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Today is International Day of the Girl

Day of the Girl-US is an 100% youth-led movement fighting for gender justice and youth rights. Our work to dismantle patriarchy and fight for social justice is rooted in girl-led activism across the country, using October 11th as a day of national action. We are outraged by the neglect and devaluation of female-identifying youth. We are committed to examining these issues within an intersectional framework, the inclusion of girls’ voices in the movement for social justice, and grassroots activism - and thus we advocate, educate, and organize.

Challenge the status quo, change the face of activism, and confront climate change head on with the ultimate blueprint for taking action.

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is a 17-year-old climate activist, hip-hop artist, and powerful new voice on the front lines of a global youth-led movement. Beginning with the empowering story of the Earth Guardians and how Xiuhtezcatl has become the voice of a generation, We Rise explores all aspects of effective activism to address some of the greatest issues of our times and provides step-by-step information on how to start or join a solution-oriented movement.  If you are interested in creating real and radical change, We Rise will give you the inspiration and information you need to make the world a better place and leave you asking: If I don’t step up, who will?  

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Basil al-Araj’s Father saluting goodbye to his son, Basil, as he is buried in Bethlehem, Palestine, March 16, 2017 

Basil al-Araj, a 31-year old Palestinian activist and writer from the village of Al Walaja, near Bethlehem. Al-Araj was killed by the Israeli army on March 6th in a house in Ramallah, where he had been hiding in for month after being chased by the IDF. 

Basil was a beacon for Palestinian youth, and a well-respected figure by Palestinians across the spectrum, He was known for his activism and resistance to the Israeli occupation. He led a youth movement against the dangers of normalization with Israel, and simultaneously organized protests in Ramallah against the Palestinian Authority.  

This Day in Black History...

February 1, 1960

On February 1, 1960, four African American college students, Ezell A. Blair, Jr. (now Jibreel Khazan), Franklin E. McCain, Joseph A. McNeil, and David L. Richmond, sat down at a lunch counter at Woolworth’s in Greensboro, North Carolina, and politely asked for service. Their request was refused. When asked to leave, they remained in their seats. Their passive resistance and peaceful sit-down demand helped ignite a youth-led movement to challenge racial inequality throughout the South.

In Greensboro, hundreds of students, civil rights organizations, churches, and members of the community joined in a six-month-long protest. Their commitment ultimately led to the desegregation of the F. W. Woolworth lunch counter on July 25, 1960.