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You know, for an alleged golden age of strong female representation in youth-oriented Western animation, you’d think more of those cartoons would have an actual girl in the leading role.

(I mean, there’s Star vs the Forces of Evil, and… what, exactly? The Powerpuff Girls reboot? Whatever movie spinoff schlock Disney is flogging this week? Help me out here.)

Hooligan and his good friend - about Kuba and Łukasz in “Kopalnia”

From the definition a bromance is: “close, emotional, unsexual relation between two or more men, deeper and more intimate than a friendship”. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, Barac Obama and Joe Biden and the most known in football world bromance between Gerard Piqué and Zlatan Ibrahimović. But in football a bromance is different than it’s definition. Relations there are like in fast food restaurant - quick and concrete. Moving out a lot, traveling, transfers - all of it makes that footballers don’t have the time for real friendship and football bromance is just a few nice shots of deep looks, doing a high five in the original way or making some dance moves while celebrating the goal. 

You can show the friendship between Piszczek and Błaszczykowski in sequences too, just like in “Big Short” by Adam McKay. So many shots that there’s no time for thinking: Łukasz and Kuba celebrating the goal together, Łukasz comforting Kuba after lost game, Kuba sitting next to Łukasz in the plane, Łukasz running from the bench after a goal scored by Kuba, Kuba posting a photo with Łukasz on Instagram. Łukasz going for a dinner with Kuba, Kuba if he’s drinking a coffee it’s only with Łukasz. Just scenography colors are changing: from yellow and black to white and red. 

But the relation between Piszczek and Błaszczykowski have nothing to do with pretentious, shallow and ephemeral football bromance. Cezary Kucharski once said that “you can promote a footballer just like a yoghurt”. Bromance too. You’ll drink the yoghurt, but friendship will last.

They were 15 when they got to know each other in Zabrze. One of them was one of the most talented juniors in the history of Gwarek and the second one was going through some insignificant episode in Górnik. 

- He was so ebullient in the dorm - Piszczek laughs. 

- How could i be like that if i was only 60 kg - says Błaszczykowski. 

- I didn’t mean anything bad! 

- You say how the others saw me, that’s not my fault!

Kuba was in the dorm for a short time but his relations with Łukasz were good thanks to their away games and youth representation camps. Piszczek says that their friendship started during the U-19 European Championship in 2004. Łukasz scored 4 of the 5 goals by Poland. Kuba was on the bench. 


Łukasz is quiet and calm but sassy and funny. Taciturn but charismatic. His character traits should exclude each other. It’s exactly the same with his friend. Kuba is optimistic, energetic, great at shading people. He’s a tragic figure at the same time. His childhood is still present in his adulthood. He’s unlucky. He have the worst season in his career to later play the tournament of his life, that Poland loses after a missed penalty. Missed by him. He’s open and inaccessible. Happy and sad. 

- It all depends on the context. Kuba can be open and funny but if he’s in the room listening to Eldo it’s the exact opposite. He’s introverted and sad - says Fabiański. 

- Kuba is a hooligan. And every bad boy wants a preppy friend. He’s fascinated by a guy from another world. A polite, nice one. Kuba found someone like that in Łukasz - says Małgorzata Domagalik. 

Kuba has a difficult character. He competes with Piszczek too. It’s real battles. They both want to be always right. Their exchange of views usually ends with bickering. They ask Fabiański to say which one of them is right but he’s out of it. 

- They want to make a competition even from paying for a coffee - says Fabiański. - When i say that they should stop because i’ll pay they don’t want to hear about it. We have to play something. Everything have to come out of something. I can’t say i’ll pay “just because”. Everything have to have a substantiation, there have to be rules. 


You can introduce their characters in some other way. Kuba is a coach. He loves to be the mentor, he knows a lot about motivating people, building an atmosphere, he’s interested in many aspects of the game. Łukasz is the director. He’s prudent, meticulous and pedantic. He loves order, on the pitch too. He knows a lot about tactics, he stays longer after the trainings to talk with the coach and give him some ideas. If any club in Poland would be able to make some director-coach duet with Łukasz Piszczek and Jakub Błaszczykowski that would be a spectacular success.


When you talk with Piszczek and Błaszczykowski you have the impression that they have no idea how much there is between them. 

- Do you know what i was dreaming about before the Champions League final in 2013? To have the surgery already. I suffered and i was tired. For the whole season i had to take strong analgesic. Before one of the most important games in my life i was dreaming about being on the operating table - says Łukasz. 

People were mad at Łukasz at that time because he should wait and help Poland national team with the World Cup eliminations. In the meantime he was sitting in the doctor’s office and he was listening to some dramatic things. The doctor said that he never saw a hip in such a fatal state and that there are 50% chances that he’ll come back on the pitch. 

- The only person i could say all about it was Kuba - says Łukasz. 

I watch, talk, read, ask. I search for some flaw. Two mature men made a mature relation. I want to paraphrase John Steinbeck and famous sentence from “Of Mice and Men”. “Football - it’s pointless. You have to have someone… someone close. No matter who, it just should be someone close”.

YNWA Theory Discussion

Army #1: This all relates back to Demian, look at Jin’s and Tae’s collars. They are wings and the colors match the painting in the Begin trailer! And the two albums represent the good and bad worlds of Demian!!

Army #2: I think all of this goes into a timeline. I Need You and Run come just before Bus 59 that hits those 7 people (as told by the sign in the concept photos)

Army #3: No, they’re introducing us into a different book called Owl Service like on the sign in the concept photo! 

Army #4: Nah fam, this positive and negative representation of youth is supposed to be what they see themselves as before they enlist in the army. (A/N: whoever came up with this one broke my heart 😭)

Me: *looks at empty pockets and wallet* I think their intention is pretty simple, guys…
~Bunny 😬😘
Fantastic Beasts Headcanon

An Obscurus is a very extreme, physical representation of youth and teen depression.

In Fantastic Beasts, an Obscurus is created when a young, magical child attempts to repress their magical gifts.  A powerful darkness is born, treating the child (or young adult) as a host, slowly feeding off of them if they don’t perform magic.  Eventually, the host will die.

This seems like a very close synonym for young adults and children with depression at an early age, facing pressures much too soon and developing a growing fear of showing who they really are, for fear of being rejected.  Slowly, this pain and anguish eats away at them, and in the worst of cases, could lead to them lashing out at others or themselves.  It’s a creeping darkness that slowly chokes the life from what they could be, and they  end up destroying themselves.

in a heartbeat has 2.3 MILLION views over the course of not even 24 hours and i mean that’s such a testament to not only the huge amount of talent that went into it but just how needed and valuable this kind of positive lgbt youth representation is and i’m. real emotional abt the whole thing


Goddess of Life, Queen of Death

Persephone is the daughter of Demeter, a harvest and agricultural goddess who presides over grain and the earth’s fertility, and over the sacred law of life and death.  Persephone’s father is Zeus, god of the sky, who presides over the sky, storms, and rain.  This puts Persephone in position as a goddess of vegetation, Spring, and the fertility of vegetation.  She is a personification of vegetation itself and by her other name, Kore, a representation of youth and maidenhood, and newly awakening sexuality.  She is also the goddess of the underworld, presiding over the dead and death via her husband, Hades.

The biggest story surrounding Persephone is her descent into the underworld.  In this myth she was seized by Hades [some inaccurate translations say raped], this is a commonly misunderstood myth that paints the relationship between Hades and Persephone as non-consensual.  This is not the case.  The myth is part of her vegetative representations, plant life is seized by death six months a year, descending into the earth to the underworld.  One misunderstood portion is the word “seized” and its context, it was not uncommon for women to run off with a man they loved, but since they were considered property of their families they were considered taken/seized by the man rather than active participants, it was considered kidnapping despite their wishes.  The myth goes as follows:

Persephone was seized by Hades and taken to the underworld, she could not escape the underworld and was told there that if she ate anything of the underworld she would have to stay there.  Gods don’t have to eat, they’re gods.  Her mother wanted her to return and refused to let the earth create life until she was returned.  So Persephone ate six pomegranate seeds so she would stay with her husband six months a year.  Zeus, who also presides over the natural changes of seasons, decided that she would indeed stay with Hades in the underworld six months every year.  During this time no vegetation grows, and Persephone presides over death as she does life the rest of the year.  This myth demonstrates how Persephone is the personification of Spring and vegetation, and is an explanation of why vegetation dies down after the harvest each year.

With her flowery, girly associations with spring and renewal of life, flowers, and youth, Persephone is regarded as one of the most powerful goddesses.  Her descent into the underworld is marked by a sudden dying of life, a chill in the air and a desperate hopelessness as the sky grows dark.  Then when she returns to the world there is a sudden pop of life, and flowers, and warmth.  Persephone as an agricultural goddess is one of the most important things to life, as agriculture sustains us and makes modern civilization possible.

The Eleusinian Mysteries which predated the normal Olympian Pantheon surround Persephone and her mother Demeter, these mysteries promised to their participants an easy transition to the afterlife and an understanding of it.  It was believed to go through Persephone’s myth, through three parts of the ritual:  “Descent” “Search” and “Ascent”, wherein they used hallucinogens to see into the afterlife and return from it, as Persephone does.  The participants were said to no longer fear death after the ritual.  As an agricultural goddess her early cults were agrarian and have little record, but the mysteries during the Athenian month of Anthesterion were dedicated to Persephone alone.

In Orphic mythos she was said to have by Zeus given birth to Dionysus, Iacchus, Zagreus, and Melinoe, all gods related to madness, including nightmares, and are all associated with Dionysus.  This makes sense give the Eleusinian mysteries and her function as a goddess of vegetation, as Dionysus’s attributes - wine, wildness, and hallucinogens - are similarly associated with vegetation, albeit more wild.  The plants Dionysus’s followers used to reach states of madness and ecstasy could not have existed without Persephone, and it seems the myth tellers knew that Nature gave birth to madness in their telling of her story.

Persephone is unique because she is a teenage girl, which are often not included in historical stories or mythos, and in that she represents both Life and Death, in that she, Life, recedes into the land of the dead for six months a year.  Her popularity with modern pagans and witches is not surprising, as she has always been a very popular deity with followers of the pantheon.

Persephone is often portrayed as a young woman holding a sheaf of grain and a torch, representing her agricultural associations, or in the underworld with a pomegranate, both being symbols of Persephone.  Growth and change are huge aspects of her, as are the natural cycles of life and death.

Appropriate offerings to Persephone might be things that fall within her associations - agricultural products, remembrances of death, pomegranate-related things - wine would be appropriate, wreaths of flowers, grains, honey, and other agricultural products.

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I don't think it's bad that one of the girls is underage, is not real after all. It's been done before, for example in bigbang's let's not fall in love, taeyang is paired with an underage actress. I see how this can come out badly, but I personally don't find it that way. (I apologize if I made any mistakes)

I completely agree with you. The thing is that we only know their ages because some of the fandom went on a scavenger hunt for them, that is it. Otherwise, I personally would have thought they were all of age. 

But besides that, the only way the underage factor would become “problematic” is if we see the underage actresses being put in certain situations with the boys (having to kiss them, anything sexual). That is problematic because, outside of the whole story they are presenting, they are literally making a minor actress kiss an adult actor. If they end up portraying a story of love interests but there is no sexual contact involved, then that is not problematic because the minor actresses are just playing the role of a love interest without actually being put into a position of having sexual advances made upon them by an adult, nor having to be making sexual advances towards an adult. 

At the end of the day, the story that BigHit has constructed throughout these eras is fictional, so like the anon here said, it is not real. The ages of both the boys and the girls involved are not something that is explicitly made known, they are simply representations of youth and young adults, so let us leave it at that until further promotional videos are released and we get more of an insight into the storyline they are going to portray.

Representation is so important

I was doing product support for my edtech company in schools and a little 7th grade trans girl from the class I’d just been in came up to me in the hallway. She asked where a classroom was but I didn’t know. Then she asked if I was, as she put it, “part of the LGBTQ community” and when I said yes she said “oh cool! I’m transgendered” and went on to say how mean kids were in elementary and how they called her a freak but that none of it mattered because they were all her servants 😂 I told her it definitely gets better and she left to get to class. I had a moment of total shame because I’d been nervous and considered not helping out in schools because of how gay I look and how it’s always a struggle to dress business casual and not be a total alien in some places. But then I thought what if there was a queer student that saw me and felt more comfortable about who they are? Because of that and realized I had to do it. Representation is so important and I won’t forget that again because of her. Although tbh she didn’t seem to need me because she was confident and fabulous as hell 💅🏻, the kids are alright 🌈✨

Just think about everyone who has ever been told that they will not get into heaven/paradise/afterlife or what-have-you. Think about every 14 to 20 year-old who is religious or has faith on any level and is afraid of coming to terms with their sexuality. Think about what a beautiful thing it must’ve been for them to see a queer couple go hand-in-hand into the spirit world, ready for adventure and happiness.
TLC Renews Transgender Teen Reality Series 'I Am Jazz'
TLC has renewed transgender teen reality series 'I Am Jazz' for a Season 2. 15-year-old will balance sports, school, and family in 8-episode sophomore run.


“In 2016, the cable reality show will continue to follow 15-year-old Jazz, a transgender teen who has become an advocate. Season 2 of “I Am Jazz” sees the 15-year-old attempt to balance school, sports, family and more, documenting her triumphs and struggles along the way.

A co-author of a book of the same name, Jazz was named one of “The 25 Most Influential Teens ” in 2014 and 2015 by Time. She and her parents founded the Transkids Purple Rainbow Foundation, a nonprofit devoted to support transgender youth and their families.

Returning on camera with Jazz are those supportive parents, Greg and Jeanette, as well as sister, Ari, and twin brothers Griffen and Sander.”

Read the full piece here

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The Signs As Places

Aries:  Australia // (Representation of wildness and the absence of control)

Taurus: Italy // (Representation of luxury and cuisine)

Gemini: America // (Representation of diversity and equality)

Cancer: India // (Representation of peace and tranquility)

Leo: London // (Representation of beauty and happiness)

Virgo: China // (Representation of story-telling and strength)

Libra: Scotland // (Representation of elegance and nature)

Scorpio: Paris // (Representation of family and romance)

Sagittarius: Kenya // (Representation of freedom and youth)

Capricorn: Canada  // (Representation of organization and routine)

Aquarius: Ireland // (Representation of change and life)

Pisces: Tokyo // (Representation of uniqueness and creativity)

“Thucydides is the best cure for the classically educated young man who has carried away a horrible, whitewashed image of the ideal Greeks as a reward for his secondary-school training. He represents the most perfect expression of the Sophists’ culture of realism.”

—F. Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols, “What I Owe The Ancients,” §2 (edited excerpts).

As intersex youth with virtually no representation, we were over the moon for the chance work with MTV’s Faking It cast and crew on helping create tv’s first intersex character. Now, one of our idols, Laverne Cox, the first trans-woman-of-color to have a leading role on a scripted tv series will be lighting up the screen tonight alongside Lauren Cooper (Bailey DeYoung), tv’s first leading role intersex character. We always look up to Laverne Cox for inspiration as an activist, and one day we hope we can bring as much awareness to intersex people’s lives as Laverne Cox has for trans-women-of-color.