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what the rising signs look like

*check rising and any sign you have in your first house*

aries: almost a triangular shape, they are broad in the shoulders and get thinner as they go down.  acne prone, very distinctive smile

taurus: boxy and compact.  oftentimes even women have broad shoulders and very square-shaped bodies and faces

gemini: thin features and round faces.  youthful; tend to be mistaken as younger than they actually are quite often.  even if they aren’t skinny, they’re “slim”, almost like a cat

cancer: large eyes and eyelids, unmistakable chubby cheeks.  one of the easiest to recognize of the rising signs due to their “warm” appearance.  oftentimes chubby

leo: usually tall and broad, if not tall they are quite stocky.  broad shoulders and prominent jaw.  something is always noticeable about their hair

virgo: there’s something very graceful about them.  proportionate bodies and aren’t of any specific stature.  may have freckles or a ruddy complexion

libra: thin features, oftentimes small faces.  chubby cheeks and curvy bodies, a very graceful walk.  long eyelashes

scorpio: their appearance can best be described as “striking”.  strong and prominent features, especially their eyes.  usually quite short and stout, with nice bodies

sagittarius: easily mistakable for an air rising, they are tall and thin and very nimble-looking.  they have slim features and slim faces

capricorn: tall faces and proportionate features (neither big or small).  may have scarred or dimpled skin, or acne

aquarius: tall and lanky, most often quite androgynous.  tall faces and long legs

pisces:  always described as fairy/pixie-like.  glimmery eyes and small features.  petite, even if they aren’t necessarily short

I hate when people try to pretend that all the Batboys look identical. I dislike it when comic book artist, purposefully or not, draw them all so it looks like they’re all actually Bruce’s kids. The best part of Batman is that they’re not related, they’re all a bunch of lost, weird kids who somehow have made an awkward family together. By drawing them the same look and body type, it negates the individual aspects of the boys and their highlighted talents.

Dick is smaller than Bruce in both height and weight. He’s not very buff, he’s incredibly lean and flexible, able to move in ways Batman can’t. His skin has a lightly dusty quality to it, a remnant of his Romani heritage he’s never quite forgotten. Most people mistake it for a perpetual tan, he doesn’t elaborate that he comes from mixed parents. He’s handsome in a very conventional way with his boyish good looks being appreciated by most everyone he meets. He’s not trying to impress anyone except he is so he takes good care of himself and covers any visible scars he has. His hair is floppy, a little long at his bangs and neck, thick dark black with a light wave to it. He has wide, smiling eyes of a deep midnight blue color. In the right light, they can be as black as night or shine like sapphires.

Jason is tall and as big as a house. He’s incredibly strong and durable and his body reflects that. He can’t move as well as Dick but he’s learned to use his large size to his advantage. His skin is medium white, covered in scars and calluses. If he’s out in the sun for too long, a splash of freckles appear across his nose and cheeks. He’s handsome in a dangerous way, like how a coiled snake carries it’s own elegance. If he put more effort into it, he could use his chiseled good looks but doesn’t bother with such things. His hair is thick but more wiry, it never lays perfectly on his head and is always sticking up somewhere. It curls slightly on the ends. His eyes are lidded and a confused blend of blue and green with some brown in there too, as if they couldn’t decide on a color. After his resurrection, he swears his eyes are much more green than before, it could just be his imagination.

Tim is short and not overly muscled, but he is proportional. He is the smallest of the adult boys and he knows it, instead of beefing himself up, he hones his muscles to be more accurate and graceful. He can move incredibly fast and twist his limbs in seemingly impossible manners. His skin in very pale, no matter how much time he spends in the sun, he burns rather easily and is constantly putting on sunscreen. His face is taunt and angled as he’s just finishing the last of his adolescence. He’ll eventually grow into it but he won’t have Dick’s attractive features. His face is always marred by dark circles with his brow perpetually wrinkled in thought. He keeps himself tidy and neat, not so much for himself but for appearances. He appears as nicely as is required, he doesn’t mind that people note how absolutely exhausted he looks. His hair is softer, more fine than his brothers’. It falls in soft waves when he goes too long without a cut. His narrow eyes are a steely blue-grey, strong and piercing.

Damian is still in the midst of childhood but eventually already his body is showing signs of being tall and well built. He won’t be as heavily built as his father, taking more after his mother’s lean muscled form. A nice balance between Dick and Bruce’s body type. His current size means he has a great number of advantages and disadvantages, he tries to fight like a bigger man until he is forced to adjust to his small physique. His skin is dark and tanned, a mark of his mother’s heritage, he very clearly stands out against the other bats. His face is still rounded with youth but already is beginning to hollow out from his exercises. He’ll grow into his father’s strong jawline and become effortlessly attractive, though like Jason, he pays no mind to it. His hair is short and cropped, thick and coarse so it look ill-kempt if he lets it grow too long. His eyes have an Asian fold to them, highlighting his foreign features. Deep forest green eyes, the exact color of Talia’s, gaze imperiously at the world.


Tyler Blackburn (Lance Alvers), Jacob Wysocki (Fred Dukes), Patrick Fugit (Todd Tolansky), Fairuza Balk (Wanda Maximoff) 


by @titaniasfics

Rated M

Canon compliant. Between the end of MJ and the Epilogue. Just a touch of magical realism.

Inspired by this Visual Prompt: X (slightly nsfw) . Written for Love in Panem’s Spring Showers April Challenge.

Autor’s note: I had a conversation once with @madamemarquise in which we discussed how vocal Everlark smut was in some fics (including my own). It gave me the idea of writing a smut drabble with no dialogue. Being “speechless,” the piece emerged as somewhat surreal, so that Katniss’s thoughts take on a “real” life of their own, hence the magical realism. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who read and beta’d this - @eala-musings, @madamemarquise, @akai-echo, @mega-aulover and @thegirlfromoverthepond . You ladies are the best!

Katniss woke to a house in silence. Stretching languidly, she found herself in a tangle of bed sheets and pillows, now mostly cool where her skin did not touch them. When she turned her head into the pillow, she could smell both of them on it. Everywhere she slid her hand along the rumpled mattress cover, she recalled each kiss, each sigh, each grunt and thrust they’d battered each other with the night before. It had been a long night, but the memory of it made her body sing again.

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You’re Officially On a Time Out, Kiddo

Request: How about when Sam and Deans sister gets turned into a toddler, and she does something that a toddler would do to get in trouble and pit in time out. I think that would be funny — sushisector

Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester x toddler!sister!reader

Words: 2000

A/N: Hopefully it turned out somewhat like you imagined :)

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Your name: submit What is this?

Last night something happened. Something really weird — even for you Winchesters.

Dean had thought that he, Sam and you had the situation under control. Yes, she was a witch, and they could be tricky. But, she was just one, and you were three. It should have been a quick hunt, and then you would go back home and watch a movie or something. Dean even thought that he could make a quick run to the bar, if he was lucky. Though, those plans went out the window, when the witch first knocked down Dean himself, sent Sam flying towards the wall, and then, when you pounced on her, hit you with a spell. And here comes the weird part — Dean and Sam then watch you shrink. Bright light, bam, and then you were sitting on the floor, in a pile of your own clothing. And you weren’t more than three years old. A toddler.

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critical role relationship week: day 1

(scanlan & cassandra)

Scanlan has acquired several children in his many years, only one of whom is actually related to him by blood. Oh, sure, none of them are children children, but they are, nevertheless, his kids, because he’s the oldest member of Vox Machina and none of them have anybody looking out for them. One lonely old gnome with a fondness for crude jokes and even cruder limericks has to be better than nobody at all, if only slightly.

Which is why he’s not entirely surprised to find himself looking at Cassandra sitting alone with her shoulders slumped, and thinking, oh. Another one? Alright then. It’s the same sense of fierce familial protectiveness, the part of him that can’t see an upset child and leave well enough alone. It’ll get him killed (a third time) someday, he’s sure.

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It is exceedingly difficult, but not impossible, to reason with a drunk person.

A drunk and heartbroken person, however, is a different story entirely.

“Leo,” Henry murmured, ducking his head low and nudging the hat towards the prince with a new level of desperation. “Wear it. Please. Before someone recognises you.”

Prince Leonardo, heir to the Southern Kingdom, wealthiest young royal on the continent, and currently in the running as drunkest person in the tavern, took a moment to lift his bleary eyes away from his glass. When his gaze locked with Henry’s, the young valet made the terrible mistake of hoping that he’d made a breakthrough, and he quirked his lips in encouragement.


Henry sighed, resigning himself to spending time in the rougher side of town for the foreseeable future, but apprehensive nonetheless. Leo was still in his regular clothes. In other words, his wealth was obvious to anyone and everyone. Nobody this side of town wore blue, for it was the colour of nobility, of royalty.

They were bound to attract attention sooner or later.

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Declining sunlight slices through
Spanish moss, through layers of
macramé at eye level. She has
pause to her gait, youthful knees
still rounded at the patella. She
wears a crisp white sundress,
protrusions for hips and heavy
gold apprehends tangles of hair,
diaphanous shoulders. An easy
palette assembles itself in her
shallow emerald eyes, interest
governed by keen awareness, a
piquant smile.

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just imagine.... Percival turning into his animagus form (whatever you think it is) in front of newt or his aurors for the first time :)

I feel like Graves would have this beautiful, gorgeous Animagus. I personally fall into the headcanon that it’s a Panther (but I also enjoy a wolf). But, may I deter this for just a moment and instead offer the following:

Newt has heard stories from the aurors about how Graves is an Animagus. A feat indeed, he knows. It takes a powerful wizard to be able to craft another body for himself from their own flesh. Even more so, it takes a confident wizard quite in touch with who they are to be able to select and settle on a form. What a wizard chooses to become is quite telling; and Newt has heard stories.

Stories of how Graves’ Animagus form is that of the night, all muscles buried beneath thick, velvety fur and two golden eyes. A panther, or so he is told. Huge and slinking and gorgeous. Paws the size of a man’s head and tail so long he could throttle his prey. Elaborate tales, to be sure. Only…

No one has seen Graves transform since the Grindelwald affair.

No one asks. It is not something one asks about. Graves does not need a reason for not appearing randomly around MACUSA as a great cat. But the aurors wonder, Newt can tell. And he wonders.

Has the man lost some sense of his self? That glimmer of confidence necessary for such a spell quenched beneath the might of Grindelwald’s cruel fist?

Newt finds out when suddenly, they’re captured. Newt, Graves, Tina and two other aurors from the team, all crammed into individual cells - each behind a set of iron bars. Each gate enchanted to prevent disapparation or magic that might manipulate them. Their wands have been taken. They can’t escape. 

“Sir, what do we do?” an auror asks from two cells down.

“Hush, Adams, he can’t think if you keep pestering him,” Tina bites. from the cell left of Newt. But Newt’s eyes are on the man parallel to his own cell. Graves is pacing his prison like a cat trapped in a cage, and Newt can see it now how the man might become a panther - all long, lazy, but purposeful strides and a piercing stare. 

There’s a strange grimace on the man’s face that Newt can’t quite place; perplexing. As though frustrated.

“We can’t disapparate, we can’t bend the bars, we can’t blow out the doors…” Graves mutters beneath his breath, as though checking items off a list. 

“Sir?” Tina asks, softly.

Graves sighs and Newt finds he cannot look away.

“I suppose there’s no avoiding it, then,” he says simply with a frown, obviously displeased, and then he was changing. Shrinking, falling into a different skin. A beautiful skin, no doubt, only…

Not quite as advertised.

Because where the aurors had described a great cat clad in fur the color of the night and packing claws like shards of ivory, Newt finds instead - a cub.

A panther cub, to be fair, but a cub. Small, with too much skin, and belly round with youth. It rolls onto its feet with a soft wobble, too young to accomplish elegance, before tumbling between the bars with a disgustingly cute growl of surprise and frustration.

No sooner is he on the other side does Graves reclaim his own form, something akin to a blush on his cheeks, but the damage is already done.

Graves’ Animagus form is a cub, and Newt can’t help but think of more ways in which to see that man that way. Small, soft, round and young.

He finds out that Grindelwald had cursed him when Graves had tried to attack him in his full panther form. He hadn’t been able to shake the curse even months later. The healers were baffled. So he had stopped using his other skin altogether.

Newt would have to fix that.

Today’s Zeroth World Problem: bats.

Easton makes the bats that make youth baseball go round. More accurately, they make the bats that make the baseball go over the fence. Easton has figured out the space-age composite materials and other rocket science-y voodoo, and combined that with masterful marketing savvy to ensure every kid out here has one.

They run from $150-$300 depending on the model; we got the Mako Beast pictured above on sale for $210 (he used a bunch of his Christmas money) back in April. Look at it today. In addition to bearing the normal smears of baseballs long departed, the outer coating has spalled and cracked to the point that it’s no longer safe to use. And it lost much of its pop before that. Too much kinetic energy gets dissipated in that loose layer on contact when it should be transferred into the ball, instead.

The good news is that they back it with a 1-year warranty and they will honor it with the same or newer model, and fairly quickly, like ten days. The bad news is that our post-season run starts tomorrow. The worse news is that about eight kids on the team use similar bats and all but one look like this. (Since this happens to all of them, I guess Easton counts on people not taking advantage of the warranty?) One forward-thinking parent ordered their replacement last week, so it’s likely many of the boys will be sharing that bat this weekend. I wonder if it’ll last until Monday.

Two additional gotchas: 1) the governing bodies of youth baseball are changing the specs for bats next year to make them less bouncy (and presumably more safe), so any replacements (warranty or repurchased) will be illegal after January 1, and 2) Danny’s moving up to Pony league next year, and the specs for bats there are different (and changing Jan 1, too) so we’re well and truly stuck. I’ve heard that Easton gives new bats to every team who makes a game that gets televised, so, I guess we have to limp along until then.

Title: Anyone But You, Pt 1

Author: mylittleACobsession

A/N: This is another one shot for @imakemyownblog who requested the following:

“Could I pretty please get a Jacob oneshot where the reader is a high-ranking member of the Blighters and one day they have to face down with each other, not realizing that they were childhood friends until the actual fight? To make it interesting, Jacob had a huge crush on them? XD Pretty please & thank you! <3”

Given the amount here that I want to play with, I’m actually breaking this one into multiple parts.

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Valiant Previews: IMMORTAL BROTHERS: THE TALE OF THE GREEN KNIGHT #1 – On Sale April 12th! 


It’s winter at King Arthur’s court in Camelot! The monstrous Green Knight has appeared before the Round Table with no armor, a gigantic axe, and a challenge. He has come to insist that the weaker knights participate in a friendly “winter’s game” where anyone can strike him once with his axe, but on one condition: That the Green Knight can return the exact blow in one year’s time. King Arthur has agreed to face the mysterious knight himself, but the Round Table’s youthful and most gallant champion, Sir Gilad, takes up the challenge to protect his king. Much to the court’s surprise, the Green Knight doesn’t flinch as his head is struck clean off…only to pick it up himself and warn Gilad that he is fated to receive the same blow before the year is out. Now, Gilad – the Eternal Warrior – must solve the mystery of who the Green Knight is before his hour at the axe comes to pass! But first, he’ll need to find some help…in the form of his own immortal brothers – Armstrong and Ivar – who shall be united once more!

Simplicité - Chapter 2 {Biadore}

This is a shorter chapter at 2.1k words, but it leads up to a beefy chapter 3 so be patient with me! I am sincerely sorry to any Courtney fans, because she is definitley written out of character in these first few chapters. I love her dearly so please don’t come for me. 😭 No TW’s other then extreme constructive crit. Enjoy!! 💕

The next day, Adore woke up frazzled from her 6:30 alarm. She had rushed to do her hair, trying to impress Bianca with an intricate french braid and heavy eye makeup. She chose to wear her best outfit for her first day: a black blazer, white tank top, and sequin black bodycon skirt. She paired it with black knee high boots, and black nylons. She pulled the tights up so high that they were sitting above her belly button, because she had to hide the many holes she had made in them over the years.

She stepped out of her room meekly, looking for Bianca. She found her sitting in the large grey tufted chair in the living room, legs crossed and makeup done immaculately. She wore false lashes, glittery silver eyeshadow, and dark blood red lipstick. Her red hair was slicked back in a half up- half down style, and she had classy suede pumps on with her sleek black knee length dress.

Adore would be lying if she said she hadn’t let her eyes linger over the way the fabric draped across her body, accentuating all of her curves. Her lips were drawn so perfectly, it made her attempt at makeup look juvenile at best. Adore didn’t even know how to put on false eyelashes, let alone style her hair so beautifully.

Bianca was gorgeous, and Adore wished she could look even half as good as she did. She crossed her arms uncomfortably as Bianca scanned her outfit, her face not changing as she studied her.

Bianca, was mortified to say the least.

Adore walked out looking like a punk rock princess, not a salon owner’s personal assistant. She clearly made an effort, which she appreciated - but Adore was not on the same level as the other girls. She needed to be brought up to speed immediately.

Her hair was tied up in a messy french braid, flyaways spewing around her face. Her ends were split, her tank top a worn faded ivory instead of a crisp white, and it appeared that her tights were old and tattered with holes. She didn’t understand the choice of shoes either, nose scrunching as she noticed the black leather boots.

“What do you think?” Adore asked, spinning around obliviously for Bianca. Bianca gulped, not a fan of crushing a young soul - especially on her first day of work.

But some things needed to be said.

“Yeah, that’s not going to work.” Bianca stared, letting her eyes scan the outfit fully. “First of all, there are holes everywhere. Secondly, you cannot pair a $2 tank top from Forever 21 with a what - $20 skirt?”

Adore’s heart sank as she listened to Bianca pick her outfit apart. She had literally wore her best outfit for her first day, if Bianca didn’t like this - she wasn’t going to like the rest of her wardrobe either.

“I’m sorry. This is all I have.” Adore mumbled sadly, avoiding eye contact. Her eyes burned with the threat of tears.

Bianca frowned at the girl. She obviously didn’t realize what kind of dress code she was supposed to be following. This was her first job after all, she obviously didn’t have the money to go shopping for nicer clothes. She really felt sorry for her, but she needed to know that what she was wearing was not okay.

“Very well.” Bianca nodded trying not to upset the girl further. “It will have to do. Let’s go. Bring your notepad.”

Bianca had an idea but it would have to wait.


After an uncomfortably silent car ride, the two finally made it to Simplicité. Just as Adore thought, the salon and spa was breathtaking. A giant crystal chandelier hung dramatically in the entry way, casting a soft light across the room. They walked into the lobby area, where a silver mirrored desk sat in the middle with an Apple computer on top. A modern rose gold wireless phone sat on its charging dock, ringing off of the hook as they settled in.

“Courtney, can you get that?” Bianca called. A tall blonde beauty, emerged from the stylist area, where a metal partition divided the area from the lobby.

“Sure. Nothing like a slow day to-” Courtney stopped in her tracks, eyes widening. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you had a client.”

“This isn’t a client.” Bianca said matter of factly. “This is my new personal assistant and makeup apprentice. Adore, meet Courtney.”

Courtney was beautiful, she had shoulder length golden blonde hair with a modelesque figure. She was dressed in a sparkly black tank top, with a satin pencil skirt, black satin blazer, and strappy black heels. She looked like she walked straight off of the cover of Vogue magazine.

“Apologies.” Courtney smiled, shaking Adore’s hand. “I just assumed you were a client from the way your hair looks.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Adore asked puzzled.

Bianca glared at her as Courtney snorted, picking up the phone and answering it cheerfully as she ignored the younger girl. Adore suddenly felt self conscious, as she felt her long red mermaid hair through her braid. Was it too dry? Too red?

“Don’t mind her. She’s just a cunt.” A tall black man came out from the shampoo area, eyeing Adore curiously. “I’m Bob. She didn’t like me much either at first, but that’s just Courtney.”

The fact that she needed a disclaimer was enough for Adore to be put off by her. She happily shook Bob’s hand, smiling at the effort of polite comradery. He wore a black fedora, black slacks, and a black blazer with a white tank top.

“Well said Bob.” Bianca snorted. “I’m going to show Adore the rest of the salon and spa, and then we’ll come back up for training. You remember what I talked about last night right Bob?” Bianca challenged.

“Yup.” Bob’s eyes drifted over to Adore for a second before meeting Bianca’s. “I’ll be ready for you two when you’re done.”

Bianca led the way towards the shampoo area, where luxurious white leather chairs that were long enough to lay on like beds - sat under three brushed nickel sinks. The floor was a beautiful sparkly white quartz, spread all throughout the lobby, and transitioned to white hardwood in the stylist area. A small hallway led to the two massage rooms that they had, and a flight of stairs led to a fully redone basement. There were 4 nail stations, 4 pedicure stations, a couples massage room and Bianca’s office. A petite blonde was sitting down there by herself, painting the nail displays with different designs.

“Farrah, this is my new assistant and makeup apprentice Adore.” Bianca smiled. Farrah looked up from her work, her platinum blonde hair framing her round youthful face. She was practically trembling with excitement as she gazed up at Adore.

“Hi! Oh my gosh finally, someone around my age! I always feel so young around these guys. I love your hair color!” Farrah exclaimed excitedly, shaking Adore’s hand.

Adore’s eyes widened at how beautiful she was. She wore an excessive amount of highlighter, but she made it work with her neutral eyeshadow and nude lips. She had platinum blonde hair down to her shoulders, but it was shiny instead of dull and brittle like Adore usually saw on other girls. She was even prettier then Courtney, but was much bubblier than her new older coworker.

“Nice to meet you man. And thanks!” Adore grinned, throwing her long red braid over her shoulder. Farrah bit her lip, scanning Adore’s body before turning away to pick out another nail color.

This place was definitely testing her.. There were so many hot girls here. She was in the midwest now though, and she had no idea if any of these girls were gay either. Sure women will check each other out every now and then, but Farrah’s eyes seemed to linger a bit longer then normal. She decided not to read into it too much.

Adore had only had one relationship back home, and it had ended pretty quickly - due to Adore not wanting to put out right away. But she knew from the time that she was 5 years old that she was gay. She was obsessed with staring at women in magazines, and letting her eyes linger on other women much longer than normal. She could see herself getting with any of these women, they were all beautiful.

“We have to go back upstairs for training, if you’d like you can come up with us.” Bianca cleared her throat uncomfortably. .

“Training? I thought you were giving Adore a makeover?” Farrah asked confused.

Adore’s eyes widened in shock as she looked at Bianca accusingly. She didn’t mention anything about a makeover.

“God damnit Farrah.” Bianca cursed exasperated. “Don’t you know how to fucking keep your pretty mouth shut for one second?”

Farrah’s lip trembled as she looked back down at her nails. She didn’t mean to mess this up for Adore, and now she felt like she ruined the whole day. She hated it when Bianca yelled at her.

“I’m sorry Bianca.” Farrah sniffled, wiping her nose.

“Oh for fucks sake, please don’t start crying again.” Bianca rolled her eyes annoyed. “C’mon Adore.”

Adore shot Farrah a sympathetic look before following Bianca back up the stairs to the stylists floor. Bianca was…harsh to say the least. She definitely didn’t want to get on her bad side.

“Bob, Courtney - are you ready?” Bianca called as they walked into the stylist room. Adore sat down at what appeared to be Bob’s station and stared at her reflection in the mirror. She was nervous now, unsure of what exactly they were going to do to her. She felt sick.

She was about to become a completely different person, she could feel it. She grabbed a piece of her vibrant red hair and sighed, knowing that this was all necessary. She began untying the braid, slowly allowing her true hair to be revealed. Adore had a lot of hair, and it had been the same
color for 5 years now. But she knew she needed a change. She needed to be thrown out of her comfort zone, that was the only way she would become successful.

Bob appeared seemingly out of thin air, watching
the girl fuss with her hair sadly.

“The color is beautiful, but I know just by looking at it that you destroyed the integrity of your hair.” Bob muttered. “Do you have the color ready Bianca?”

They were already mixing color? They sure
moved fast.

“I don’t get a say in what color my hair is going to be?” Adore complained annoyed. This was her hair for fucks sake. She didn’t want to just give up all control of her appearance.

“You’ve had enough of a say don’t you think?” Courtney muttered, wheeling a drawer full of makeup and supplies over to Adore. She disgustedly moved a piece of hair from out of her face, muttering “God, it’s so dry.”

“Kinda like your vagina.” Bianca snapped, holding a bottle of color, a brush, and a spray bottle. “Leave my assistant alone. It’s not her fault that she’s pretty too.”Her hands were covered by gloves, and she wore an apron to protect her clothes from the mystery color.

Bianca thought she was pretty? That pleased her, especially since Courtney was one of the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. The fact that Bianca thought she could even compare was a huge compliment. Her cheeks flushed as she looked down at her feet, absorbing the compliment.

Courtney rolled her eyes at Bianca playfully as she groomed Adore’s brows with an eyebrow brush.

“So do I get a say in any of this or what?” Adore muttered.

“Calm down, Beyoncé. You’re sitting in the best salon in Chicago, with the best makeup artists and hairstylists in the entire midwestern region.” Bianca chuckled as she grabbed a piece of Adore’s hair. “Delano, what the fuck happened to your hair? Did you soak it in bleach for 48 hours?!”

Adore’s hair was dry, coarse, and full of knots. Bianca huffed, grabbing her brush and began running it through the long mane of hair.

“I used box dye.” Adore finally said, head tilting back as Bianca brushed through her hair roughly.

“No more of that shit.” Bianca said sternly, staring at her in the mirror. “We’re gonna trim the ends, and then I’m applying a glaze to condition your hair while it colors.”

Adore nodded in agreement.

“Trust me. Your hair is going to look amazing when I’m done with it. You’re in good hands.” Bianca murmured, letting her hand linger on her shoulder as she comforted her.

Adore smiled weakly, seriously hoping she was right.

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CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve it!! Give us all your NSFW Remus headcanons😍

Thank youuuuuu <3 

But I can’t give it all, THERE WOULD BE TOO MUCH! But let’s go with some :)

  • I already said it
  • Remus is reserved
  • So you’d think he would be discret wouldn’t he?
  • And you’re probably right
  • When he has sex, most of the time he’s a passionate lover
  • He’s giving it all to you
  • He worships you
  • Your body, your soul, the way you moan
  • It drives him crazy
  • But he thinks about YOUR pleasure
  • Because the poor love thinks he doesn’t deserve all this pleasure
  • And sometimes he believes he cannot make you really happy in bed, can he?
  • If only he knew
  • But there’s a particular time of the month
  • It involves a near full moon night
  • Oh well
  • The boy isn’t really himself anymore
  • Or maybe he is just too much himself
  • ‘The madness within’, remember?
  • He has that instinct that takes all over him
  • He’s horny as fuck
  • He would do it all the time
  • And when you become intimate with him, oh boy
  • He will take you and only think about the way he feels
  • And it doesn’t mean you have no pleasure
  • It actually drives you insane
  • Seeing him letting go of these walls
  • He’s unstoppable
  • Not ever getting tired of it
  • He likes it mostly from behind during those days
  • Where he can grab you by the waist will he pounds into you
  • And he’ll say some dirty words
  • Which you’re not used to
  • But it turns you on so much
  • You will probably cum twice before he collapses on you
  • The morning after?
  • Round two


Round Up July 12th - 18th

Hi and welcome back to this weeks Round Up of new music (audio & video only) posted here on Jungle Indie Rock, by Mar and Reb. Please take a look, there could be something great that you have missed on your dashboard, that we have posted for you. You can see previous Round Up’s Here.

Will would pick my highlight as Frog Eyes - Joe with the Jam, mainly because i love the animated video. But i am sure you will have your own favourites from our posts. So if your bored this Sunday, why not work your way through the many posts of new stuff below.

Hope you enjoy Reb!!!

Julia Holter - Feel You

The Libertines - Don’t Look Back Into The Sun (T in The Park 2015)

George Ezra - Budapest (T in the Park 2015)

James Bay - Hold Back the River (T in the Park 2015)

Kodaline - High Hopes (T in the Park 2015)

Cotillon - Convenience

Leon Bridges - River (A Take Away Show)

Alan Jackson - Angels & Alcohol - Album Stream

Stereophonics - C'Est La Vie (T in the Park 2015)

Palma Violets - Girl, You Couldn’t Do Much Better on the Beach

Best Coast - Feeling Ok

Le Pie - Josephine

Mourn - Gertrudis, Get Through This!

Gang Of Youths - Restraint & Release

Twin Atlantic - Heart and Soul (T in the Park 2015)

Delorean - Crystal

Paper Days - Kind Guidance

Bully - Trying

The Bohicas - Swarm

FIDLAR - West Coast

Cloves - Frail Love

Mew - Witness

Arcade Fire - Porno (from The Reflektor Tapes)

Hey Rosetta! - Sirius-XM Live At The Verge

Nolita View - Departed

City Calm Down - Rabbit Run

Delorentos - Home Again (Sofar Barcelona)

Big Black Delta - It’s Ok

Frog Eyes - Joe with the Jam

Chvrches - Leave A Trace

Marina and The Diamonds - Blue

Best Coast - Feeling OK (Guitar Center Sessions)

Best Coast - California Nights (Guitar Center Sessions)

Alice Glass - Stillbirth