NEW VIDEO: Kate Furbish and Women in Science

In honor of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Claire gives a brief biography of botanist Catherine Furbish and discusses the under-representation of women in STEM.

Today is the International Day of Women in Girls in Science, an opportunity to celebrate the talented and amazing women in STEM. 

For more information on Women in Science Day, click here or check out the hashtag #WomenInSTEM on twitter.

Who is your favorite female scientist?

Breakfast for a yogi @_nikkisue_. Simple avocado toast- cheap, healthy, delicious. 😄 Layer recipe in order below.

One slice Ezekiel whole grained sprouted bread. 🍞

1/3 avocado (no emoji?!)

Slice of organic cheddar cheese 🧀

Top with a fried egg 🍳

Hawaiian black lava salt 🌋

Enjoy. 💪🏼💙💪🏼

Hopefully I’ll start posting videos on #youtube. I’m still learning how to use the medium. I look forward to sharing healthy recipes and fitness insight with you all soon. Also a massive thank you to @indyplush for this uber comfy/warm shark hoodie. It’s the first thing I put on when I jump outta bed. (After underwear😜) DM me if you want to get your hands on one and save a shark! Have a heroic day! #ezekielbread #avocado #goodmorning #iwokeuplikethis #indyplush #grateful


“E poi ho sentito un’emozione accedersi veloce farsi strada nel mio petto senza spegnere la voce”



Cooking at Home with Sanji and Zoro


Minuto 14:39

W: ¡Se esta yendo el germen!

V: Puff… pues a mi pff, el dedo se me esta poniendo duro…

W: Si bueno, da igual, luego le das un masaje… De-de de dedo

~( ・ิω・ิ) ¿Porque no mejor que se lo de willy? … El masaje… De dedo… 7u7


Just a little medley of covers Genesis played in 1984

The seem kind of… well… enjoying it… which makes me a bit suspicious, given that they even play “Karma Chameleon”… but okay…