The second Dear July video is up! An arty narrative style byte sized summary of my day today. One of the nicest, and surprisingly most beautiful days that I’ve seen in a while. Thanks to Grace for her cat, and thanks to my other friends for their hands and hair that I got weird blurry shots of for this. You’re the MVPs. 

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Before he left me he sat with me at the park. He wrapped his arms around me when it was cold. He intertwined our fingers and didn’t let me go. He constantly complimented me. He cupped my face and brushed our noses together. He made us a dinner for two. He laughed at my jokes. He cuddled with me and held me close to him. He called me beautiful. He kissed me on the lips. He kissed me on my forehead. He called me as often as possible. But of all the things he did, he told me he loved me. And that- that was the one that killed me the most.
—  paxadisee

Watch this and have an amazing summer at the beach, lovelies!