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if there’s one thing fanfic has taught me it’s that originality of premise is like 5% of what makes a story good

you can be unoriginal as fuck as long as you explore that premise in an interesting way, either by engaging with the common tropes in new ways or by using the format creatively or by using well written characters

so movies have like no excuse to use the same five plotlines and still be boring

change up the characters

change up the execution

change up the presentation

if you can’t think of an original plot then you better put in the work where it counts

why do you think so many people love youtube vlog adaptations of literature more than lazy remakes and modernisations in mainstream cinema? because amateurs on youtube can be creative with the format, the setting, the casting, ect. yes it being on youtube and easily accessible and more in touch with the culture and humour and opinions of young people, all of that counts towards the popularity in a big way. but when you get down to it they are still adaptations of the same works that have been adapted since the dawn of cinema. 

it’s not premise originality that matters it’s the execution

December 7th, 2015, will mark 1 year since we released “Fangirl: A Short Film”, adapted from the novel by @rainbowrowell , to Youtube. Please help us to reach our goal of 10,000 views by the anniversary! We’re only 1,500 away! To watch it you can search our channel (The Part-Time Project) or click here

I’m so in love with March Family Letters right now I mean:

  • quality modern youtube adaptation of a classic (Little Women)
  • adorable canon lesbians
  • shows social anxiety as a disorder not just being socially awkward
  • racial diversity in cast
  • explicit ace representation
  • differentiates asexuality and aromanticism
  • people can’t complain that the LGBT+ focus ~distracts from the plotline~ because it fits with the framework of the original story when put into a modern context
  • it’s free because it’s on youtube (with additional/optional info on other social media if you’re into that)
  • just an all around great series honestly like this is way more than I could hope for in any series at this point

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast - Golden Globes TV Spot


Beauty and the Beast Teaser Trailer is here!!! Isn’t this cute?

Happy watching!

Judging by the reactions to Zoe Suggs’ and Alfie Deyes’ rising stars, vlogs are the end of civilisation as we know it and – like Zoella’s ghostwritten novel – they certainly don’t have any place in literature. But fresh-faced teens and twentysomethings aren’t only vlogging about their own lives; they’re dressing up as fictional characters and telling modern reworkings of familiar stories into their webcams as YouTube adaptations of classic novels go viral. The teams behind them may be professional actors or simply fans of the books, and the quality of both scripts and production can vary, but at their best they could give the BBC a run for its money.
—  The best vlog reinventions of classic books – The Guardian

With particular praise for “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries,” “Carmilla,” “Green Gables Fables,” “Jules and Monty” and “School of Thrones”


this is the first video in forever that i’ve actually felt like chris was honest and i didn’t leave the video confused and worried and unsure whether he’s joking or not and i’m really glad he posted it. this video is very interesting, i think it explains a lot about what’s been going on on youtube lately.

i think what most youtubers don’t understand is that most of us (the viewers) don’t like the commercialisation of youtube. we don’t like the professionalism. we don’t like the characters some youtubers try to play up. 

you used to be able to really connect to the youtubers’ personality, to really feel like you know them- not their over the top fake persona, which a lot of youtubers seem to adapt as of late. the raw honesty is all gone. to even think about becoming a youtuber you need to have a great camera and already know how to edit and be funny and witty and professional looking and hot. you can’t just start youtube because you have something to say anymore.

youtube as a company doesn’t seem to understand that that’s not what we’re after either, as it’s really not supporting the youtubers properly which makes them branch out into traditional media which by definition is way more commercialized and less honest and really quite the opposite of what youtube used to be all about.

(p.s. this is not directed towards anyone in specific, it’s more of my general thoughts and feelings about youtube)