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Ableism Is Not A Tumblr Thing (For The People In The Back)

Author’s Note: Yes, I am aware that I am posting this ON Tumblr LOL. Alas, it was too long for a tweet, not everyone is on Facebook, and Tumblr is the only place I have my blogs. So, here we are. 

So, yesterday I decided (knowing very well that my efforts could be absolutely moot), to gently bring up to a somewhat popular youtuber, that while I love their channel, I just wanted to let them know that the word lame (which they used in almost every video as of late) was actually derogatory towards disabled people and thus ableist.

[image description top: an illustration of a colorful person looking confused asking “Ableism? What’s ableism?” ]

I worded my comment very carefully, and made sure to say that this was not an attack, but I thought said youtuber (and thus their viewers) would want to know (as many people use the word and aren’t aware of what they’re actually saying).

Why is the word lame ableist?

The word lame has 2 meanings. On one hand, it references a disability that is mobility related. It also means weak and inferior. This is a prime example of how some words in our every day language is rooted in oppression.

As a disabled person in a motorized wheelchair, I experience discrimination on a daily basis, because many non-disabled people equate disability with weak and less than. 

People gawk at me with looks of pity, confusion and disgust.

When my body becomes stiff and spastic, many non-disabled people would say in clear ear shot of my existence “Look at that. What a waste. What a shame.”

When I do ordinary things such as going to the market (’cus of that human need to eat food) or go to the park, which people do all the time, I get comments like “Look at you. Here you are in your condition, but you’re getting out of the house. Good for you. God bless.”

The fact that I even leave my home becomes this brave and courageous act, because to many non-disabled people, disability is just so tragic. (Seriously. It’s not.)

[image description top: Below that is a graphic with a white background and black “typewriter” font text. It reads, ”Ableism is… (a form of) discrimination.The false idea that disabled people are by default, inferior. When in truth, disability is just another way for a mind and/or body to be.” ]

Another common response I get is “why are you playing the victim card?” Always said by the very people who do not experience said oppression, and for some reason, equate merely talking about it and asking people to not contribute to it, as some how… “playing the victim”.

And then of course, is this odd idea that ableism… is a “tumblr thing.” 

The truth is, just because a person first heard about it on tumblr, does not mean that it was created on tumblr. It has existed way before tumblr was even a thought. #TheMoreYouKnow

And I understand that the comments section will be the comments section.

I also understand how some people want to shield their favorite celebrity or youtuber etc. Sometimes we feel certain people should be above criticism (even if it’s constructive). Sometimes, it’s a knee jerk reaction due to the fact that when people call a person out, it’s not always done in the name of outreach and education. It’s more about  “Aha! Gotcha! You made a mistake and now I’m going to rub your nose in it”. Something that I don’t agree with and only makes it harder on marginalized communities when they do ask people who have missed the mark to evolve and step it up.

But at the end of the day, I talk about ableism, because I experience it socially and systemically every time I leave my home.

At the end of the day, I talk about ableism, because so many don’t even know the word. Furthermore, If I never talk about it, nothing will ever change and I am not willing to settle for that.

thepaperartist  asked:

So no more aus for underverse? I was excited for storyshift one

I really want to work in the story that I planned when I started Underverse. But some people still think that I’m letting they decide the course of this story. I have enough trying to use the canonical characters from the creators (I failed, many times) and now I’m receiving comments like “Hey bitch, stop making Aus stuff” “Aus are cancer” and now are blaming me as the responsible of Sans is being overrated. That’s why I had to disable Youtube comments again in all Underverse videos.
I’m thinking seriously what will be the course of Underverse because of that. So that’s why I’m not going to add more AUs and characters. I’m trying so hard to fix this problem and make a good story.


Look at what DC posted on Youtube. Comments are disabled. I wonder why. 


I’m making this post to let people know to avoid this youtube user, who has a really bad habit of being condescending or aggressive towards autistic people, and whose channel and message is very negative and anti-disability.

These are two comment threads between myself and a youtube user whose channel is called Autistic Angels Network. The first was posted on my A Few Words on Harmful Autism Treatments video and the second was posted on my What’s Wrong With Autism Speaks video (that one tends to bring out the really lovely and reasonable commenters /s)

The person behind Autistic Angels is a self-professed ABA therapist with “over 25 years of experience”. They appear to just be starting their channel but plan on posting videos to help “families who have loved ones that suffer from autism” and to educate people about autism. Most sad of all is that I suspect they may have an autistic child or family member. Among other (more blatantly violent) things, for some reason this person is telling people that a/Autistic people can’t understand the concepts of being sorry or of lying. Which is just really strange to me.

This person advocated for eugenics, is anti Autistic rights, anti disability rights, and promotes cure culture (up to and including abusive treatments like MMS). They have a playlist on their channel composed of the videos parents have uploaded of their child being provoked into and having meltdowns.

Please avoid Autistic Angels and block them from your channel if you are a/Autistic and have a channel yourself. Oh, and please don’t message them or send them any hate or anything! I don’t mean to start up a fight. I just want to warn my followers and fellow autistic youtubers.

every time I find a youtube video with the comments disabled I feel as though I’m walking on the site of an ancient battle… something terrible happened there. something unforgivable. blood was shed and the damage was so great that someone slammed their cursor on the “disable comments” button and through their tears whispered never again

ABC on #Gamergate
  • <b> </b> >ABC News Nightline does a story on Gamergate<p/><b></b> >focuses on Anita and Wu<p/><b></b> >doesn't invite anyone from Gamergate to be interviewed<p/><b></b> >promotes the view that it's a small group of angry white men on a board<p/><b></b> >post their segment on YouTube<p/><b></b> >comments and ratings not disabled<p/><b></b> >down vote over 10k and comments have higher likes than the triple digit up vote<p/><b></b> >deletes comments from well known gaming and feminist critics for slamming the video and destroying the narrative they wanted to portray<p/><b></b> >ABC News has fallen hard<p/>

We made the decision today to disable YouTube comments. For a long time now they just haven’t offered us anything of value. Tbh, they seem to bother us more than help us. As you’ve seen in the past we’ve made multiple videos venting about the comments. They are the number one contributor to our lack of content.

This doesn’t just apply to the negative comments. From your perspective telling us what you’d like to see in our videos, that should seem harmless and constructive, and it can be. When we were a smaller channel that feedback was critical to our future. But now that it’s literally hundreds of thousands of people telling you what they want to see, it gets overwhelming. When you’re given hundreds of paths to take, its hard to pick one and feel confident in it.

We take feedback into consideration so much that we’ve ended up censoring videos, and doing videos that we thought might please the subscribers. Sometimes not even considering writing videos the way we intended because of the feedback. This could be seen as selling out, or whatever. But the reason we made this channel was to please ourselves, and make other people happy. I think we’ve forgotten that we need to please ourselves in order to make others happy. Its a circle.

Lets face it, at the end of the day people can tell the difference between the videos we made to please the people who gave us input, and the videos we made to please ourselves. The numbers show, our most viewed videos (by millions) were written solely to please ourselves, and had no outside influence. We still plan to ask for feedback in the future by doing polls and surveys. In the past that kind of feedback was extremely useful, and very easy to analyze.   Now, criticism is still welcome, and your opinions still do matter. We have read plenty of great emails and messages over the years. We still want to interact with you guys, you’re still free to contact us on our various social media sites, and emails. Not to mention we are doing podcasts to give you guys a more personal answer to your questions.

Links below to means to contact us and interact with us: -email -tweet -message/ask -watch podcast

Thank you all so much for the support over the years. We will be better soon and give you all the content you deserve, with the passion we all should expect! uvu