I did the Dress Up Challenge with my prom date! 

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i want to see Doom: the Musical


“Breaking Ground” is now available.  View what “deaf” means in my world.  Closed captions are available!


Signs as YouTubers

Aries: Zoella (zoella)

Taurus: Jack & Finn Harries (jacksgap)

Gemini: Dan Howell (danisnotonfire)

Cancer: Shane Dawson (shanedawsontv)

Leo: Natalie Tran (communitychannel)

Virgo: Jenna Marbles (jennamarbles)

Libra: Grace Helbig (itsgrace) 

Scorpio: Colleen Ballinger (psychosoprano/mirandasings)

Sagittarius: Marcus Butler (marcusbutlertv)

Capricorn: Jim Chapman (jimchapman) 

Aquarius: Phil Lester (amazingphil)

Pisces: Toby Turner (tobuscus) 

**and this is based off their real birthdays