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This is was my first video that I ever saw of your’s and it’s continued to be one of my favorites. After this I found myself in the presence of one of the best communities on YouTube.

You’ve helped me through so much, there’s nothing I could ever do to properly thank you.

Have the happiest 28th birthday you can, @markiplier You’re only 28 once so make the most of it!!

“Can we do the Orlando thing again” ? Really ? Is it supposed to be funny ?

Wow, I just wanted to cry when I read all these disgusting comments.
The video is beautiful and powerful, check it out if you want to. But, please : don’t read the comments.

This community

Yeah, we as a YouTube community have our fights, quite a bit. There’s drama. There’s heartbreak.
But we are a family and together we are one. We stay together and love eachother.
It breaks my heart when we all fight.
I wish we never did. It sucks so much.
Mark and jack and Ethan etc.. make us all so happy and without them none of us would’ve met. Some of us wouldn’t even be reading this message today.
The youtubers I relate to and make me smile have saved my friends and I life.
They make us one, a family, a community and that’s what we are.
If you’re ever fighting in the community remember that Mark, Jack, Ethan would not want us like it.
Please be nice to one another. It’s what they would want


CHAPTER 1: The kid who fell of the tree

Next chapter

Jack: @therealjacksepticeye
Wiishu: @wiishu

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It’s really sad that Markiplier and other big time PewDiePie defenders seem genuinely more upset at Felix being labeled anti-Semitic than basically anything else going on in the past like three years.

Like where the fuck was Mark with his respect video when Anita Sarkeesian got thousands of death threats for simply saying video games had sexist content in it? Where was it when Zoe Quinn got doxxed and her family threatened for simply wanting video games to be a more welcoming environment for women? This is just stuff that was going down in the YouTube/Gaming community too, not even going to mention the grander sociopolitical issues. Even sadder is Felix has endorsed a dude who was very active in harassing both these women.

Markiplier and others don’t need to comment on every single global tragedy or political event but when they only do to express grief over an immensely privileged individual being accused of racism that’s pushing an extremely dangerous narrative that accusation of bigotry are more harmful of actual bigotry.

They also seem to maintain the ideology that as long as they intend for their videos to be pure entertainment and apolitical then that’s what it is. This isn’t true at all, everything we say is a reflection of our core political ideology, Socrates knew this thousands of years ago. Nothing exist outside of our social superstructures and we always have to be conscious of how we operate in it, this goes double for people with a following like Mark and Felix.

I’ve Got a Big Dumb Crush… (CC)

I’ve got a crush and I’m also a big dumb dweeb. These are things I’m okay with. Dating is fun. Being a dork is dumb. I’m still just that little tiny boy crushing on Disney princesses. So yeah.


This is what my YouTube channel looks like with YouTube’s new restricted mode, which has unfairly targeted some LGBTQ content for being “sensitive material.”

21 of my 43 videos disappear. 

In case you missed it: YouTube says it “wrongly” filtered out a ton of LGBTQ-related videos in a recent update to its Restricted Mode feature. This has affected virtually every queer YouTube creator from @tyleroakley to @everyoneisgay to little ole’ me. So, if you watch my YouTube videos in Restricted Mode, the videos above with an X through them aren’t available. 

Oh, and YouTube’s statement about the whole thing just sucks:

“We are so proud to represent LGBTQ+ voices on our platform – they’re a key part of what YouTube is all about. The intention of Restricted Mode is to filter out mature content for the tiny subset of users who want a more limited experience. LGBTQ+ videos are available in Restricted Mode, but videos that discuss more sensitive issues may not be. We regret any confusion this has caused and are looking into your concerns. We appreciate your feedback and passion for making YouTube such an inclusive, diverse, and vibrant community.”

So under that logic, the “more sensitive issues” that aren’t suitable for a “tiny subset of users” (like, say, a teenager with unsupportive parents who’s trying to get online from a school library where PORN IS ALREADY BLOCKED) include:

  • A discussion with my 90-year-old grandmother about how she eventually accepted having a gay grandkid
  • A conversation with my mom about This Is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids and why I didn’t have a proper coming-out
  • A crowd-sourced glossary of the differences between bisexuality and pansexuality 
  • A silly video with my fiancée where we write down things we love about each other
  • A collaboration focusing on the experiences of queer people of faith

And a lot more. I’m livid. Queer YouTube means so much to so many people. For millions of LGBTQ people (especially youth) whose rights are under attack, YouTube creators and viewers have built a community of resources that you just cannot find elsewhere. This is a mean and senseless kick when we’re already down. And we’re not going to shut up about it. 

Send LGBTQ YouTube folks good vibes & subscribes today. (If you’re not already subscribed, find your friendly neighborhood bisexual YouTuber [it’s me] here or on Twitter.)

We need to change, together we can.

I’ve noticed something in the YouTube community; I’ve noticed this within fans and youtubers themselves. I find it odd that no one makes a stand to speak on this issue so I’m taking initiative.
No matter who you watch; no matter who you are; youtube can serve as a comfort for you. It can be for any reason, but you turn to YouTube for something. Whether it be entertainment, comfort, acceptance, reliability, understanding, a friendly face, or a home.
There are so many people that suffer in this community and it’s not just from outside forces like most people think, and that’s what I am calling attention to.
Recently my very close friend Leeah (Septicide on Instagram) deactivated her account due to the continuous struggle with people saying things to her that they felt she couldn’t see because of her following. Now her account has over 50 thousand followers; yet despite what those certain people think, she can see what they say. She’s not alone; we can all see. Whether you have 100 or 10,000 followers, you can see the hate and disgust or jealousy from those who are supposedly from the same place as you.
They are from the same community.
How is it that we are failing to see this as a whole?
No matter what you watch on YouTube; no matter who you prefer, we are a community. In the tighter knit communities for a specific youtuber we are even more of a family. So why do I see people in the same family shitting on each other?
And why isn’t it spoken about?
Why are people avoiding the topic deliberately?
YouTube is a home for many, and the fan accounts that bloom from it are just sources for those in the home of YouTube to communicate with one another.
We should not be tearing each other down, especially when we feel that the world does a good enough job of that.
Most people in these fandoms are young, and impressionable, or damaged already, or suicidal, lost, confused or lonely; they come here for comfort; They come here for a friendly face, yet I see people turning them away.
Why? Because they got noticed on twitter? Because they have more followers? Because they’re good at editing? Why? There is no reason to treat another human being like they are trash, or like they mean nothing at all. We need to have respect and love for one another; We need to be there for each other and care for those around us. You never know what a person is going through, and what’s going on in their mind; It’s even harder to tell when you force them away because of trivial things like jealousy or spite.

This is our chance to fight the stigma that fandoms are just groups of insane children that know nothing. We need to stand up for what is right; we need to come together for those who are hurt within communities that are supposed to be an accepting, friendly home. We need to change, and every person counts.

Are you up for the challenge?

@therealjacksepticeye @markiplier @pixlpit @wiishu @crankgameplays @septiccommunity @danisnotonfire @amazingphil @danandphilcommunity

Wilford vs Darkiplier?

So looking through all the discussions on “Markiplier TV”, I have seen quite a few people talking about how Dark “respects” Wilford. Which yes, he does say that.


What was one of the main characteristics of Dark that Mark talked about?

That he is manipulative.

He even goes as far as to call Wilford a nickname, “Will”. In an almost sickenly sweet way. As much as I would like to believe that he called him that because deep down they really are friends, I can’t deny the thought that would just /sell/ his whole team player act. From watching “A Date with Markiplier” it is also heavily implied that Dark can and does get jealous from time to time. In the older videos he did make some appearances, but only short ones, whereas Wilford got some videos all to himself. Maybe he still holds a grudge?

Yes, Dark did get to have long appearances in “A Date with Markiplier”. But Wilford was still there. Also Mark. He wants his /own/ spotlight.

After all he wasn’t in any of the segments from the show either. Another reason why he rejected Wilfords idea perhaps?

Although I, in no way say that, Wilford is unaware of this. Dark and Will have been around for about the same time as eachother. He /knows/ him. And maybe he has a plan of his own for when Dark reveals his true intentions?

(Please be easy on me this is my first time posting any sort of theory 😂)

Protect the Squad Protection Squad Positivity Project!

Hello, everybody! So, obviously, lately a lot of stuff has been going around the community (as it tends to do here) and everyone seems to be a little more upset than normal, a little more stressed, and a lot more divided.
I thought it might be a good idea to start up a casual positivity project! Usually when you see projects in this community, it’s towards the content creators on YouTube who lead the community (which is amazing!) but I think it’s time we do something for ourselves.
I did something similar on my main blog in December, so I think it’d be fun to do again!
I’d like to take a week (March 12-18? Does that sound good?) and have a collection of people who want to be involved work to spread positivity in the community!
Some ideas I have (and please feel free to send/comment more ideas to me! I’d love to hear them!)

• Positive anons! Take it upon yourself to pick a few people, one person, or even just some people on your dash, and send them positive anons a few times that week! Maybe make them edits or just send them jokes, tell them they matter to you ♡

• Call-outs! This is something I haven’t tried before, but just tag people in posts you think they might enjoy! Make a post and tag them to tell them how much you appreciate them!

• Messages! Obviously, tumblr messenger exists. Send someone something asking them about their day, or how they’re feeling, or just send them a funny gif set! The sky’s the limit

• Hate Free! I’d like everyone to make a pledge to not send hate, on or off anon, not answer hate sent to them, and to not engage in fights, even if someone started it and is dragging you to the ends of the Earth. This is what’s causing our division. And if we just take a deep breath and walk away, I think this might be best for everyone

Again, these are just ideas and this is by no means an official post. If you guys seem like you’re interested, I’ll make a much more organized post and get some guidelines up!
The last time I did this, I matched people up, but then people dropped out without letting me know, and people who were expecting positive messages got nothing.
This time, I’d like you guys to message me if you’re interested, preferably via ask and not messenger, that way other people can see and send you messages.
This way, I’ll be able to post a list of people who for sure want to be involved, and you all can mutually spam each other with clouds and love and rainbows ♡♡♡

Please let me know if you have any more ideas or if you’re interested, and I’ll make another post with more info! And this is by no means limited to the youtuber community, everyone is welcome to join!

(Although, I think it may be cool if we had “teams”, this way you guys can make new friends in the fandom! I.e. team Mark, team Ethan, team Jack, team Felix, etc, and when you message me if you’re interested, tell me whose team you want to be on (and you can pick any youtuber or thing there is no limit) let me know if this is lame and I’ll scrap it!)

Thanks guys!


When You Need Someone TOO Much

Tips on how to not rely too heavily on others. I’m a bit of an expert in codependency having done a LOT of it in my day. It’s a bad feeling for everyone involved knowing that someone needs the other. People shouldn’t need people like that, where if they left the whole world would crumble. I believe many of our needs can come from within ourselves.






I’ve been noticing it a lot more lately and it’s so frustrating!!! I don’t need them, I was given good hearing, but my best friend Ryan has hearing problems, and needs the captions to enjoy videos. He can’t do that when people decide to put (what they think are) funny sayings/jokes/references in the captions.  

PLEASE, I can’t stress it enough, STOP DOING THAT. 

what she says: 

what she means:

Though we recognize that the LBGTQ+ community makes up a lot of the Youtube community and content, we will be limiting the vocality this community has. We appreciate all of the work you’ve done to make Youtube an inclusive, diverse and vibrant community, but the gay agenda has become too powerful and we believe that we’re the sole cause of it, which is why we have decided to implement Restricted Mode on LGBTQ+ content. Please, though, let it be known that we are not silencing the community, we are only placing age restrictions because being a member of the LGBTQ+ is inappropriate, gives false information, and may be damaging to younger viewers, who benefit the most from the videos put out from this community. This is being done with the intention of protecting a select few, but god forbid anyone gets worked up over trans people asking to be able to use the bathroom that they identify as without being persecuted or harmed. After all, why should we grant such special rights to such a miniscule group in the vast majority?

Achievement Hunter as kids from my Philosophy class

Geoff: EVERYBODY SHUT THE HELL UP, I can’t focus on being depressed with all of you shouting at the same time

Jack: okay everybody, we’re building a fucking fort out of our chairs. Adam, get the scotch tape!

Jeremy: OKAY Y’ALL LISTEN TO MY RAP ABOUT EDGAR ALLAN POE…oh fuck wait I forgot the beat :(

Michael: Someone dare me to eat this whole Bundt cake!! I’ll FUCKING DO IT!!!

Gavin: do you think Ghandi studies about us in heaven?

Lindsay: “Miss Collinway, you better be doing your essay and not looking up some damn video of a Siamese cat” but mISTER ANDrews, did you know that technically they’re called THAI CAT!??!

Ryan: look here’s a picture of that caterpillar I found underneath my bed. i placed it in a box in my room. I named it Bob. I love Bob. ANDY SHUT UP, Bob is better tHAN YOU!

Trevor: shhhh shut the fuck up, I’m trying to throw peeps into Donny’s backpack without him noticing. wHY you ask? BECAUSE I CAN!

Matt: so I built a mini replica of the Addams Family’s house with a bunch of leftover superglue. does it look okay? should i add more windows???


Advice To My Young Closeted Self

What would I tell myself when I was younger? My bisexuality and gender identity have become really important aspects of my self expression, but even beyond that as well. I never allowed myself to truly love the things that I like. So here’s what I’d tell myself.