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So I really wanted to go to bed early… but unfortunately I saw Phil’s new video and… yeah. I sketched this super-quickly and it’s got basically no artistic value - but enjoy - Daniul and “Lucas”. 

Gotta give it to Phil though - these outfits looked awesome. And he gave off these Quicksilver vibes with his blue wig



Here is my new video
Hope you’ll like it

These 3 are literally my favorite people in this world-

They’re such huge inspirations to me and I can’t even tell you guys how much I love them. I can’t put it to words lol- They’re just really funny/kind/entertaining people that inspires me so much and they just remind me to always be myself no matter what-

heck, because of Pewds, I gained a bit more confidence cause he himself didn’t seem to care about what others would say about him and it somehow just made me really look up to him for being that strong and confident, yknow? Jack made me feel a lot more at home, he’s so kind and caring <3 literally a little potato that i’d hug the crap out of if ever i get to see him one day hahahaha. Mark is obviously a tiny floof ball full of sass but like- idk he’s actually kind too and caring just like the rest and I really just can’t even put my thoughts into words now lmfao

I really really love the 3 of these losers and the thought of me not getting to meet them someday just REALLY upsets me but I still try to look on the bright side, though. I won’t get to meet them irl but at least they still make me laugh, yknow? 


Just re-circling this video because I put a lot of work into it and it’s starting to get more popular (135 likes anyway lol). Have a gander, mates ;)


Let’s play a game! ;)

What are your top 10 favourite Bellarke fan videos you have watched so far?

No particular order (hiatus is gonna be hard enough lol)

May I start?

1. The one above ;)

2. “All I want”

3. “You were never gone”

4. “Saturn”

5. “Knocking on heaven’s door”

6. “Looking too closely”

7. “Anchor to hold”

8. “To the wonder”

9. “Waves”

AND 10. “The brain and the heart”

I realized that 4 of them are made by @teamhodgins, but THANKS to ALL of you amazingly talented people!! 👏😊

First Promo Pic for movie about Markiplier and Friends set 40 years in the future!

(Jack’s the same, his voice has just broken)

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