If you candies and chocolates, you should think about buying one from me since I’m doing a fundraiser with See’s Candies.

“What’s the fundraiser all about?”

I’m raising money for my membership in this awesome program called Youth and Government. What’s Youth and Government you might asked. Well it’s a model legislature program for teens to be a part of and learn how our government works with hands on experience. (This program is very helpful especially to those who have AP Gov. this year or next year.) I joined this program last year and it was quite an experience. I learn a lot about how the government works, ppl, and this program helped me discovered myself a lot last year.

Unfortunately, the program cost a lot of money to be in it. Especially most of my siblings are going to be a part of this program, this comes a very hefty price (I have three other siblings in the program and the member’s fee cost about $1400) already expensive tuition we have to pay to go to a private school.

So if you are interest, DM me or contact me in anyway possible. Not only you’re helping me out levitate the members fee cost off my parents back but also you’re also getting See’s Candies. It’s a win-win situation. #youthandgovernment #ymca #fundraiser #seescandies

Omw home from Austin…I had a wonderful time. It sucks that this will be my last year with these group of wonderful intelligent individuals. They were t friends which became family. After 4 long hard exciting and enjoyable years I can say I really love the people I’ve meet in this program!! Reality hit me last night, and yes…. I was crying hard, but ik this program has taught me the necessities needed to progress in life… I’m going to miss #YouthAndGovernment #LCHSYG and I will visit every chance I get!!

Looking back at my old doodles and a lot of it just bring backs memories. They’re almost like photographs to me just because I remember what state I was in when I drew these pics. Whether I was happy or the excited new kid just because I can finally FINALLY mingle with public school kids, these drawings represent how I was months ago. The early ones just represent how I don’t really know you guys that well. By the time BOB II came around, I knew a pretty good handful of you. I’ve come a long way when I started BYG and looking back, joining this little program called Y and G had expanded my world in ways I never thought I would imagine. Thank you guys.

(I could only fit so many so I didn’t include everybody. Sorry for those I didn’t put here.)

#ymca #youthandgovernment #yng #people