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Politics is a great, albeit painful, example of social contract disengagement. Politicians on both sides of the aisle are making laws that they’re not required to follow or that don’t effect them, they’re engaging in behaviors that would result in most of us getting fired, divorced, or arrested. They’re espousing values that are rarely displayed in their behavior. And just watching them shame and blame each other is degrading for us. They’re not living up to their side of the social contract and voter turnout statistics show that we’re disengaging.

Daring Greatly, by Brene Brown

A lot of people are very willing to blame voters for being apathetic, yet are unwilling to consider that the majority of our politicians, and the system they operate in, aren’t often deserving of our votes. Young people especially get criticized for low voter turnout, but if you ask me, we’re just better at seeing through their bullshit. 

If voting is a valuable form of civic engagement, and I think it definitely can be, we need to make sure that accountability goes both ways. 


if you are 18+ and a uk citizen, PLEASE go out and vote today if you have not already. it’s not too late - polling stations close at ten pm so you still have three hours. you DO NOT need your polling card or any form of ID, so challenge anyone who rejects you on this basis. youth turnout in the 2015 election was slated as being just 43%; in the eu referendum, it was less than 40%. theresa may is banking on youth voters not turning up because they literally have the power to swing this election the other way. your vote DOES count and could make all the difference. do not stand for her complacent and arrogant behaviour throughout this election campaign and do not allow your future to be decided by older generations.

at, you can find out who to vote in your constituency for the best shot at voting the tories out.

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72% youth voter turnout!!!!! highest voter turnout since 1992!!!!! of all the things to come out of this election this is what i’m the most proud of.

the youth has rejuvinated the left almost single-handedly. time to wrestle our country back from the old, gnarled grip of the soporific past

A summary of the GE2017

- Conservatives DON’T win a landslide victory, losing seats and not gaining a majority, causing a hung parliament.

- In desperation, they get into bed with a far-right religious extremist party (Democratic Unionist Party) that denies climate change and has links to Unionist paramilitary terrorists. This could jeopardise the Good Friday Agreement which brought an end to the thirty year conflict in Northern Ireland (The Troubles).

- The also demanded a recount of the votes THREE times in the Kensington constituency, which now has a Labour councillor for the first time.

- The end of UKIP. Lost the only seat it had and gained none. Paul Nuttall resigned and deleted his Twitter account.

- New Labour is OVER. Found dead in Islington North.

- Liberal Democrat MP Nick Clegg lost his seat in Sheffield Hallam to Jared O’Mara, a Labour MP who has cerebral palsy- an example of the surge in disabled MPs particularly in Labour.

- Jeremy Corbyn won 40% of the vote, largely powered by the youth vote. 

- 72% of voters aged between 18-24 voted in this election, compared to 66% in 2015.

- Diane Abbott still retains seat in Hackney despite racist and sexist peddling against her.

- Theresa May has fucked herself over and lost a lot of credibility after not gaining the landslide victory that she had hoped for and is now reduced to memes. 

  • Youth Vote: If Bernie were president, gun control and LGBT protections would happen.
  • Me: If you voted in the mid-term elections, gun control and LGBT protections would happen.
  • Me: Obama is totally powerless to establish the gun control he wants because Congress won't even approve research on gun violence. The 2 years he had a senate majority it wasn't wide enough to avoid filibusters.
  • Me: Youth voter apathy in mid-term elections always allows republicans to win Congress.
  • Me: If you want to end gun violence and protect LGBT people, it is up to you to give a damn and vote again two years from now.
Bernie’s spring break blues
When Bernie Sanders will need college students the most, they'll be watching Netflix and partying.

“When Bernie Sanders will need college students the most, they’ll be watching Netflix and partying.”

This is what they think of you, of all of us. Please, you have to vote to prove The Establishment wrong. It’s the rising millennial vote vs. The Establishment and they’re still treating you more like a punchline than an electorate. PLEASE VOTE!
Brexit is a middle finger from the baby boomers to young people like me
The people who overwhelmingly voted to leave the EU will not have to face its long-term consequences.
By Jack Lennard

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union, 52 percent to 48 percent.

I am broken by this result. As a young person, I cannot help but feel betrayed. In fact, it’s somewhat hard not to take it a little bit personally.

Let’s look at the voter demographics. The “Leave” vote was overwhelmingly carried by those over the age of 65, whereas 72 percent of those who were aged 18 to 24 voted to “Remain.” Why does this matter? Surely, in a referendum, every vote is equal, and the will of the people carries regardless of the demographic?

Well, there is some truth to that. But that doesn’t mean every UK voter will suffer the same consequences.

The process of the UK leaving the European Union would not be complete until late 2018 at the very earliest, assuming Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty is triggered when a new prime minister is appointed in the autumn of this year. Even then, that’s just the basic settlement — trade deals and movement regulations could take decades to hammer out.

My generation will not enjoy the free movement to 27 different countries and the workers’ rights that rescued Britain from the “sick man of Europe” era of the 1970s

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hologramsss  asked:

I'm really tired of people blaming my generation/young voters over Bernie Sanders not winning Nevada. It's like we can't win, we're always the bad guys/ruining everything.

I’ve heard a few people saying this as well, and it certainly doesn’t feel like a narrative that would motivate more young people to vote in the upcoming primaries. It’s basically saying, ‘See? You’re just as useless as we’ve always told you you were.’ What good does that do?

It’s also unfair because of all the voter disenfranchisement efforts the Republicans have put in place all over the country the past several years that make it harder or even impossible for many young people to vote. And then they blame us when voter turnout is low. 

I also think that, because of the huge influence of big money in politics, young people understand, more than other age groups, that there are more effective methods of political activism than voting. If you want things to change, you have to change them. Voting for a politician to change things hasn’t really worked, mainly because the majority of them are beholden to the same powerful, establishment interests. So I think that more of the energy among young activists is centered around things other than voting.