from upstairs)... Why do you ask?
  • Mr. Pink: Because Zelda has been interrupted by Erik going 50 Shades of Grey on Charles.
  • Pink: WHAT?
  • *Pink flies downstairs in time to see YouTube auto-play to a Cherik E.T. AU fanvid on the living room TV*
  • Pink: Uhh....
  • This story is also known as why you shouldn't inadvertently hit air play when you are watching cracktastic Cherik YouTube fanvids on your iPad.
  • Unless you have an amazing husband who thinks it's hilarious.
  • Things got worse when I closed YouTube on my iPad and the videos still wouldn't stop playing on the TV. WHY? Where were they coming from????
  • The CHERIK WOULD NOT GO AWAY. Mr. Pink got an education.
  • And he will not let me live it down.
Sneak Peek: The Court of the Winter Prince

Everything was white marble and mirrored. It smelled deliciously of gardenias and it felt cool inside, just inside a comfortable chill. The walls were lined with flat screens, playing what looked like commercials for the spa on a loop. There were a row of five crystal chandeliers hanging from the high ceilings, throwing a rainbow of light on the marble floors, and soothing jazz music playing subtly in the background. At the end of the entrance hallway was a glass desk and a young woman occupying the seat behind it.

She was lovely with long brown hair perfectly styled, curling over one shoulder. She wore a white shirt, unbuttoned low, and a black skirt. She crossed her legs, one delicate looking foot in a very high heel bouncing playfully, and smiled up at him as he approached her desk. He was amused that she was watching kitten videos on YouTube on her iPad.

“Hello, I’m Detective Steve Rogers from the NYPD. May I have a few moments to speak with Natasha Romanov, please?”

He showed her his badge and his identification. She didn’t even glance at it, tilting her head to stare at him stead. The woman - her desk nameplate showed her as Darcy - gave him a very calculated look, up and down, not-so-innocent brown eyes finally meeting his.

“Do you have an appointment?”

Steve tucked his badge back into his pocket. “No, I’m afraid not. I promise I won’t take up too much of her time.”

Darcy licked her red lips and smiled, picking up the receiver of a Victorian French Princess rotary phone, the kind that a woman would own in her 1970s boudoir, and spun the rotary twice.

“There is a hunka-hunka piece of man meat in the lobby that I think you should come see,” she said, winking at him. “Oh, he’s quite delish; of the NYPD variety.”

She placed the phone on the receiver and folded her hands under her chin, batting her long eyelashes at him. “Someone will be down in a moment. Could I offer you…a refreshment? Maybe an appetizer, hmm?”

Steve swallowed, feeling his cheeks flush under her obvious regard. “No, um, no thank you, miss.”

“Aren’t you just the cutest darling?”

“Darcy, mind your manners, please.” A woman said, her voice deep and lilting with a crisp British accent.

Steve turned to greet the other woman and was, for the first time in his life, thankful that his mother instilled in him a lifetime of gentlemanly manners. To say that this woman was perfect wasn’t absolutely true, but it wasn’t false either; his cursory glance at her face showed wide-set eyes and a bold nose, but she was beautiful and timeless. The rich brown of her long, thick hair complemented her pale skin; the red of her dress showed off the curves of her ample assets. There was an alluring sensuality in the way she looked at him and Steve felt a primal urge to puff up his chest and show her just how much of an alpha male he could be for her.  

He kept his eyes on hers; he wasn’t crass enough to gawk at her.

“I’m Peggy Carter, General Manager of the Black Widow Spa.”

hacks-the-trash  asked:

I am your quiet child that doesn't wanna interact with anyone else in the fam because I'm on my iPad watching YouTube,but I care very much and will hurt whoever messes with this fam

That’s kinda cute tho you shouldn’t spend so much time on YouTube

there are people with less followers than me who are joining networks, getting sponsors, giving away ipads, making youtube videos, and making money and im over here anonymously sending random followers a black and white picture of michael cera holding a cactus with steve buscemi’s face on it