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The blunette was running late so she had to accelerate the pace, she got distracted for what for her seemed just a second, but it was enough to get her to collapse into someone, bouncing off to the other side and ending up in the floor. - O-Ow… S-Sorry! I’m so sorry, it was my fault! -  She rushed to say then looking up to find a familiar figure. - Lee-kun?- 

“Lonely…?”  Lee frowned deeply, then took a step towards her.  ”Tenten…  You should never feel that way!  I will always be here for you, so please, if you ever feel like that, look for me!”  He hated the thought of her being sad..

Her fingers fiddled with the hem of her shirt in embarrassment. “I know..but i’d hate to think i'm interrupting your training routine. I know how hard you work”