as always, i’m completely useless (x)


omg listen to how loud it sounds when she hits her head

This is for my followers who don’t know who Phil is.
Phil Lester (amazingphil on YouTube) is a literal angel.
He has taught me to accept myself and others and my self image has drastically improved after starting to watch him.
He’s funny and cute and he encourages you to be yourself and to be quite honest he saved my life.
I was in a really dark place, still am to be honest, and I was about to end it.
I started watching his videos and he has added a light to my life that I can’t explain.
He’s given me a reason to live (Dan too but this is about Phil)
I’ve even been clean because I’m going to meet him soon
He’s helped me so much.
I promise you that if you subscribe you will not regret it.
He’s so close to 3 mil and I want to help him get there.
Please go subscribe to this little ray of sunshine on YouTube

OMG I'm too talkative 😂

I went to record my video on both my fitness journey + motivation but by the time I finished recording my personal story on my fitness journey it was 15 minutes long and my battery died 😂😇 Soooooo I’m going to have to record one on motivation tomorrow 😅 I’m so sorry guys I feel like an idiot hahahahha. but I know a lot of you have been asking for a video on my own personal fitness journey as well so I can’t wait to put this video up for all you guys!!!❤️