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2016 in Review

2016 was full of extremes. Yes. The moments were either the best or the worst. I hate goodbyes so even 2016 was a bitch to me, I still want to give it a proper bye bye. I’ll be sharing to you guys the highlights of my 2016. Here ya go:

I got to check off things on my bucket list

  1. Hike
  2. Attend a music festival
  3. See Parokya ni Edgar
  4. Get a piercing
  5. Receive a bouquet of roses
  6. Participate in a contest as a judge
  7. Visit Pinto Art Museum
  8. Swim while it rains

I got to visit places!

  1. Mt. Pamitinan
  2. Mt. Batolusong + Kay-ibon Falls
  3. Explore Makati
  4. Try the Meeting Plate
  5. Try Kat’s Cafe
  6. Pinto Art Museum
  7. Tagaytay
  8. Korean Temple
  9. Venice Piazza
  10. Pups and Cups Dog Cafe

I was given opportunities and chances to attend events.

  1. Fusion 2016
  2. Concert for a cause
  3. Got casted for an ad
  4. Organized a seminar about mental health
  5. Hosted a Psych seminar in another school
  6. SSH event
  7. Bloggers United 12
  8. Judged a pageant
  9. Youtube Fanfest

I got to be with my high school friends, still in touch with my old university friends, and childhood friends.

Lastly, a lot of family blessings

  1. 2 of my brothers graduated college.
  2. My brother passed the LET.
  3. We were all healthy!

Doing this review made me realize that 2016 was productive. It was just energy-sucking year especially when it comes to school plus some news concerning our country and news from the other countries made this year a bitch for me. I am not good with changes so, maybe that affected my view. Anyway, I hope for a better year. Another year to make things right. Let’s do this, 2017.


Okay, so the lockscreen & home screen of my phone is a picture of Troye from his Blue Neighbourhood Tour. Yesterday I met Connor at the YouTube Fanfest and I asked him if we could take a selfie and he said “sure”. But instead of taking a picture, Connor hit the back buttom and my home screen of troye came up and Connor looked at it and smiled


Our mind is an intricate house filled with secrets, stories and levels. In the rooms of that house live our voices, the ones that whisper to us throughout the day. Being a good person doesn’t mean you don’t have evil voices, it just means you’ve learned to navigate through them. We all have these voices that compete within us, contradicting each other, trying to pull us in different directions. Your ego fights your loneliness. Your desire for love fights your insecurities. Your silly ways seem ideal until your mind opens to those who are suffering around the world. We’re constantly hearing our voices and therefore it’s in our best interest to befriend them. But true strength lies in deciding which of our voices govern our actions and which ones define us.

It’s not about having voices in our head, it’s about what we do with them. These are my voices.

Catch me performing “Voices” at YouTube FanFest Toronto on Saturday, August 13th at the Molson Amphitheatre.


There’s a voice in my head that reminds me every day how lucky I am… And how incredibly necessary it is to help those who aren’t. Listen to this voice. Act on this voice. It’s there for a reason. • watch my new musical project, “voices” by clicking the link in my bio. I will be performing it live at YouTube FanFest Toronto this Saturday. #voices 🙏🏽

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