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Stockholm Syndrome @ The Garage

I think youtubers are some of the luckiest people of all, just based on some of the awful, awful, irredeemably bad “passion projects” that come out of youtube fame
you really get the sense, just looking at the smosh movie’s netflix page or whatever youtuber’s book is out now, that this person would’ve had a harsh but ultimately character-building series of “fuck no"s had they approached these things through the normal channels, but instead they get to make whatever thing they want with zero pushback because they’re ~subculturally famous~

It actually made me pretty glad to see that Scream Factory is giving The Poughkeepsie Tapes an official release and making it more available and on blu-ray no less!


I posted a photo of a carnival game called “Hit the Nigger Baby”. After being asked for a source, I stumbled upon this disturbing video. Know your history America, this is a part of it, a very important part. Watch this with an open mind and with acknowledgement. And as always, STAY WOKE

Sooo let me just tell you that I’m really excited for you to be here again tomorrow ♡ Today has been a pretty shit and anxious day like my parents are fighting every day now over stupid things and they think they’re being discrete but it’s not like I can’t hear them. But with you here they either don’t fight or I don’t notice and that’s so much more peaceful c: Also like work mailed and if you want a weekend day off you have to like ask for it in a different way than weekdays so I’m really stressed out about pride cause I’m going to have to beg for a free day like my first week of work which makes me really anxious but like I REALLY want to go so yeah I have to get over it :p Anyways so I’m excited for you to be here to have fun and distract me a bit ♡


NEW VIDEO: “Flossing My Buttcheeks??? - I swear there was a reason why it’s called that. Reblog if you watched and now know why. Stalking people who share this by reblogging! :]

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Reading all of this is just an eye opener cuz I'm fairly new to this fandom and everyone is so die hard that it's kinda off putting. My friend is a successful youtuber (3 mil subs) and he uploads EVERYDAY! He managed to go to regular school, graduate, make YouTube is full time job and still make quality content. The twins (maybe) dropped out of high school and do nearly nothing all day, while barely being able to upload twice a week. It's a shame how naive everyone is when it comes to them.

Yeah it’s truly a shame. It doesn’t take that much time to make a video, in total the twins probably work about 3 days a week. Obviously I don’t want them to upload just to upload, but it’s important to realise that they have 4 days of doing nothing.

Just wanted to add, “doing nothing” as in no editing and no filming. But YouTube is still a 24/7 job because people are constantly talking about you online and you’re constantly worrying about how people perceive what you say, etc. It’s still a stressful job, and I recognise that. 

au where steve is a famous youtube baker (Do You Fondue, Fight Me Focaccias, or my particular favorite- Brooklyn Buns) who makes the most delicious recipes imaginable and films the process for hundreds of thousands of adoring fans, bucky is a vet looking for something relaxing and distracting to fill up his evenings, and they bond over how horrible bucky is at cooking (becuase steve asks his fans to tweet/send in pictures and reviews when the fans try the recipes) and it isn’t until bucky actually sets off the smoke alarm in his apartment building in brooklyn that they realize, lo and behold!, they lived down the hall from each other the whole time and have an official meet-cute outside in their boxers in the cold surrounded by angry tenants! and then of course they fall in love and bake together for the rest of their lives and probably get a dog named banana and a cat named cinnamon i don’t know i don’t make the rules


You’ll have to skip 4 minutes of nonsense to get to the actual song, but theres a pretty cute dog hanging around for those 4 minutes so like maybe its worth it.

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