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1. favourite music artist? haha many to mention
2. would u rather be in the front, middle, or back of the human 3. centipede (google it if u dunno wut it is)
3.around how many times do you verbally swear a day? idk maybe 7+ lol jk 
4. sleep, internet or food? food!
5. exact follower count? hahaahaha ;) faq hahaha! 2.5k+++
6. describe ur soul mate err
7. do you believe in love at first sight? not really sorry 
8. whose blog do you wish to own for a day? maybe yours cat hehe
9. would you sacrifice yourself in order to save 12 other people depends lol
10.what was your first tumblr url? omg infiniterainbowsandclouds (if im not mistaken)
11. why are cats cool? bc they’re so cute okay 

my questions:

  1. how’s your day??? 
  2. fave wattpad fan/teen fiction?
  3. the reason/story behind your url?
  4. besides tumblr, what are you doing atm?
  5. would you rather tell a lie or tell a secret?
  6. trade places with?
  7. last 2 digits of your follower count atm?
  8. who is your current icon and why did you choose him/her as your icon?
  9. what was your first tumblr url? (yes i copied it bc i want to know hehe)
  10. what is the meaning of your name? (try to google it)
  11. if you see the url fabu-luxe, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind?

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today was the one of the most fun days i’ve ever had. it was also so, so amazingly powerful. a few guests were macklemore, jennifer hudson, molly burke, spencer west (i love him oh my god), and demi lovato and the jonas brothers were on a live skype with us. there were singers and dancers and surprise performances and lights and clapping and screaming and inspiration and kindness. i would volunteer there in a heartbeat.

if you ever are offered a ticket to We Day, please go. it is so, so worth it