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With A Little Help From My Friend | Dan Howell

Hello! This is a short fanfic about Dan Howell and Phil Lester based on the request below. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think!
I placed this at a NYE party I hope that’s okay

“Dan, seriously, just go for it.” Phil whispered to his friend sitting next to him, a slight annoyance in his voice. Ever since Dan had been introduced to Y/N through a mutual friend he had been gushing over her, stalking her on every social media he could find. And now here they were, at a New Year’s Eve party with a big group of friends, and Dan had said absolutely nothing to her all night. Granted, it was not unlike Dan to choke up whenever human interaction was required, but he was getting nowhere with this behaviour. “Mate, I can’t just… talk to her.” Dan hissed back at him, his eyes widening to express his point. How do people just talk to someone they have a crush on? How does that work?! “She’s enjoying herself and if I go up there I’ll probably just ruin it.” Dan muttered to himself, staring down at his glass of wine and swirling it a little. “Okay Danny, she came to our apartment for New Years, that means she has to at least like us, so stop making excuses for yourself.” Phil told him, getting up from the sofa they were sitting on together. “But if you’re not going to do it, someone has to.” He said with a shrug, and walked over to Y/N and they group of friends she was standing with. Dan reached out to pull him back but did so too late, and Phil could just hear him curse to himself.

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early 2000s childhood nostalgia list

heelys being banned in public spaces
walking into a blockbuster and seeing all the new movies on VHS
feeding a tape into a vcr and how satisfying it was for the little flap to close behind it
mail-order Netflix DVDs
trying to decide how to order your DVD queue
wii sports bowling with friends and throwing the ball behind you just to make all the miis jump
club penguin
who among your friends has the best puffles
the way YouTube channels looked At The Beginning, sort of low-res with soft ish beveled edges
little blue pawn shaped icons and feeling so alone when nobody you knew was online
that thrice-damnned paper clip

feel free to add more

Les Sapeurs du Congo

Ok so there’s this congolese subculture about dudes dressing up as Dandies and let me tell you stumbling upon this on youtube is the BEST THING THATS HAPPENED TO ME AS A MENS FASHION LOVER

Every article about them is written with that shitty condescending “how dare poor people buy nice things instead of land!!!” vibe but let me tell you







So, I haven’t had the opportunity to post this before now since Tumblr has been messing with me. uwu

ANYWAYS! I drew this to congratulate Jack on 13.000.000 subscribers!
(A bit late, I know)
So congratulations on 14.000.000+ subscribers!

I drew you a gift to congratulate you but also a thank you, you’re seriously the most incredible person and I’m so glad that I started watching you. You’re such a modest and lovely person, you deserve every single one of those subscribers and I know there are plenty of more to come!

Keep doing what you’re doing, -high five.-

(Link to the speedpaint I made: )

Crossember Challenge Day 3 - UNDERSWAP

As many of us already know (and it has already been confirmed) the next AU we will see in Underverse is Underswap. What do you expect to happen in 0.3?

I know I’m a few days late, but I couldn’t get this idea out of my head and I had to make this. My guess is that Cross’ll use Papyrus against Sans. And since Underswap Paps uses orange magic (I think that’s canon?) and you have to keep moving to avoid damage, I just fell in love with the though of poor Sans having to run for his life…waiting for a chance to attack ;)

Challenge by @byutak, Underverse and Cross by @jakei95, Underswap by @popcornpr1nce

Here’s a still so you can see Cross and Paps in the back:

We’ve gotten into a thing where if we’re doing sketches, we used to like drag around a tripod and that’s just such a pain in the arse, like I can say this from experience, just being a performer is so much easier than being a creative YouTuber that makes things independently because when you have to be like the writer of the content and you know essentially the director of the content and you have to set up the camera and the lights and the sounds and then do it, it… oh my God it takes so long. … It’s much easier to be like “Phil, Phiiil… can you hold the camera for me?” and he’s like “ugh!”, so yeah whenever we film videos we’re usually just like “pleeaase help” and the other person is like “whyyy?”, which is the sign of a good friendship. Helping them, but you know never helpfully helping them you really have to moan and make it seem like you’re doing something incredibly painful and unnecessary. You can’t just like a good friend, you really have to make it seem like they’re the worst person in the entire world.

@danisnotonfire during his live show on the 7th of February 2017

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