youthful hope


Ji Won: It’s not common, but it’s not impossible.

Eun Jae: What if she is (lesbian)?

Jin Myung: What about it? We let it be.

Eun Jae: But..

Ji Won: But what? You’re educated. Are you going to discriminate minorities?

@milkteamiku‘s Seven Days fic forever changed my life. Literally one of the best writers ever so check out their stuff. 


I always keep my distance. So that I don’t get closer than I need to. I always keep my distance. So that others can’t get too close to me. To keep one’s distance is to isolate oneself. To keep one’s distance means that one will be that much lonely. That’s what..survival is. That is my way of surviving. I have lived my life like a racehorse in the barriers. That’s how I survived until now. And that’s how I’m going to survive.  

  • *probably what happened behind the scenes of hwarang*
  • yoon woo: oh, hey tae. what's up?
  • tae hyung: hyungs! halloween is coming up and i was wondering what you guys are going to dress up as this year!
  • hyung sik: tae, i know you're still young but when you're older you'll understand. halloween is kinda... stupid if you think about it and you shouldn't really do it anymore.
  • seo jun: dressing up, pretending you’re someone you’re not... that's why many of us don't do it anymore. i don't do it, ji han doesn't do it, min ho and yoon woo don't do it either...
  • tae hyung:
  • tae hyung: ... we're actors.
  • tae hyung: our job is to literally dress up and pretend to be someone we're not.
  • hyung sik:
  • tae hyung:
  • yoon woo:
  • tae hyung:
  • min ho: ... shit, he's right...
  • ji han: *mutters* i'll dress up for halloween if it makes you happy, tae.
"Hatefuck” Preview

I’m writing yet another Calum imagine and I thought that maybe you’d want to read a little preview so here you go…

“My mind was trying to analyze the whole fight; we were both very mad at each other and we knew that we had said harsh things towards one another, knowing damn well how hurtful they were. Was I hurt? A lot. Did I care? Not much.

Since the beginning I knew that he and I would never work. It was that stupid smile of his that told me so. But I didn’t listen to it.” 

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Imagine listening to Vernon talk about his aspirations as an artist and being in awe of him because his passion, despite his young age, is really strong.