youthful anime

  • yeo wool: so, why are we here on the roof?
  • han sung: there's actually something i've been meaning to say.
  • han sung: yeo wool... i like you... no, i love you.
  • yeo wool: ... i feel the same.
  • han sung: really?
  • yeo wool: yeah...
  • yeo wool: i love me too.
  • han sung: *sheds a tear* you should, you beautiful man.
old married eruri

when they’re in their fifties, levi complains about silver strands showing up in his hair. meanwhile erwin has a bad back, all his joints ache, his knees are about to give out, hair turned completely white, even worse: his hairline is receding (he’s devastated by this and prays levi doesn’t notice.) erwin just shakes his head bitterly and starts to question why he decided to marry a beautiful superhuman who, besides faint crow’s feet, doesn’t look like he aged a day over thirty.