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All AH content will be uploaded there from July 6th

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my heart melts & physically hurts every time i see this vine. LOOK AT HOW PHIL LOOKS AT DAN.


Watch the latest (and hilarious) episode of “Over/Under” where Vince Staples discusses sobriety, the Amish, Tom Cruise, PETA, and more


Un'erezione, un'erezione triste.
Per un coito molesto,
Per un coito modesto,
Per un coito molesto.
Spermi, spermi indifferenti,
Per ingoi indigesti,
Per ingoi indigesti,
Per ingoi indigesti.


7/11 Pride 


Katharine McPhee talks about the kiss. 

Well many of you guys wanted this to happen so here it is, it’s happening!

#reveAlday will be happening on the August 11th 2015, when the mid- season finale of Pretty Little Liars 6x10 “Game Over, Charles” will air.

To participate you’ll have to take a selfie before, during or after the episode and post and hashtag it “reveAlday” which is when -A/Charles Dilaurentis’ true identity is revealed as told by Marlene King (She better not give us another mystery to solve).

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any questions come ask me and please no hate towards others throughout the day!