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Remind me to make a long ass post on how we need better resources for older trans women because this idea that only trans youth face desperate poverty and abuse is totally untrue and working for Trans Lifeline has really hammered that fact home for me
Poverty, despair breed new generation of Philippine rebels
The rebellion “will not disappear because of the fundamental needs of the people. The problems have persisted, and that’s the platform of the rebellion.”

SIERRA MADRE MOUNTAINS, Philippines — In the late-night hours and amid the chirp of crickets, Katryn welcomed a huddle of exhausted Filipino journalists in cheerful spirits like she was home. “Coffee?” she asked with a comforting smile.

Comrade Katryn is her nom de guerre, however, and for her, home is a rebel encampment concealed in the rain-soaked wilderness of the Philippines’ Sierra Madre Mountains. The 24-year-old walked away from her family two years ago to join one of the world’s longest-raging Marxist rebellions.

Mostly in their 20s and 30s, a few dozen New People’s Army guerrillas lugged M16 rifles and grenade launchers on a plateau where red hammer-and-sickle flags adorned a makeshift hall. Most wore mud-stained boots while cooking over wood fires or guarding the peripheries of the encampment, just 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) from the nearest army camp.

They’re part of a new generation of Maoist fighters who reflect the resiliency and constraints of an insurgency that has dragged on for nearly half a century through six Philippine presidencies while Cold War-era communist insurgencies across much of the world have faded into memory. They are driven by some of the same things as their predecessors, including crushing poverty, despair, government misrule and the abysmal inequality that has long plagued Philippine society.

“The New People’s Army has no other recruiter but the state itself,” a young rebel, Comrade May, told The Associated Press.

what scares me is how we’ve developed new ways as a society to disempower queer people and make them nonthreatening while acting like we support them

the ass-backwards progressiveness of portraying gay people on tv as white, affluent suburbanites when 40% of homeless youth are queer and poverty rates are exponentially greater for queer people (particularly queer poc) who can also be fired in 29 states

portraying queer people as carefree and “sexually liberated”, equating our entire lives and identities to who we sleep with (no to mention excluding asexuals and aromantics)

making our pride parades into big, loud, corporate-sponsored circuses where all the complex issues that plague our communities are boiled down to rainbows and marriage equality so straight, cis people don’t need to question themselves or how they contribute to our suffering

“I can’t be homophobic, I support gay marriage!” (and so on and so forth in a million different iterations)

giant corporations exploiting our symbols and struggles to win brownie points with peak liberal americans (apparently monsanto is a great lgbt-friendly workplace, go figure) selling t-shirts with rainbows on them and profiting off of people’s inabilities to separate obvious pr from sincerity

queer people are dying and starving every day from this bullshit and you think the sassy gay friend on your favorite show or your rainbow face paint is gonna solve any of this? 

“He dug so deeply into her sentiments that in search of interest he found love, because by trying to make her love him he ended up falling in love with her. Petra Cotes, for her part, loved him more and more as she felt his love increasing, and that was how in the ripeness of autumn she began to believe once more in the youthful superstition that poverty was the servitude of love. Both looked back then on the wild revelry, the gaudy wealth, and the unbridled fornication as an annoyance and they lamented that it had cost them so much of their lives to find the paradise of shared solitude. Madly in love after so many years of sterile complicity, they enjoyed the miracle of living each other as much at the table as in bed, and they grew to be so happy that even when they were two worn-out people they kept on blooming like little children and playing together like dogs.”
Gabriel García Márquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude

Are we not going to talk about how disarmingly sad Stan’s life must have been? He’s been kicked out of his parents’ house, forced to try anything to win money, actually lived his youth years in poverty and running from the law, and when he accidentally kicked his brother out of this dimension he had to basically kill his identity just to spend the rest of his days trying to bring Ford back, who didn’t even say a “thank you”. And when he wanted someone to love, he’s been dumped, rejected and has actually divorced once. His life’s been one of loneliness, remorse, misery, and constantly chasing something that would affirm his worth. In this episode, one of his probably last attempts to find a soulmate almost ended with him being killed and turned into an exposition mummy by a spider lady. He has his flaws, he is not really a role model, but he always knew how to have fun; however, beyond that, he is wounded and empty, and had to face failure and pain more than he deserved. Maybe his only true joy since the Mystery Shack founding was spending time with Mabel and Dipper. And he is their hero. I want Stan to live a beautiful life and finally find happiness and comfort, because he needs it more than anyone in this town. Only time will tell if his efforts and struggling payed off, but he deserves so, so much to be happy.


The Education of Girls: A Global Effort

On July 23, 2014, the world stood together to recognize the hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls still missing 100 days after their kidnapping by Boko Haram. Across Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America, candlelight vigils were attended by individuals, religious groups, and organizations, all imploring the safe return of the Chibok schoolgirls. By making the commitment to stand together, the participating countries demonstrated that this tragedy is about more than just these girls. The global vigil highlighted the importance of primary education, reproductive health, food security, and human rights for girls and women across the globe.

Read the full blog by Pulitzer Center grantees Amelia Warshaw and Jennifer Koons, featuring photos and details about projects done by our other grantees and staff members on the topic of education of girls around the world. 

Click on the photos to read the captions for more details. 


Half of this school’s students are homeless, 82% go to college

A school is working with some of the most economically disadvantaged students in New York City and sending them off to colleges at an astounding rate. Broome Street Academy, a charter high school that opened in 2011, has a student population of over 77% that fall under the category of economically disadvantaged. In 2015, 82% of the school’s first graduating students enrolled into college. How? “It’s about breaking the cycle.

One Moore Bookstore, a small shopfront on a busy street in downtown Monrovia, represents many firsts. Though there are stores here that sell text books, this is the first selling books purely for reading pleasure. And its owners publish some of the only books aimed at Liberian children. The bookstore is a rare place where kids might hear a story read to them just for fun.

In this poor West African nation wracked by war, poverty and most recently Ebola, reading is not something people generally do for pleasure. Kids read when required in school, but Liberia still has one of the world’s highest rates of illiteracy.

That will all change if the owner of One Moore Bookstore has her way. Wayétu Moore, 30, is a Brooklyn-based author who fled Liberia with her family when she was 5. She opened this book store here last year. And she’s been publishing books for Liberian children since 2011.

The Former Refugee Behind One of Liberia’s Few Bookstores, Where Children Can Read About Themselves

White History Month

So I overheard a conversation at a local dive that peaked my interest.

Two old white men were calling Cam Newton a ball hog, an uppity black boy, and not a team player. I engaged in some casual conversation. It was obviously a mistake. As you can imagine, it didn’t goal well.


  • black people have forced themselves into their cultural depravity through the glorification of hip hop as an art form
  • when black people gain fame and resources they don’t know how to handle it, because a lack of family structure in black american lifestyles
  • black people feel entitled to things they didn’t work for, because of the recent rise in the black american narrative
  • and maybe if there was a white history month, black people would know about the good things white people have done for them

One is funny because as a white dude in his late twenties, I find hip hop to be one of the few honest forms of art.

I am a millennial, so hip hop’s a part of my culture as a fan, consumer, and participate in music creation. I’ve been listening to hip hop since I was a few years old. Always loved the good parts of hip hop. Not all of it, but most of it.

A basic assessment: it empowers youths living below the poverty line; creates a creative musical process without needing huge resources and rehearsal space; and recreates the sounds of american life through samples sourcing most of modern music history. That is art. Communication. Narrative. Cultural references. A school of thought, culture, and art from which new participants of that culture can source, create, and feed upon.

Two. I grew up with two different stepfathers, a working mom, constant home drama, my father has been in prison my entire life, and if you asked me to define what a family is, I couldn’t begin to tell you what it’s about. An illogical dedication to people you’ve known the longest? No one ever said my credit score was important. No one taught me to put away money for rainy days. This is a part of white culture too. Poor broken families repeat the bad behavior of their parents and family whether they’re white, black, pink, or purple.

Three. Every race has a swollen ego. It’s a biological imperative to write yourself as the hero to your story. Every demographic in America has a storyline writing them as the ideal heirs to the current power structure, and that’s really the American dream. America offers you a dream, not a real solution to its structural classism, sexism, racism, and bigotry.

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Hi, I’m Doc

Thanks for joining us. I guess I’ve reached the sort of tipping point in my followers where I need some sort of intro post. So, stuff you want to know before you hang out here at Doc’s Lesbian Death Bar and Grille. (the “e” makes it fancy)

1) This is mostly a fandom site, yes, but it’s also my personal blog. I’m not a huge reblogger of art or caps or whatever unless I have something to add or it’s really fucking good. I’m not a good curator of stuff, or an aesthetic blogger, unless your aesthetic is “blocks of sarcastic text.” Pretty much 90% of the stuff on here is original content or commented on heavily, and I love AU stuff and a lot of my personal experiences seep in to my ideas and thoughts. If you don’t dig on my opinion, that’s cool, but it what it is and I’m not here to provide a forum for everyone. I am not gonna be offended if you don’t follow me, I am a true believer in curating your tumblr experience. 

Once again, as it seems to be an occasional issue:

If you don’t like what I’m doing or how I do it, it’s fine to unfollow/block me. I do not care. 

2) Literally every time I say women or girls, I also mean trans women and girls. Same for men and boys. I can’t believe I even have to say this, but here we are. If I need to specifically call it out otherwise, I will. 

3) I have one inviolate rule. I accept a lot of trash opinions, whether I personally dig on them or not, but I have one thing that is my holy grail. 

Michiru Kaioh is a homosexual homoromantic sapphic lesbian monosexual monoromantic who is only interested in girls. 

It’s my one huge thing in Sailor Moon. (I GET TO HAVE ONE THING) I have been around since the DAWN OF FUCKING TIME, and I have seen all kinds of horseshit done with Michiru, and shitty excuses for her relationship with Haruka and I’m old enough now that I don’t deal. I have like, fandom trauma about it or some shit. It’s all wrapped up in the idea that femmes can’t be lesbians, they’re ~fluid~ and that “butch lesbians aren’t really girls,” which I get to hear enough with regards to my wife, and I have no truck with any of it. What you do off in your corner of the world is your deal, but here this is a sacred rule and I even try to blacklist shit because I get legitimately upset. If you press the issue, I’ll probably block you. 

4) I’m a shit tagger. Really. I’m awful. If I remember to tag this “about me” I’ll be shocked. *goes and does it right now* This is a personal weakness of mine and I try, but consider this fair warning y’all. I have posts that are entirely untagged. IF I’M ON MOBILE IT’S EVEN WORSE. 

5) I pretty much always want to see your shit. I don’t follow a ton of people because my dash gets crowded, so if you reblog or blog a bunch of non-sailor moon stuff, or you’re under 18, or whatever, I probably won’t follow. THIS DOES NOT MEAN I DON’T WANT TO SEE THE DEAD LESBIANS YOU DREW ON A NAPKIN. Submit or mention me or pop in my fanmails, I super want to see your shit! 

6) I DO NOT ENJOY the manga and Crystal, and try to ignore their existence. I don’t say much about it on my blog because a) I don’t want to make people feel bad for liking them and b) I don’t want to turn my blog into an altar for something I hate, but the more followers I get the more well-meaning people will give me updates on crystal or asking me manga questions–because I don’t speak much about this, and so they don’t know–, and that’s no fun for anyone, so here’s my official notice to y’all



But Doc, what if I really think you’ll like it? WHAT IF HARUKA AND MICHIRU LITERALLY KISS??

Crystal has ruined literally every chance I gave it. I’m done. I don’t care. I don’t care. Stop. Even if they literally kissed it would be within a terrible fucking context with which I can’t deal. 

That shouldn’t suggest, however, that I dislike Naoko Takeuchi. A lot of the issues I had with the manga seem to have been fixed in the old myus, which she was heavily involved with, and she’s said some things I really value in interviews about the importance of a cast of different women, and the inspiration and strength she got from masculine women for Haruka, and her constant confirmation of she and Michiru’s relationship as an intimate lesbian one. So, she and I are mostly cool. 

Please also do not send me art of Tra/cer without her CA. I find it really, really shitty behavior that ignores her ACTUAL need for a medical device. You people understand coding–if you can understand how a Gem can be coded black, you can understand disability coding. 

7) I don’t mind advice asks, but as I’ve gotten a huge spate of them recently, I need you to know a couple things before you send. If you send me an ask, you need to accept all of these as true. 

I cannot possibly offer an essay in response to every ask I get, or even answer them. Sometimes I don’t know. Sometimes I’m tired. Sometimes it’s not my bailiwick. I’m a human being.I get SO MANY ASKS. SO MANY. I’m not complaining, but I need you to know that. I am always more likely to answer a fun fandom thing than a serious advice ask–this blog was never meant to be an advice blog and while I am here for WLW always and forever, I in no way want this to turn into one. Women who interact with me regularly are probs going to get answered more than someone I rarely/never hear from. 

8) I’m getting too old for The Discourse 

Frankly, i’m to the point where I’m just blocking people who seem hotheaded sometimes, because tumblr isn’t even fun anymore. Nothing personal, truly, I’m just…so tired. 

9) This space is designed for WLW

Everyone else is totally welcome to hang out here and that’s cool, but bear in mind this blog is designed and prioritizes women loving women and everyone else is sort on a guest pass, and so there may be posts that don’t apply to you or make you feel left out. 

uhhhhhhhhh….Jesus I’m gonna think of something else at 3 am. 

–I’m a lesbian and I’m married. 

–I love to write, and I’m a major AU lover/writer/appreciator

–The only part of the Moonie Code or whatever I remember is N++++++++++++++

–I have pretty bad ADD, so if you asked me a question, there’s 75% chance it’s sitting half-answered in my drafts I STILL LOVE YOU. 

–I love cars

–I’m really involved in youth and particularly teen poverty and food insecurity. 

–I don’t have any cute name for my followers other than “assholes” 

–I’m a cook and baker and occasionally post stuff on that to my sideblog. 

Coldplay Joining 'Red Nose Day' to Perform Sketch airing May 21st on NBC

Coldplay has joined the lineup for Red Nose Day, the inaugural U.S. edition of the popular U.K. TV event that has raised over $1 billion for British charity Comic Relief since 1985. The rock group will appear in a comedic skit they helped write with Funny Or Die as part of the live three-hour telecast, airing Thursday, May 21 from 8-11 p.m. ET on NBC. The benefit event will help raise funds for 12 charity organizations fighting youth poverty in the U.S., Africa, Asia and Latin America, including Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Children’s Health Fund and United Way. x