youth of the son

Rural village in Middle Ages England

poor single mother of 3, to her eldest son: boy…… will you please go to the well and bring your youth brother a pale of water? he is dying
eldest son: mother i cannot!!! he is back… i just cannot face him once more…
meanwhile at the well…

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Character Masterlist

Alexander Hamilton

One Shots

Take a Break* - You’ve been working too hard and your boyfriend convinces you to take a break.

The Typewriter* - You have just designed the first typewriter and Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton is giving it a test run.


A Christmas Carol - Alexander Hamilton won’t even take a break for Christmas, the ghost of his dead mother gives him a reason to spend time with his family

John Laurens 

One Shots

Early Riser* - Your upstairs neighbor catches you singing loudly in your apartment 

Pregnant - John discovers he is going to be a father.

A Wedding - Yours and Johns wedding day.

Bar Fight - A fight breaks out in the bar you work at, John helps you get out without being hurt.

Arguments* - Your feelings for John come out in a heated argument. 

Accidental Admissions - You find out just how John feels about you after his friends push him to confess. 

Family Matters - Your brother Alex and his friends come home for break, one of them catches your eye. 

Anxious - You’re trapped in a bar with your friends, waiting for John to get there. 

Hercules Mulligan

One Shots

Bookstore* - The book you’ve been waiting for is finally out, but why is it on such a high shelf?

Surprises* - Hercules surprises you with a romantic moment.

I Will Come Home - Hercules promises he will come back to you after the war, can he keep his promise?

Number One Contender* - Your boyfriend Hercules has a shot for the boxing heavyweight title.


One Shots

Headphones* - You get caught singing out loud by a handsome stranger.

Flirting - Lafayette tries to woo you with French.

Height Difference - Your boyfriend is much taller than you and catches you singing. 

Problems* - You bring home a stray dog and hope that Lafayette wants to keep it.

Confessions - Lafayette Confesses his feelings for you.

Too Late - Lafayette just keeps losing you.

A Vacation To Remember - You find out why Lafayette is acting so strange on your vacation.

Such a Tease [Smut] - Lafayette’s friends don’t know about your relationship and he insists on teasing you in front of them.

The Mean Marquis | Version 2 - You are forced to marry a man known as “The Mean Marquis” in an arranged marriage, will he turn out to be as his reputation suggests?

Everything You Wish For - Lafayette is your sugar daddy.


  • He’s Married? - You come to America to see your husband again, his friends discover that he is married. 
  • I’m Pregnant? - After leaving Lafayette in America and returning to France you discover you’re pregnant. 

Soulmate AU series - Lafayette has dreamed of meeting his soulmate his entire life, what will happen when he finally meets you?

The Godfather - Lafayette is the son of a Mafia boss, and want’s to live an honest life with you away from his family.

George Washington

One Shots

Happy Accident - You accidentally find yourself in the middle of a battle and General Washington turns out to be a very kind man. 

Your Brother’s Boss - Your brother Alexander doesn’t like that you are dating his older boss.

Aaron Burr

One Shots

Sweet Treat* -  You have a bit of a crush on the cute guy who comes into your bakery.

Philip Hamilton

One Shots

Pranks* - You pull a prank on Philip. 

Overheard Conversations - Philip hears you talking to a friend and discovers your feelings. 

The First Night - You spend the night with your boyfriend for the first time.

Thomas Jefferson

One Shots

Infidelity - You find out your husband cheated on you.

Dance - Your husband has been distant, so he dances with you to make it up to you. 

Poker Face* - You kick Jefferson’s ass in Poker.

Stress Relief [Smut] - Thomas helps you relax after a bad day.


Jealously - Thomas thinks you are cheating on him with Alexander

James Madison

One Shots

Too Much - Finals are stressing you out, James helps you calm down. 

Angelica Schuyler

One Shots

I’ll Protect You - After a bad day, Angelica comforts you.

Eliza Schuyler 

One Shots

My Heart Went Boom - You meet Eliza and suddenly feel helpless.

Peggy Schuyler

One Shots

Nightmares* - Peggy has a nightmare, you comfort her.

Tree Decorating* - You and Peggy decorate the Christmas tree. 

Maria Reynolds

One Shots

Christmas Cookies* - You and Maria decorate some Christmas Cookies together.

King George III

One Shots

A Royal Proposal - The King has a proposal for you. 


One Shots

One of Us - Your friends stick up for you. 

Schuyler Sisters

One Shots

Christmas Decorating - You and your sisters decorate for Christmas.

"Which parent do you like the most?"
  • Sasuke: I'm sure it's going to be-
  • Sarada: Mama
  • Sasuke: your mother...
  • Sakura: #visityourdaughterbaka *puts sunglasses on* Shannaro
  • ______________________
  • Boruto: My mama
  • Himawari: Both! Mama and Papa
  • Boruto: She means papa
  • Hinata: *giggles*
  • Naruto: Give me a break! I'm only doing my job
  • Boruto: Not a great job.
  • Naruto: I meant as the Hokage
  • Boruto: Stupid old man..
  • ______________________
  • Mitsuki: Um....
  • Orochimaru: I know you love me
  • Mitsuki: I prefer Mama Karin and mama Suigetsu
  • Karin: Aw
  • Suigetsu: Why am I a mama?
  • Juugo: What about me?
  • Mitsuki: No hard feelings but...
  • Juugo: None taken *tears*
  • ______________________
  • Shikadai: why do we have to do this?
  • Shikamaru: Such a drag...
  • Temari: Honestly *sighs*
  • ____________________
  • Inojin: I like my beautiful mama and papa.
  • Sai: I always loved you, you little rotten flower. *smiles*
  • Ino: Watch that sharp tongue of yours
  • Sai: You didn't say that last night.
  • Inojin: I prefer mama now.
  • __________________________
  • Chocho: Eh....
  • Karui: Honey, I made dinner.
  • Choji: Darling, I brought some snacks.
  • Chōchō: Eh, i can't decided. I like them both
  • _______________________
  • Metal Lee: Papa is the best
  • Rock Lee: My son knows best!
  • Both: Youth!!!!!!
  • ...: *sighs*
  • ______________________
  • Kiba's child: My mama is a strong woman and is the best!
  • Kiba: What about me? I am the strongest
  • Kiba's child: 1) Then why did everyone say that Tamaki is stronger than you and she beated you up when you were peeking through the bathroom
  • Kiba: Er... Wait, how-
  • Kiba's child: I chose mama
  • Tamaki: How do you know?
  • Kiba's child: Blame my specialities
  • Kiba: *whispers* that cheeky cat dog

nonpersone  asked:

hey are u still taking request for the prompts? could u please do an enjoltaire with “Don’t listen to them. Don’t you EVER listen to them.”? u write fantastically btw!!

Thank you!

“It’s been two days and I already feel exhausted and stayed back far later than I’m supposed to. I’ve got two massive deadlines due at the same time because Julien decided to up and quit on Monday with absolutely no notice-”

“Fucking Julien.”

“I know. So instead of just my work-”

“Which is a large amount of work as it is-”

“Thank you, yes it is- on top of my work I have to cover his workload too until they hire somebody else- which they haven’t even started the process of doing yet, and I’ll probably have to work through the weekend.”

Grantaire chuckled, his hands elbow deep in soapy water as he passed another dish to Enjolras to dry. “Yeah but when do you not do that?”

“I’m not talking about an email here or there or taking a few phone calls I mean I’m actually going to have to spend my entire weekend locked up in the bedroom writing.” Enjolras sighed as he put stacked the dry dishes away. “My mothers going to be so passive aggressively mad, She wanted me to come over for Sunday brunch as well. I’ll just have to tell her next weekend instead. That conversation is going to be fun.”

Grantaire merely nodded, his shoulders going slightly tense as he pressed his mouth into a thin line. He seemed to be thinking heavily before he spoke next. 

“So am I invited to brunch?” He said tersely.

“Please don’t start.” Enjolras pleaded with a sigh. “I don’t want to fight, this day has already been the worst.”

“Fine.” Grantaire said, his tone clearly implying that things were not fine, as he threw the remainder of the dishes back into the sink with a heavy clash and began to stomp towards the bedroom.

“Grantaire, please-”

“10 months, Enjolras! It’s been 10 months and I still haven’t even met your parents! People have grown and had babies in the span of our relationship and I still haven’t met your parents- who live 5 fucking streets away!”

“It’s more complicated than that!”

“Well then what is it? Are you ashamed of me?”

“What?! Of course not, how could you even think that?”

“Because not only will you not let me meet your parents, but it turns out you haven’t even told them about me!”

Enjolras suddenly became very quiet. His face grew clouded and sheepish and when he next spoke his tone was embarrassed. “How do you know about that?” He asked quietly.

“I wasn’t snooping.” Grantaire said crossing his arms and rolling his eyes. He’d dropped his volume, but the bitterness in his tone remained. “Last week you left yourself logged into your email on my laptop and a notification came up from your mother- asking if she could set you up with somebody because she was sick of her beautiful son wasting his youth on being single.”

Enjolras looked down to the floor. “I want to explain.”

“Please do.”

Enjolras gestured towards the couch, and Grantaire reluctantly followed him, his arms still firmly crossed as he took a seat.

“Look,” Enjolras paused, choosing his words carefully. “The person my mother wanted to set me up with is a woman.”

“What?” Grantaire asked, his surprise bypassing his anger as he uncrossed his arms. “Wait, are you not-”

“No, I am.” He shook his head with a short, sharp laugh. “In fact, I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve come out to my parents. It’s just- it’s like they go temporarily deaf whenever I bring it up. They talk about the weather or their friends and completely brush past it. When I remind them, they pretend not to hear. And it’s been fine- well not fine, it’s been hard, and hurtful and frustrating but I’ve learned to accept it and live with it.”

Enjolras took a deep breath before continuing, “They’ve always had plausible deniability. They can live in their little world of denial and still think of me as their perfect son, but if-when I bring someone- you, when I bring you to meet them, they can’t deny it anymore. And- and I don’t think it’s going to go well.”


“Look, I love you okay? You know that. I’m not ashamed of who I am either and I’m not ashamed of you. But as much as they hurt me, I still love my parents, and I don’t think I’m strong enough or ready to completely cut them out of my life just yet. And I know that the moment they can’t deny who I am anymore, that’s exactly what I’m going to have to do.”

Grantaire was quiet and looking at Enjolras intensely. He finally moved his hand over to Enjolras’ and clasped it tightly. “Okay.” He said.

“Okay?” Enjolras asked, strained.

“Yeah. I understand. Take all the time you need. When you’re ready, I’ll be here.”

“Thank you.” Enjolras said with relief.

“You really should have told me though. It would have avoided a lot of arguments.”

“I know,” Enjolras said with a sigh, “It’s just embarrassing though.I can stand up to strangers but not my own parents? People would say I’m a coward-”

“Don’t listen to them. Don’t you EVER listen to them. You’re not a coward, and the worlds not that black and white. Most importantly- you’re human, Enj. You’re allowed to be complicated. Don’t hold yourself to such a high standard.”

“Thank you.” Enjolras said sincerely, pulling him into a tight embrace.

“Question. When you are ready and I do meet them, am I allowed to wear my ‘Fuck you, you Fucking Fuck’ t-shirt?”

Enjolras laughed and wiped away a small tear. “Only if you wear a nice jacket, too.”

Priam arrives at Achilles’ shelter to ransom the body of his son Hector.  The youth facing him has been variously identified as an attendant or the disguised Hermes.  Tondo of an Attic red-figure kylix, attributed to the Briseis Painter; ca. 480 BCE.  Thought to have been found at Vulci; now in the British Museum.