youthful endurance

  • what she says: lmao i loved when jon snow choked baelish for being such a creep it was awesome
  • what she means: truthfully most women have at some point in their youth had to endure unwanted sexual advances from older, creepy men in their lives. this could range from men ogling you or making creepy comments about "how much you've grown" to downright groping, assault, or abuse. baelish's interactions with sansa are terrifyingly familiar to anyone who's had to experience sexual predators at a young age and so watching jon attack him was cathartic in a way
The World of Elmwood A Mystic Messenger AU

Elmwood Reading List

Not sure if this has been done, but well, here it is, a Fantasy AU for Mystic Messenger:

Saeyoung: Rogue: Human: Age 22

A street urchin he took to a life of theft to survive and take care of his sickly brother. He became adept in pick-pocketing and street hustling. A true con-man. In his teens he stumbled on information that he was able to sell for more money than his stolen trinkets could bring in. From then on he trafficked in info mostly. At the age of 15 his brother, Saeran, disappeared. He has been looking for him ever since.

Pick-pocket * thief * weapon of choice: daggers tipped with sleeping potion * blades hidden throughout his body * does not kill unless seriously threatened * jokester * keeps others at arms length * loner

Saeran: Assassin: Human: Age 22

Abandoned by their mother, Saeran depended on his brother Saeyoung to stay alive. He always felt useless and a burden to his brother. At the age of 15 he was approached by a beautiful sun elf who promised him power and the ability to help his brother. He became an unwilling acolyte of the Lich Queen whose true beauty had long ago been obliterated. He was trained as an assassin and given dark magic to fade into the shadows. He became shadow itself.

Assassin * infiltrator * weapon of choice: garrote and hand crossbow * Lich Queen controls him through mind manipulation

Yoosung: Cleric: Half-elf: Age 21

Mother is a sun elf, father is human. Raised by his mother who tried to shelter him from the brutality of both the elven and human societies hatred of half breeds. His innate optimism and positiveness helped him endure his youth. Wanting to help others and be a positive influence and role model for other half breeds, he became a cleric and travels the world helping any who are in need. He survives on the generosity of those he helps, never charging for his services.

Healer * alchemist * weapon of choice: holy hammer * infused with the power of Gala, his goddess

Jumin: Mage: High Elf: Age 127

A high elf prince and the heir to the throne. He has been highly educated in a multitude of subjects and speaks many of the other races languages. From youth he had an aptitude for magic and was sent to the prestigious Academy of Magic in the Silver Marches, this is where he first met Zen (a silver elf) and their mutual hatred began. He has risen far in the magical arts and is rumored to have the potential to be the most powerful mage in generations. He is well traveled and extremely disciplined.

Mage * fire * ice * electric * mostly offensive with a few defensive barriers and shields * currently studying matter manipulation * weapon of choice: himself, magical staff * few friends * brother V

Zen: Paladin: Silver Elf: Age 124

An aberration in elven society, for having been born with red eyes and skin several shades whiter than the average silver elf, Zen just missed being a complete outcast because of his incredible beauty. Even so, his family feared him and treated him with disdain, so much so that at an early age, he left the safety of his forest home and ventured into the dirty streets of human society. He used his exotic looks and the curiosity of humans to line his pockets. He met a man named Ahmet, a paladin of the highest order, who showed him a different path, one he willingly embraced. A protector of all and defender of innocents.

Paladin * warrior * serves under the god Bahn * weapon of choice: hammer and shield * hates Jumin

Jaehee: Monk: Human: Age 26

Born to a maid and farmer in the village of Tundre, at the age of 6 she was orphaned. No one in the village was willing to take on another mouth. A traveling monk accepted her and took her to the mountain monastery of his order. The Order of the Rose. Her discipline was highly praised and she learned technique quickly. The passion in her heart shone through her every movement. Once achieving the level of master, in record time, she was sent out into the world to learn first hand about other cultures and races.

Monk * pacifist * will NOT kill * respects all life * weapon of choice: she IS a weapon * Has no ONE god she worships

Rika: Sun Elf corrupted by power who became the LIch Queen: Age unknown

Related to Yoosung through ancient blood lines. Rika had been an advocate of humanity and kindness. Her power grew at an exponential rate and affected her thought process. Became obsessed with ridding the world of all pain, whether the people liked it or not. Began experimenting with dark magic and slid more and more towards inhuman practices, losing all sense of morality. The darkness grew inside of her to the point that it broke through her skin. Finally, she accepted her new identity and began gathering acolytes to bring about her new world order.

Dark Mage * evil * seeks out the weak promising power then using them mercilessly * weapon of choice: mental attacks and simple manipulation

V: Warrior Mage: High Elf: Age 198

Older brother of Jumin. Was the prince and heir to the throne but he fell in love with the sun elf Rika and followed her into the dark abyss. Blinded by love he was in too deep to extricate himself from her machinations. He reluctantly protects his Queen, even to the detriment of himself and others. To keep his loyalty the Lich Queen often comes to him in her beautiful form and manipulates his emotions so that his own confusion keeps him unable to truly understand his own moral standing.

Fighter * access to kinetic magic * weapon of choice: long sword, short sword, dual wield * magical armor * hates himself * is loyal to his love

And there it is, let me know what you think! PLEASE! I’M BEGGING YOU!!

Endurance Week: Day 4; ‘Marriage or Family’

then she grows up and turns out to be Himiko and destroys the world. ◔◡◔✿

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Cassandra and Gild :-) I couldn't resist ok

send me a pair name and I’ll tell you what I think it would be like if they had a child.

  • Name: Juliet ( “youthful ) & Dante ( “Enduring” ) Lockhart-Burke
  • Gender: Female / Male. They’re twins.
  • General Appearance: long, brunette curls, doe-eyes, small, slender fingers, loves to wear a lot of jewelry. & tall, always clean-shaved, slight locks, brown hair, blue eyes like his father.
  • Personality: sensitive, understanding, loyal, passionate, dreamer, injustice triggers harsh reactions, including actually using hexes if provoked. Her mother told her all about curses, which is why she never uses them, because Cassandra forbade her to use them, but she actually wants to use them. She’s a Hufflepuff & charming, manipulative, sociable, open-minded, narcissistic, egocentric and ambitious. Dante is, by far, Hogwart’s most self-absorbed student. He’s a Slytherin.
  • Special Talents: she’s fluent in French and Latin & he used to be a member of the Slug club, has many titles in Quidditch and is an all-round talent.
  • Who they like better: Juliet’s more likely to ask Gilderoy for help, whereas Dante’s a mommy’s boy.
  • Who they take after more: Both are a good mix of both Cassandra and Gilderoy. 
  • Personal Head canon: While they were younger, Gilderoy took care of the twins while writing his next big bestselling novel. They misbehaved a lot, thanks to their mother always pulling pranks on Gilderoy and telling them to be a little bit naughty. 
  • Face Claim: Danielle Campbell & Daniel Sharman.

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Nic reacting to seeing his father again (assuming he wasnt killed when he massacred the mansion)

At first Nic didn’t want to believe what his eyes were telling him. The man was older, and far more scarred than his memory told him he should be. None of that mattered though as soon as he got a good look at the man;s rouged features, there was a fierceness there that Nic had only ever associated with a single person before.

His father, Gaston Brown, was standing before him in full mercenary regalia just as stern and cruel as Nic remembered. It made him want to hunker down and lower his eyes, no matter his thirty odd years of life.

Lips moved with a quick sharp pace, the first set Nicolas had ever learned to read, but the message was nowhere near nostalgic. “Looks like you aren’t dead yet, damn I could have gotten more for you if I knew you would survive.” Nicolas did not need hearing to know he was being mocked, the words alone were harsh enough he wasn’t sure he would have been able to handle hearing their real tone.

Nic spoke as carefully as he could, remembering the brutal lessons he had endured in youth regarding his speech, “WHy are YOu hEre?”

A scoff followed by, “Had a job, thought I’d stick around a bit to see what all the fuss was about, some Tag running freelance in this godforsaken town is enough cause for a little reconnaissance.”

Nic didn’t know what to say, he just gripped the handle of his sheathed katana tightly in reassurance.

Seems his father had the same idea because he gave a cruel smirk before turning his back on his son; ignoring the danger, but not before conveying one final message, “Do us all a favor and die soon Monster.”

With that he left, and Nic’s mind dared to venture into the territory of just how easy it would be to remove the smirking head from the muscled neck.

He willed himself to do it, even succeeded in drawing his precious sword, but as he watched the retreating back he just couldn’t make himself end it.

He truly was his father’s own little Frankenstein’s Monster, but at last he was at an age where he could see the tale in a new light. In that story the Father was the true monster, while the creature was just following his lead.

So if he was to be a monster, so be it, that just meant his father was the worst one. With that thought he put his sword away and continued back to the apartment he shared with Worick, a tiny smile on his face.

Media is in its element now–going after the Black community in Baltimore with articles denouncing the riots & photos of young Blacks demolishing police cars & pummeling riot cops with rocks. Black lawlessness on a rampage! Meanwhile 25-year-old Freddie Gray was laid to rest. And media quotes politicians & even his grieving family denouncing the riots.

Are we expected to join the chorus of denunciation & separate out the 10,000 peaceful protesters from the handful of rioters? If there are peaceful protesters it only means the cops haven’t yet taken their military arsenal after them, like in Ferguson. It just means they haven’t yet thrown out the Bill of Rights in Baltimore like they did in Ferguson. But they’re getting around to it beginning with that curfew. Then all 10,000 will be declared rioters & they’ll move in the National Guard.

There’ll be no denunciations here of Black youth who have endured decades of police harassment, seen Black teens around this country murdered by cops with impunity, saw the assassins of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, & countless others walk away scot-free from justice. There’ll be no attempts to talk around the riots or portray the youth involved as the criminal element.

It’s very dangerous to be young & Black these days. If you wear your pants too low, if you lip off to the science teacher, if you smoke a joint, if you walk too fast or too slow, or loiter on a corner, you’re at risk of being harassed or assaulted. Or murdered for no good reason.

The problem is police violence, as part of the US war on Black youth, which has gone on for several decades without the media clamoring for justice but portraying the Black community as a war zone of lawless drug peddlers. The problem for youth is the compromised old guard of Black leadership who operate within the Democratic Party to silence Black protest against tyranny.

We leave the denunciations to others. We stand with the protesters in Baltimore. All of them. Without distinction. A new civil rights & Black power movement is emerging. A new leadership is emerging who will not truck with compromise. And that’s a glorious development we have no intention of parsing or denouncing.

Our fullest solidarity with the protesters in Baltimore. May Freddie Gray RIP. And may the unspeakable crime against him marshal in a new era of resistance to racism & tyranny.

This is a young man hit by pepper spray from riot cops. Is he a peaceful protester or a rioter?
By Mary Scully
(Photo by Shannon Stapleton/Reuters)

a close reading of sonnet 116

for outoftheredwoods, who requested paris/rory

Paris had kissed her again, on that beach–her mouth warm and her hand at Rory’s waist. It was a languid kiss, alcohol-slow and nice, unexpected, unexpecting.

You’re my best friend, you know, Paris had said when she pulled away. She had been very serious and Rory couldn’t help laughing, because it seemed funny–Paris there, with the whole ocean reflected in her eyes and saying things like you’re my best friend. 

Paris had looked hurt, until Rory fell back against the sand, still giggling, and said, I know, Paris. I know. You’re my friend too.

They didn’t talk about it, and Rory never told anyone. She was still shaking sand from her hair, a week later.


(Remember when we hated each other? they say sometimes, like those were other people, in another country. Characters from the yellowed diaries of distant relatives–Paris, brittle and belligerent, all armor and teeth; Rory, uncertain and reserved, so careful not to transgress. Strangers, wearing their faces.

Other times, Rory has to remind herself that she had a whole life before Chilton, a full cast of characters and rich plot, and absolutely no Paris-shaped hole in her story. She hadn’t been some princess asleep in a glass coffin, waiting for a short blonde knight to ride up and shout at her until she woke up, and took the reins of her own life.

Because Rory just forgets, sometimes, a little.)

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…I may chance have some
odd quirks and remnants of wit broken on me,
because I have railed so long against marriage: but
doth not the appetite alter? a man loves the meat
in his youth that he cannot endure in his age.
Shall quips and sentences and these paper bullets of
the brain awe a man from the career of his humour?
No, the world must be peopled. When I said I would
die a bachelor, I did not think I should live till I
were married.
—  Benedick (Much Ado About Nothing, Act II scene iii)

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Hi! I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I read on the DA Wiki that "many young Dalish receive their vallaslin when they are around 18 years of age, or so," and I was wondering if you know whether or not they can receive their vallaslin before 18? Thank you in advance!

No problem!

It is possible, but it’d be an extremely rare, once in an (Elvhen) lifetime, occurrence. The youngest would maybe be 16 years of age and again, it would be an extreme outlier.

Lore seems to point to elves receiving their vallaslin when they reach the set accomplishments of their field. Such as a hunter getting their first kill, much like Cammen (DAO). Who had not received his vallaslin, even though he was old enough to start courting Gheyna.

Actually, it is more common for elves to get their vallaslin after 18 years of age, because of the strenuous ritual to receive them. Dalish youths have to endure the pain of receiving their tattoos in complete silence, if a cry or whimper is heard the ritual is immediately stopped. The sound is seen as a weakness and it is believed that if they cannot endure this, they are not ready to endure the trials of adulthood. Their ritual is then held off until the Keeper believes they are ready again, their vallaslin unfinished.

It would be more likely for an elf to receive some of their vallaslin at a young age, but unfortunately not have it finished till an older age.