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Khan wakes up during the night from a nightmare and decides to get up out of bed. He slowly climbs out, so as not to wake Len and walks over to the couch, picking up a PADD and beginning to read. Khan looks over to the bed at Len. "I hope I did not wake him up with all my moving around."

Bones is a light sleeper, unless he’s comatose from drink, so Khan shifting out of bed causes him to stir. He doesn’t move too far; he rolls onto his side, watching him from the bed. “Y’ did.” He slurs, voice thick with sleep. “Ge’ back ‘ere.”

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Eva was extremely irritated. She could not focus on the copious amounts of working sitting in front of her at the workstation. Engineering had sent up samples that needed testing and her PADD held a list of reports that needed completing. But, her mind was unable to keep itself focused on one particular thing for very long. She looked at the raised white scar between her right thumb and forefinger and then back to the table of the workstation where her work was spread. She had to say, the Enterprise was not extremely interesting. “Damn it,” She muttered to herself. She was contemplating slamming her head against the table. But, her attention was brought away from such thoughts upon hearing footsteps approaching her workstation in the science department. She turned in her chair to see who was entering as she did not typically have guests.

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Kirk had just been discharged from the hospital after the incident in the radiation chamber. The Enterprise was grounded for a week or two to allow repairs and for the crew to work whatever out. Bones had told him to go straight home, but Jim didn’t. When did he really ever do as he was told?

The first place he went was the beach to walk along it as the sun set. He ran a hand through his messy hair and sighed. It was suppose to be all over, but Kirk didn’t feel like it was. When he got discharged today after a week and a half in that damn hospital bed, his feeling just got worse.

As he stared at the sun disappearing into the horizon, the light reflected off the water, Jim recalled something Khan had said. /‘Is there anything you would not do for your family?’/ The answer was no. There was nothing Kirk wouldn’t do for his crew, his friends, his family. In that respect, he supposed, you could say the two of them were a like.

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"You really don't need to be so gentle"

Tony chuckled, and  shifted his hips upwards, a hand wrapping lazily around Khan’s neck. “Do you think you can handle me being…./rough/?” He enjoys having the other under him, all that strength and power held back.

“Maybe I like gentle.” He rose an eyebrow, letting his hips roll lazily into the other.


Okay… Usually, she loved shore leave but this time, she was really not looking forward to it. She was expected to stay on the ship and work… Marvelous. Whilst 98% of the crew drank and got to sleep in nice hotels, swim in actual sea water and have fun, she was going to be sat there decoding Klingon. She sat at her desk in her swivel hair and span gently as she played on her PADD, putting off working.

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Sam barely noticed the other come up next to him, he was a bit lost in thought at the moment which would explain in.  It took him a few moments to sense the others presence, peeking an eye open he looked up at the other.  "Can I help you?“ he asked cocking a brow at him.