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Beautiful resistance rises in DC – thousands out on miserable day to stand w/ those fighting for clean water & existence! Powerful – native youth from Standing Rock forming the front [line] of massive march! Sleet is coming down harder & temp is dropping, but crowd keeps growing! Too important to stay home. Filling the streets & overflowing! DC looks wayyyy better today than it does on a normal day. [An] iconic moment as #NativeNationsRise march heads to Trump Hotel & erects tipi on front plaza. “We come from Chaco Canyon, where we also fight extraction. If we stand together, we can win.” Amazing native youth! Rally filling park in front of White House! We’ll be here to #resist for as long as we need to be.

The day I fucked a Samoan dude at Church.

Now I know what you thinking. “ Bruh thats so not right “ Well I never intended for it to happen actually. 

It was at a youth rally in 2011 in San Fransisco and I really enjoyed myself. Never been to a church function with so many Samoan men LOL But anyways, I was sitting in the back pew and there was a guy sitting 4 pews front towards the left. I had my eye on him the whole time. Guy was probably about 6 feet, Nice husky body and was wearing a pink dress shirt with black vest and tight church slacks. I mean you could really see his ass. So me trying to be a good christian boy in church… Yeah right LOL I was just looking at his ass for a good 5 minutes. Then he turned around and saw me looking at him. I just gave him a good “ church “ nod lol or whatever you call it. Then he caught me staring at him the 2nd time, This time he gave me a look that I could not make out. Like i wasnt sure if he was bothered by it or turned on. I dont know.

 So I stopped looking. So I stared at the Praise and Worship leader for a few secs then i noticed him leaving his seat and headed towards the back. As he was walking up the isle, he looked at me, winked and smiled. I assumed he was going to the bathroom so what did my horny ass did? I followed him without him knowing i was and at this point I am still not sure what he was telling me. So I walked out, passed two ushers who may i say was fine as hell lol continued to walk and act like i was getting water from church kitchen. But noticed him headed out to the parking lot. so I followed him. Then he turned around again and saw me and continued to walk. He was showing his ass more and more everytime he walked lol. I was like man If he is doing what I think he is doing. 

So I followed him to his car and I acted like my car was next to his. “ Sole are you following me? “ he said while laughing. I said, “ No just getting something out my car “ He said, “ Uce thats my aunts car dont be lying “ FUCK he caught me. Awkward silence and then opened the back door of the van , got in and left the door open. He have me a look and told me to come in. So guess what I did. I went in the car. And let me tell you, he took my pants off so fast I was shocked at first but was really turned on at this moment. He took of my pants and begin sucking my cock. It felt so good and so wrong because I was hearing the church songs through the window. His lips wrapping my cock and feeling the warmth of his mouth got me hot. Stroking my dick and seeing his head going up and down, I could not contain myself. This was so hot. 

Guy sucked me off for a good 4 minutes and then he quickly took off his pants and started to ride my cock. it felt so damn good I nearly broke the fucking seat belt holder. Then I told him, “ Uce I am about to cum “ He quickly jumped off and open up his mouth and I came all over his tongue and face. Dude was a freak and he swallowed it too. He kissed me on the cheek and said, “ Oa mai kaua? “ I said, “ Seki “ LOL Best Sunday ever

If we want a strong Germany, you must one day be strong, too. If we want a powerful Germany, you, too, must one day be powerful. If we want an honourable Germany, you must one day uphold this honour. If we want order in Germany, you must maintain this order. If we want to once again create a loyal Germany, you yourselves must learn to be loyal. You are the Germany of the future, and thus we want you to be what this Germany of the future must and will be. Therefore you must also avoid anything which impressed the stamp of dishonor upon the Germany of the past. You must cultivate the spirit of the great community. The German Volksgemeinschaft is anchored in you. For many centuries, people longed for what has become reality today. The nation expects you to be worthy of this great age. Above all, that is what this old, good Germany expects, a Germany which once made incalculable sacrifices for the Reich and the nation. Above all, this is what the great representative of this Germany of old, who has today become the benefactor and patron of our Volk, expects. Therefore let us greet the man who, for us, personifies three generations and in whom we see a symbol of the immortal life-force of the German Volk: to the German Volk, the German Reich, and our Reich President, Field Marshal von Hindenburg: Heil! Heil! Heil!

Speech delivered at a youth rally in Lustgarten, Berlin on May 1st, 1934 by Adolf Hitler, Führer and Chancellor.

me and my friends went to this church youth rally thing and I won a basketball because I made a shot from like a good 10-15 feet away and I was the only one out of 15 girls to make the shot

also willow and I stole pizza by sneaking in through the exit so we didn’t have to wait in line and then her grandma bought everyone oreo mcflurries and fries

also #beatbob #ta KEET ohs

willow i’m doing it are you proud of me


Recap Day Four (St. Kitts and Nevis) - Caribbean Tour 2016

November 23: Prince Harry received an official welcome to St. Kitts and Nevis while inspecting the Guard. Between engagements, Harry made an impromptu visit to Half Way Tree Primary School to greet children who had missed their chance to see him due to the heavy rains. At his next stop, Harry attended a youth rally at Brimstone Hill Fortress where he watched traditional dances, heard Caribbean songs, and listened to local poetry recitals, all led by the inspiring young people of the country.  He also unveiled the St Kitts and Nevis dedication to The Queens Commonwealth Canopy Project during which he made a speech emphasizing the importance of the island’s youth. Next, Harry traveled to Charlestown Pier where he was greeted by crowds of local residents who had the opportunity to meet him on a short walkabout. At the local turtle conservation initiative on Lovers Beach which  is dedicated to developing a Sea Turtle Conservation Programme, Harry was able to inspect turtle nests and release baby sea turtles into the water. That evening, Harry held an investiture and later attended a reception hosted by the Governor General at Government House where he was able to meet young leaders and people from St Kitts and Nevis. 

Val Schnurr must also grieve the murder of a friend she’s had since preschool. Fight through lapses in her ability to concentrate. Awaken each morning to a body riddled with 40 scars. And pray for moral guidance as the terror she experienced in the Columbine High School library continues to haunt her in different ways. Please do not refer to her, she asked, as the other girl who might have said “yes.” She said she knows what she said that day, bleeding as she crouched on her hands and knees. The rest of the world knows Cassie Bernall as the girl killed after affirming her faith. It’s now unclear if she did. Val, who was shot before she answered yes to believing in God, doesn’t know. And that is why she hasn’t said much more.

“I don’t have anything to clear up,” Val said in her living room over Columbine’s homecoming weekend. “I don’t want to be famous or deemed anything. I said I believed in God out of respect for myself and respect for God. That’s it.”

After considering her response silently for a few moments, “frustrated” is how 18-year-old Val describes her reaction to the legend of Cassie’s last moments. In the days following the shooting, Cassie’s story was repeated around the world, the label “martyr” soon a part of it.

During those same days, Val lay in a hospital bed, ravaged by sawed-off shotgun pellets that had entered and exited her body 34 times. Mark and Shari Schnurr held vigil by their daughter’s bedside, and she told them what had happened. How she and Lauren Townsend and three other friends were studying before AP English. How she saw the boots and heard the voices of two boys who pointed weapons under the library tables and fired. How she’d been praying silently when a blast hit her, propelling her out from under the table. How she was saying “Oh, my God, oh, my God, don’t let me die” when one of the shooters asked her if she believed in God.

Val said yes. He asked her why. She said, “Because I believe and my parents brought me up that way.” She said she crawled away as he reloaded.

Investigators say Val’s account has remained consistent and was corroborated by others. Investigators told Mark Schnurr that a student who helped authorities retrace the events in the library got physically sick when he realized it was Val’s table, not Cassie’s, that he was pointing out to authorities. “In the end it doesn’t really matter who said what,” Mark Schnurr said. “What matters to me is my daughter.”

Complex emotions

A father’s simple declaration belies the complex emotions and decisions that have faced the Schnurrs for months.

The Bernalls, though told by investigators of the conflicting accounts, wrote a book titled “She Said Yes: The Unlikely Martyrdom of Cassie Bernall.” Shari Schnurr said she asked the book’s editor not to rush the publication and to wait for more details.

But Misty Bernall was eager to share Cassie’s other story, her transformation from a troubled teenager who threatened suicide to a Christ-loving girl eager to share her faith. Editor Chris Zimmerman said he had resolved any inconsistencies to their satisfaction. And so less than five months after the shooting, the book - with an introductory acknowledgement that the “exact details of Cassie’s death may never be known” - was released, marketed and titled on the premise that Cassie was shot after affirming her faith.

“Plough gets an A in marketing, an F in research,” said Mark Schnurr. “Cassie’s story (of transformation) would have been wonderful on its own.”

The book is a best-seller. A copy sent to the Schnurrs remains in its wrapper. They don’t plan to read it because they know well Val’s own account of the massacre.

Like several students affected by the nation’s worst school shooting, Val has been asked to speak about her ordeal and has felt compelled to do so. But because her experiences have been less publicized than Cassie’s, Val said she’s been accused of being a copycat and her “real” relationship with God has been challenged, once at a evangelical youth rally honoring Cassie and shooting victim Rachel Scott. That’s where her frustration was born.

“It’s hard to know what I experienced, to know what I know is real and then have it questioned - that’s hurtful,’’ Val said. "But you just give it up to God. You move on.

"The reason I’m saying anything about it now is that it’s hard to keep quiet when everyone is talking. So one last time, this is what happened to me. … I just don’t want anything I say to hurt the Bernalls.”

“Sincerely apologize’

On Saturday the Bernalls released a statement saying that "if any of our actions have hurt or offended anyone, we sincerely apologize.”

Mark and Shari Schnurr, knowing more details of the investigation than Val and having heard the 911 tape of the library carnage, have their own hurdles. They are proud of a brave, strong, God-loving child. They don’t want her to feel victimized yet again. “We thank God every day we still have her,” said Shari Schnurr, who still wears a Columbine ribbon. “Val should be able to tell her story without people doubting her. The issue shouldn’t be about who said what, it should be about kids and their faith.”

The Schnurrs discussed their concerns for Val and the Bernalls with close friends and clergy.

“Staying quiet isn’t taking the high road, it’s the right road,” said Mark Schnurr. “It keeps our focus on our family.”

The book is not foremost on Val’s mind. But the shooting, and childhood friend Lauren Townsend, who she tried to wake by rubbing her cheek, rarely leave her thoughts. She was too weak from her own wounds to carry Lauren out of the library.

“I feel survivor’s guilt every day,” she said. “It could have been me. She was a good person. … There’s got to be something to why I’m still here. … So I’m looking for it.”

Her eyes appear moist, but she does not cry. Val is too overwhelmed to say much more about her friend’s death. She e-mails and talks to the Townsend family regularly.


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The Himmler Report

The awards of Reichsfuhrer-SS   Heinrich Himmler

These are the most commonly awards worn by him:

1. Illustration of his uniform showing awards and medal bar

2. Blood Order award   

[Participants in the 1923 putsch and been members of the party or one of its formations before January 1932 Unlike other medals, the ribbon was worn on the right breast of the uniform tunic in the form of a rosette]

3. Golden Party Badge

[awarded to the first 100,000 members who had joined and had uninterrupted service in the Party were given the right to wear it]

4. Luftwaffe pilot/observer badge (in gold with diamonds)

[ personnel who had already been awarded the Pilot’s Badge or Observer Badge]

5 SA sports badge (bronze)  

[awarded for physical fitness criteria]

6. NSDAP Gau badge 

[presented for outstanding service to the Nazi Party] 

7.Golden Hitler Youth membership badge 

[awarded those in the HJ and BDM who had been members prior to the first National Youth Day Rally at Potsdam in October of 1932, and had five years of uninterrupted service]

8. SS honor sword

[awarded in recognition of special merit ]

9. SS honor ring

[The ring was initially presented to senior officers of the Old Guard (of which there were fewer than 5,000) who had displayed extraordinary valor and leadership skill in battle]

Himmler’s authorized decorations were as follows:

Blood Order

Golden Nazi Party Badge

Golden Hitler Youth Badge

Nazi Party General Gau Badge

Nuremberg Party Day Badge

NSDAP Long Service Award (10 and 15 years service)

Honour Chevron for the Old Guard

SS Long Service Award (12 years service)

SS Honor Ring

SS Honor Sword

SS Zivilabzeichen 

SS Julleuchter

Olympic Games Decoration (First Class)

Social Welfare Decoration

Combined Pilots-Observation Badge (in gold with diamonds)

Anschluss Medal (Commemorative Medal of 13 March 1938)

Sudetenland Medal (w/Prague Castle Bar) (Commemorative Medal of 1 October 1938)

Memel Medal (Commemorative Medal for the Return of the Memel Region)

West Wall Medal (1944)

German Sports Badge (in silver)

SA Sports Badge (in bronze)

Himmler was granted foreign awards from Germany’s allies, Romania, Italy, and Croatia, which bestowed Himmler with high ranking orders. Himmler held claim to several German state decorations, most significantly from Bavaria, where he had previously served as Police President. Himmler rarely wore these additional medals, except at the most formal of state functions, when a full dress uniform was required.


Caracas, Venezuela: Communist Youth of Venezuela (JCV) at the march against fascism and the U.S.-backed coup attempt, in solidarity with President Nicolas Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution, February 16, 2014.

Photos by Yerohan Ortiz

A Shakespearean Drama by Lev Novak

(The sequel to Watch the Throne can be found here .)

Act I, Scene I

Kanye is sitting upon the throne of rap. His trusty lieutenant, Pusha T, stands beside him. On the other side is Kim Kardashian.

My liege,
As Jay-Z hath ascended
Past this mortal realm
The throne has become watched by those that would seek it for themselves
The guilds of rap grow restless, my Lord.
MMG of the north waits patient,
and YMCMB rake their coals in darkness
Even the fiefdoms seek their claim;
A$APs require attention, Asap,
Taylor Gang and TDE watch us from afar, 
And, though I hate to report it,
There is a whispering of evil within the very halls of G.O.O.D.

(J.Cole enters, triumphant)

I have long said the same, 
Oh Pusha.


Jermaine? Ah!
So good to see you!

(The two embrace as Pusha watches)

Have you found success?

Indeed, Yeezy. 
As befitting my princely status, 
I have completed my first quest: 
I have solidified our treaty with Kendrick of the West.

The West, slumbering
May threaten West
Nevermore, without Kendrick’s flow.
But aligned,
The two might prosper.
You have done well Jermaine.

Thank you, Yeezy. 
But I have taken a name unto myself: J.Cole

Christened by Yeezus, I approve your nameship.
May pressure make you a diamond.
Like the Roc-a-fella’s before us.

(They look skyward)

Praised be J-Hova.

Praised be he.

And yet…

Yet what, Cole? 

It was odd;
As I left the palace gates,
I found myself without reinforcement.
Guest verses undelivered,
My album was assailed by critics.
I survived, and persevered but this;

(shows a scar on his face)
Is damage from Pitchfork.

The young Don Glover
Found his head upon one.
‘Tis but a scratch.

You shroud your meaning, Pusha,
And speak of my scratch
As though it were not upon my flesh,
But rather a mark upon your records,
And thus fully inconsequential. 

Though you say “Cole World”
You would be wise to be wary of heat;
heated words, of course.
Forgive the entendre.

You are modest in your estimation.
I fear no weapon.
But am wary of he who wields them.

(J.Cole leaves, an eye to Pusha.)

This is heavy news to ponder. 
Pusha, I require my jester.


(Pusha T summons 2 Chainz enters in his jester gear.)

Two Chainz,
my head is weary, as though two chains, 
each heavy, 
hung around my neck.
Tell me, oh Jester, 
Is ruling yet a fool’s errand?

If it were, your majesty, 
you’d have sent me in your stead.

Ha! For a fool, 2 Chainz, your wit speaks loud. 
Send in my first guest!

(Ludacris enters, in all his finery.)

Hear, oh wise Ludacris, 
That you are welcome in my presence. 
Oh, wise Luda, hear how Jay-Z hath ascended
And left me to follow in his wake.
It is I, now, who must watch the throne 
From King Richard the Ross and of Weezy F. Baby, 
The occult swamp-man who threatens to devour us all.

Ay, and you have asked for my partnership. 
A wise decision, Kanye.
For indeed, my clan of DTP is mighty
In the southern realms of this land, 
And together, 
We can rule this land as brothers. 
Though shrouded in irony, we may keep the peace.

Nay, Ludacris; 
I cannot split my rule of this kingdom. 
I ask not for your partnership, but for your service.

A knee? 
Wise Luda, you have called me, 
Yet you play me for the fool.
I serve standing, never hunched like your jester. 
He used to be a rapper, a man amongst us, 
Though he ran from my service only to find your favor?
An outrage! 
He hath 2 Chainz, oh Yeezy,
But no honor.

Aye, take me for a fool? 
Perhaps, and that path be quite oft taken to my benefit. 
They laugh, oh Luda, but I do so to the bank.
Why, for me to be forgotten or broke,
Why, that would be Ludacris.


(Ludacris draws his sword)

There shall be no violence in this halls. 

Hear, Yeezy, how I work alone. 
But for respect to you, I swear an oath of separation. 
I will not be disturbing the peace.
Keep your clan-mates with you, but be wary, O Yeezy, 
Some watch the throne
When they should watch their court.

(Ludacris exits.)

Oh, my trusted advisor! 
How might I handle a foe, oh Pusha?

My liege?

A foe. 
In glorious battle, with the colors of banners 
And the roar of my warriors, the clashing of weapons and diss-tracks-
What a spectacle! 
But tell me, Pusha, who radiates a glory near mine?

None, my lord.

Indeed, Pusha, and this worries me greatly.
Jigga, the king before me, 
rests amongst the greats 
Having defeated countless foes. 
But who may I face?
Who can match my luster?

One may exist.

You are kind, Pusha 
But I doubt that.
Still, as I pursue greatness.
Can I trust you,
To do what is necessary?

By Biggie’s Ghost,
I pledge my loyalty, now and forever, 
To the ‘Ye. 

I sense in you the truth.
I retire gladly, Pusha. 
I leave to examine leather skirts.

(Kanye exits)

For truth, I am loyal to the ‘Ye.
The yeyo, cocaine, sweet white. 
Hard white, they call you, 
though you be soft in my embrace. 
Kilo’s, soft as pillows, 
how I long for you in my bed. 
Caine, oh Caine!
It is for you, my love, 
that I will ascend the throne myself. 
Forgive me, Pac! Forgive me, Biggie!
I betray for love, of the game and of the game.
As Cain killed Abel, I too am able for ‘Caine.
See how I have come to loath the man Yeezy
For now the throne is watched
Observed by paparazzi
Bloggers and more
Nerds, hovering over us
Casting a shadow over rhymes
This doth provoke in me a malice
And such as Malice is my brother
I find it inseparable from my motivation.
That I may avenge Clipse with clips
And take the throne I have earned.

(Offstage he hears the click of heels)

Yea, for the strumpet approaches
I must keep my plans disguised.
Yuch, I say, Yuch,
For the Kardashian comes quick.

Oh Pusha, 
hath thou seen my husband?

Kris Humphries is out,

Rouge! My husband, my love, 
the famed and talented-

Ray J?

Yeezy. Oh Pusha, push me not. 
My plans move beyond you,
With rapid steps measured in weeks and years. 
My wealth exceeds yours, as does my wit. 
You pushed cocaine? 
I too sold poison-
Loved, loathed and consumed 
By every fiend across this country. 
Do not doubt me, Pusha.
Keeping up with the Kardashians is a fools errand.

Such that your viewers are
I am inclined to agree. 

You are an ass, Pusha
And one that rivals even my own.

(Kim moves beyond Pusha to the kingly chamber, her eyes at the mirror behind the throne)

Oh, my sweet fair Kanye!
I envy you,
For the vision you have.
How good it is to be seen.
And how good it is to see me.

Oh, my sweet fair Yeezy indeed! 
To see you is to see me, reflected, ad infenium. 
Your beauty is my own, in blogs and magazines, 
radiating in this kingdom and beyond. 
Ah, sweet Kim, she that may join me in blessed union, 
My true equal.  
love thee, Kim, for in you I see myself.

(The two embrace, each holding a mirror over the other’s shoulders)

How goes the realm?

Difficult, my wife.
Tensions abound in all corners.
The youth, Drake Drizzy,
Rallies troops
And our alliances have frayed.

What need have you for alliance?
You are a ruler, my love.
Why allow them to share your light?
Come, Yeezy,
And take what is yours.
From every corner of the world, let them see you-
Let them hate us,
Or love us,
So long as we are noticed.

Your words to tempt,
But Jay-Z was a noble king,
Who survived the wrath of the old Gods
To usher in my realm.
Surely, some fealty-

You are a God, Kanye.
As surely as I am a Goddess.

My…my ego sees true.
I understand your logic.
Our beauty is too transcendent for the mortal realm.

So too shall you leave it.


Nothing, my love.
I said,
So too you will believe it-
And make them believe as well.
A kingdom, united, 
With us as Gods.

Gods, you say?
The aesthetic appeals,
I cannot lie.
A crown is garish,
Gold, outplayed.
But divinity?
Such a concept would turn a head.

Aye, Yeezy, and the eyes would follow.
Let us conquer these kingdoms more fully.
Let them make statues of us, 
Temples in our likeness. 
May all kingdoms praise Yeezus in their worship.

Such an act would be grandiose. I love it.

(Big Sean comes running)

Send word to Weezy of the swamps, 
that we seek his tribute.
Or else a war upon him.
Alliance is bland,
Peace boring.
Let loose war,
In all its shades and hues!
And Pusha!

…my liege?

It is time to prepare my successor. 
As Jigga hath ascended 
To the Booklyn in the heavens
He had tapped me as his number #2
For so justly- I was the shit.
But now, as the ascendant
It is time the next be groomed.

Aye, I am prepared.

Go and fetch J.Cole.
He is the next prince of rap
And the heir to the Roc.


Did you hear me?

I did, oh Yeezy.
And I assure you.
The heir to the rock shall have his throne.

Very good, Pusha.
See to it that he does.

(Kanye leaves, and Pusha seethes on stage)

Ay, for I spoke true;
The heir to the rock shall succeed;
Crack rock, that is,
Myself, then
And not the child Jermaine.
Jermaine? Who That?
He shall not Work Out, 
Me thinks.

(Shakes head)
I have waited too long for Greatness, 
What good then is G.O.O.D?
Ye, I shall take what’s mine.
And the heir to the Ye’ shall be the heir to the ‘Ye
The prince of the Rock shall be prince of the Roc’
And I shall do as needed to take what’s mine.

Youth Rally

Oh man! where do i start?!! This week has been amazing. God is truly amazing and all-powerful.  I realized this week that i dont want to be like the other people. I want to be different. Today was the first time i got out of my seat and went to the back n prayed to God n talked with a counselor.  I made a couple decisions..n i just really hope i dont go back to those dumb things ive done.. i know i will probably slip n fall but i know ill get back up with God by my side because Philippians 4:13 says “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."  This verse has helped me get through a lot.  It pushed me through the toughest times and it has kept me strong.  When i think i cant do something i always have this verse in my mind and i always say to "JUST DO IT FOR GOD!"  You can do anything with God by your side.  He will help u with anything and everything. 

God has really opened a lot of hearts this week.  Im soo happy to see many people getting saved and making the right decision to accept Christ Jesus as their personal Savior.  The only way to heaven is by accepting God into your heart and asking him to be your personal Savior. He will forgive all your sins and when you die you will be going to heaven.  I was amazed at how many people wanted to say their testimonies.  Many of them made people cry and it was just a blessing to hear the decisions they’ve made and how God worked in their lives.  God is merciful. I really wish we could have another youth rally soon.  Im just so thankful I was able to be a part of it.  It was truly a blessing to be with a bunch of God loving people.  I will never forget this night. <3