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Tell us another story about 2007 youtube, Grandpa

Clicks on a game “review”

Unedited and unscripted narration over footage of the game barley booting up

May or may not be a guy with a camera pointed at the screen

Screwattack and AVGN were the only reviewers to watch

Maybe Gamestop or Gametrailers had a video review on the game on their own site

Constant rants about Jack Thomson, Fox News, 4kids, and SpiderMan 3 sucking


Seth Macfarlane + comic con  


Heights Cool Musical Too

I think a lot of you weren’t around for this? but you need it in your life and I need consoling for being present at this Ham4Ham show but not being able to see anything, so here are some highlights of my favorite thing that @linmanuel​’s ever done. and yes that includes all the things that changed my life. JUDGE ME.

YouTube 2 - AryanKrieg (background)

The new boyfriend, husband, Pekkas replacement. Some believe he was on the scene and tog dog long before Princess and Pekka broke up, either unknown to Pekka or with him choosing to ignore it.

A self proclaimed neo Nazi, accepted with respect, in both the little community he drew onto his channel and also within more popular and well known supremacist channels, this is unusual considering he never made any video content of his own.

Fearless dishing out threats, never held back sharing his views which resulted in his channel being suspended many times. Due to these suspensions Krieg was known by many names; FleshFromBone, AryanWarfare, ArischKrieg, NorseArisch to name but a few…

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