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this took so long, and it feels like a waste cuz i only like how craig and damien turned out also i kinda like cult joseph, anyway,,,

Aries Venus: Her attraction is fiery, she is not your normal gentle Venus, she goes after what she wants. She is impulsive in love.

Taurus Venus: Earthy with the smell of patchouli, she embodies Venus sensuality and comforts, she is slow-moving but welcoming.

Gemini Venus: You can’t ignore her youthfulness in love, she entices you in a whimsical way, she stimulates you, go and chase her.

Cancer Venus: Here the magical and mysterious Moon entices you, she calls to you like a siren but is protective and private. Nurturing in love.

Leo Venus: Venus energies turn vibrant and bold, she is drama and romance, she is generosity and passion, she burns brightly for you.

Virgo Venus: Practical at heart but if you pay attention you can see her yearning, little devil in disguise, she will take care of you.

Libra Venus: Light, airy, charming, she is Miss Venus/Aphrodite, she can be gentle and dreamy, she leads you in with a beautiful light.

Scorpio Venus: A very intense Venus, replace pinks with reds and blacks, can’t escape her gaze, intimacy and love go hand in hand. Feel her sting.

Sagittarius Venus: Her energy is wild, can you keep up? Here Venus has joy and luck, she shoots her love arrow with great aim.

Capricorn Venus: Cold energy replaces Venus usual warmth but they attract with wit, confidence, a stable aura. Is highly committed. She entices you with her unapproachable vibe, you can sense her hidden passion and desires.

Aquarius Venus: She is odd, electric, her love can be a positive light, connects with your mind, her energy unpredictable, she accepts you.

Pisces Venus: Waters flow with imagination and romance. She brings you into a misty dream. She heals, gives, takes, she engulfs.


My youth is yours
Runaway now and forever more
My youth, my youth is yours
A truth so loud you can’t ignore
My youth is yours

-“Youth” Troye Sivan

Owner - Part II

You couldn’t believe you’d said it.

Reality was settling in very quickly. You’d taken in a hybrid boy that was no doubt younger than you. He’d told you his rough beginnings and how he was used to being taken advantage of, and here you were, taking advantage of him and his situation.

Guilt washed over you, however Jungkook didn’t seem nearly as effected as you were.

“How long for?”

You thought about it.

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Let me get down right to it:

Jin, is the main character. Basically the trilogy revolves around Jin’s journey from being a boy to an adult which is why he was the one driving the truck ALL THE TIME. Now the remaining 6, Jimin, Namjoon, Taehyung, Jungkook, Yoongi and Hobi represents a part of Jin. I’ll go into more detailed explanation of things as I discuss the MVs one by one. As you read through, please bear in mind that all members are basically Jin.

It is the beginning of chaos. Tae going in the water symbolizes giving in to emotional confusion. Drowning in it. Youth, when they reached a specific age, begin to experiment—-try everything and see where the limit is. Hence, all those scenes where the boys where having fun (parties, causing traffic jam, vandalism, getting caught by police etc etc).

Also Namjoon found the butterfly card, BUTTERFLY SYMBOLIZES CHANGE. RESURRECTION. Namjoon was that part of Jin who first realized he needed to change some things in life and grow up. He was the Adult part of Jin.

Things to take note of:

Jimin often had a confused expression and often in the tub, depressed, burning the picture.

Jungkook was child-like. Trying to stop Yoongi’s anger. At a loss of what to do.

I am not going into so much detail with RUN and I NEED YOU bc both are basically just prologue of the shit that’s about to happen. However, I’d like to point out that JIN ISN’T DEAD. The reason he’s not in the polaroid is simply because HE DOES NOT FIT IN THERE ANYMORE. He isn’t a boy anymore.

This MV began to show the initial state of confusion Jin has to go through while growing up. He was holding flower petals, of a LILY to be exact. Lilies are often associated with death/funerals so it can represent a certain part of his life getting buried bc the petals were set on fire. After that, Jin curled on bed in fetal position which meant he was in a worried state probably because he felt like he’s leaving something behind and he was unsure of how to deal with it.

The chaos was introduced here.

Yoongi in bed, and eventually setting up the room on fire may literally mean getting ‘burned out’. Growing up is something Youth can’t avoid or ignore. Issues, crisis arise and so the ‘intense emotion’ was represented by the fire. Yoongi being in the room when he did it meant he was consumed by those emotions. 

Hobi taking pills. Excessively. It symbolizes the mental confusion Youth has to go through and he tries to depend on anything that can ‘cure’ this confusion. But as implied by the excessive pills, it wasn’t prescribed and can cause harm. The youth can find ‘temporary’ cure to their confusion but it doesn’t really solve anything.

Taehyung killing someone. UNINTENDED. When frustrations, intense emotion and mental confusion, Youth can become rebellious, feel so much angst and act violently without really thinking of the outcome of their actions. BASICALLY SOMETIMES YOUTH JUST LOSE THEIR SHT AND SHT HAPPENS.

Jimin in the bathtub. ALWAYS. He represents depression. Trying to lock himself up and drown in his sorrows, issues and conflicts. Burning pictures meant he wanted to forget the things that brought him into such state. It was implied he succumbed to depression when he eventually put himself(his face) idk how to call it, into the water completely.

Jungkook getting beaten up. Youth in such state can cause harm to their own body. There was a scene where Jungkook was getting beaten up by random strangers, he did fight them but just for a moment but he stopped and let himself get beaten—–there were cases where the Youth think they deserve to be treated in such a way because they are ‘trash’ I know you can understand me on this. We went through that phase ok.

Namjoon. He’s the ‘accepting’ conscious of Jin. Like the ‘adult’ side. I can’t find the right words but it was implied by him drinking coffee and smoking(lollipop was used but it represents cigarette ok). He’s accepting all the changes without thinking about it. Notice that he was the first one to come out from the MV and knocked on everybody’s door to start everything. He was the ‘FK IT TRY EVERYTHING’ side of Jin.

This MV focused on desolation, depression and everything sad. Memories of what used to be and what’s happening now, and the uncertainty of what’s going to happen in the future. Worries. Fears. Getting tired of everything.
REMINDER: ALL SIX ARE JIN. So basically they represent what he was going through. What YOUTH was going through. 


The short films were basically a summary of both KOR and JAP MV. Before I go through the BST MVs. Please read this first to understand the Jin and the 6 persona living in him.


The child.
Namjoon said in the beginning “Opposite poles mingled during this time” meant this is the beginning of confusion—because the child started to recognize that there is another side of the world. And he doesn’t know yet what it is. He refused to let go of ‘boyhood’. Awakening of the devil inside him(shadow with wings appeared at the end of the clip)

LIE #2
The boy started to act differently in in different aspect of his life. When at home, when in school. When his with his mom or dad. The choreography for Lie- indicates choking, getting suffocated, getting hit by an unknown force(bc the boy is unsure of what’s happening yet but he is hurting). One scene—Jimin was scene one with the painting, the painting was a picture of a dark foggy forest: dark forest means 'lost your way’.
Right after that Jimin ate the apple, bc he’s lost and judgement is clouded. He started sinning(the apple). The camera which all the while was focused on him—-Jimin shifted the focus on the painting while he looked at it: One important meaning. HE WAS LOST. THE BOY WITH ALL THE CONFUSION. LOST HIS WAY.

The Devil.
Or the beginning of him. The boy was lost and so he started self-destruction. He cant see yet that he was destroying/hurting himself. At the beginning of the clip Namjoon said “Every individual must destroy before becoming himself”.  Because the boy was hurting, but also alive, he continued to bleed.  At one scene, Tae looked like he was getting beaten by someone invisible. The boy had no idea what to do so he resorted to aggression and violence.. The things he’d done in the past haunted him. But he wasn’t a devil yet,  which can mean a relative or a friend or someone close to him—-he still love them. But he was trapped in his own confusion, he built a prison around himself—eventually the ones close to him left or at least he thought they left him.

Take note of the chained phonebooth. It will be related later on.

The devil has awoken.

First Love #4
The Supporter/The Past/Savior
Self destruction continues because the boy don’t understand the reason behind why things are happening. At one point, Yoongi found the piano he used to love—-the piano , an old one, reminded the boy of how he used to be. The things he ignored. But something/someone summoned him away from the piano so he went out. A while later a car crashed on the shop, the piano was destroyed. Now think about this: if the boy didn’t hear the sound, he will still be inside that shop, he will be there when the car crashed on the piano, HE WOULD HAVE DIED IF HE STAYED. At this point, the boy started to see that THINGS HAPPENED FOR A REASON.

Reflection #5
The Beggining of Adulthood
After realizing a few things, the boy searched for answers. Reflect on his own life. Every bad thing/sin he did came to him (implied by Namjoon’s dialogue “frightful drunkards, robberies, murder, suicide”). Mirrrors, a room full of mirrors, he can see himself but he dont know who he is. The mirrors were shattered, SHATTERED MIRRORS MEAN SOMEONE OR SOMETHING IS SUMMONING YOU URGENTLY, and the phone rang so the boy came to answer the CALL—-but he cant because the phone booth where the phone was, was chained and it has a 'WAR’ written on it. The chained phone booth was a representation of his own self calling him but he still cant answer it because he was still locked and at 'war’ with himself. HE DISLIKES HIM. Of what he has become. But at least, he acknowledged it.

Now the phone booth was seen first on Stigma, no war written on it yet. That was when he started locking himself.

Being at war, of not loving himself, the boy went through depression, emotional and mental stress because he was aware of what’s happening by now but he cant find a way out. HE TOOK A LOT OF PILLS–pills can mean NEW RULES, THINGS he needed to swallow. He desperately wanted a way out banging the walls until he fainted. When he woke up, he was CALMER, he saw the light, HE SAW THE PAINTING OF THE DARK FOREST. HE SAW HE WAS LOST. Finally he knew he was lost. HE SMILED, he finally knew. He ate chocolate, chocolate is often a token oF LOVE. The painting of Dark Forest changed to a painting of mother and child with an EVA written on it. Eva literal meaning is LIFE.

“The bird fights its way out”. The boy spent some time alone on the table with just an apple 'contemplating’ whether to eat it or not. HE DIDNT. The apple fell on the floor and he went back to his room. The door had so much scratches which meant he was trying to go out before but unable to. However, he saw a bird outside, looked at the window just to see his reflection but it wasn’t a mirror, it was water. Water can mean rinsing off sin, renewal—and just after he touched the water, The door opened by itself, he went out. HE ALSO LEFT THE APPLE ON THE FLOOR. HE IGNORED IT(the sin). HE FOUND THE PAINTING OF THE BIRD——WHICH IS ALSO A SYMBOL OF ABRAXAS(God who can see both good and evil). AND WELL PROBABLY TRIED TO FIND HIS WAY OUT OF ISOLATION.

Things are finally clear.


BOTH ARE RELATED. And I may have shed blood sweat and tears dissecting this too.

Korean Version:
This ones really difficult but I’ll try to explain it somehow. This is the beginning of EVIL. Youth or Jin being EXPOSED to the world, was naturally of course, EXPOSED TO BOTH GOOD AND EVIL. That’s where the real struggle starts—whether you would give in to the temptation of evil or choose to go to the good side. Or find a middle ground.

I’ll name each member’s role as early as now for better understanding:
JIN – Actual Person
Jimin – Innocence (remember how he’s always confused and gets dragged in RUN MV)
Jungkook – Childhood/child (at loss of what to do in RUN and I NEED U MV, bc basically he felt like he’ll be tossed aside once Jin grew up)
Namjoon – Adult/ Taker/Tempter
Taehyung – Devil
Hobi – Love
Yoongi – I cant find the exact word but he is the Guide, Supporter, Saviour. Was also thinking he’s representing The Past.

Jin was looking at the painting called ‘The Fall of the Rebel Angels’ and it’s just simply about the conflict between good and evil. It has both ANGEL and DEMONS in it. IT represents the inner battle inside Jin’s mind.

Notice how Jimin and Yoongi are always together. At the beginning of the MV, Yoongi gave Jimin a smack on the head jokingly, Jimin did not retaliate. Yoongi was riding a bike, Jimin and him were like playing around. Yoongi has repeatedly covered Jimin’s eyes, blindfolded, him to prevent him from seeing EVIL—— Yoongi was trying to protect Jimin’s(Jin’s) innocence. He doesn’t want innocence to know the presence of evil.

Second point about Jimin, the apple. Only Jimin has the apple all throughout the MV. He’s the only one who ate it(LIE-short film). Why? Because being the innocent one— he doesn’t know what the apple is(basically that’s ignorance) APPLE SYMBOLIZES SIN, TEMPTATION. (Like how Eve, tempted Adam to eat the apple and they both learned the good and bad and was chased out of paradise because the apple was supposed to be forbidden to eat.)

So he’s been holding on to it. Holding temptation close to him.

Jungkook is Jin as a child. He was constantly on a swing of some kind. Swing = childhood. Until The Adult/Tempter lured him. Children by nature are easily tricked.

Also from the LIVE Trilogy Teaser Jungkook was on a swing but he disappeared and the swing was on fire.

Namjoon and JK are also together, NJ reading a book to JK, indicating ‘superiority’ of NJ from JK. They are in the same room, with smoke. THIS IS IMPORTANT: THE SMOKE CAME FROM NAMJOON’S MOUTH AFTER HE DRANK THE ABSTINTHE——smoke(not from fire) in dreams are interpreted that YOU ARE UNDER CONTROL OF SOMEONE. In this case, Jungkook, the child, is under control of the tempter—-Namjoon. Also in the Japanese MV, JK blindly drank the absinthe Namjoon gave him, without complaint. LIKE A CHILD. He was corrupted in short.

Why would Namjoon corrupt JK? He was jealous of his childhood. He was the adult. He wanted to drag the child with him bc sees the child as a threat to adulthood.

Okay this is getting longer im gonna try to make it fast. So Hobi representing Love or maybe a mother’s/family’s love been aiming his bow and arrow at Tae, the devil—probably trying to save Jin.

Tae in the whole mv was ENTICING, well what can you expect from a devil? Looking for his chance to go all out. The thin cloth, and him jumping off the veranda simply means—follow him to hell(LMAO).

All of them head out of the museum, Yoongi dragging Jimin out. Namjoon and JK too. And jin was left with the devil. ALONE. Tae covered Jin’s eyes(denotes blind judgement). He made Jin see the huge statue with black wings. Made Jin kiss it—the kiss meant Jin’s submission to temptation.

If you realized, after Jin kissed the statue. Jimin’s blindfold was removed(innocence gone), the Pieta statue behind Hobi was shattered(love bye), JK became haram(childhood bye) and the devil revealed his broken wings and smiled in triumph.

I think it’s basically a supporting video for the BST Korean Version. Jungkook waking up to see the broken wings mark on the bed meant he’s already corrupted by the Adult. Taehyung being the devil inside Jin, left both Jimin and Jungkook(innocence and childhood) behind.

The scene where Jimin walks away from Yoongi: HE AINT RUNNING AWAY. YOONGI DID NOT BOTHER TO CHASE AFTER HIM TOO. Yoongi being Jimin’s protector realized that he cannot protect Jimin forever and keep him blinded because both good and evil do exist. So he let him go to find himself. Innocence, without knowledge, is ignorance afterall.


The scene switched to Namjoon making JK drink the absinthe, and JK was obviously drugged. Jin was shown alone at the back of the truck—–his journey towards adulthood was in a slump.

He was sleeping. When JK drunk the absinthe, Jin was shown shifting UNCOMFORTABLY in his position. JK vomited, his body REJECTED the drug. At the same time, the other Jimin(who left from Yoongi) was trying to find his way to other Jimin, wiping off his mouth as if he was REGRETTING eating the apple. Jimin and JK were trying to stop the devil and put him back into hiding(hence the appearance of the cloth again). Hobi also appeared polishing his bow and arrow(getting ready to fight the devil again)—-ready to aim at Tae most probably.

Scene shifted to Jin punching Tae, the devil, Jin said sorry, BECAUSE TAE WAS HIM. THE DEVIL INSIDE HIM. HE WAS SAYING SORRY FOR HURTING HIMSELF.

THESE SUCCESSION OF SCENES probably represents the inner battle of Jin’s reasoning inside his head. He’s trying to fight the devil.

Tae, STABBED JIN. It may seem like the devil inside Jin triumphed over him but after Jin was stabbed. Glasses were shattered, Namjoon’s tempter expression changed into something softer, Jungkook laid down on the bed. Hobi and Jimin(love and innocence) danced together and Hobi tried to shoot his arrow at Tae again. And JIMIN FOUND HIMSELF and finally let go of the apple.

I believe this denotes that Jin finally acknowledge that both evil and good exist.

After knowing the truth, the other Jimin disappeared, Jin moved away from the cracks, Namjoon’s wounds were healed,  Jimin’s able to look at himself at the mirror, the green sky turned back to black and Jin was able to see the hole he WAS standing in.

In short, Jin’s clouded thoughts/confused emotions are fading. Or at least he finalyy understood what was happening to himself.

The hole in his heart was because the devil stabbed him—he hurt himself in the process of fighting and took a piece of him. He won’t be the same person again(?) I mean don’t we all. That’s part of becoming an adult.

In I Need U MV, – a lily was blooming on Jin’s chest—where the hole was. Lily, a kind of flower, can also mean resurrection and restored innocence.

At the end of the MV, Jin, met Namjoon(adulthood) and he said “It’s been a while”. You only say that to a person who’s gone and FINALLY BACK. JIN MANAGED TO FIND HIMSELF. Jin handed him an empty lighter. EMPTY LIGHTER. Means he’s done with all the sht, he no longer needed to play with fire.

PART 4: Spring Day and Not Today

At this part: The Devil is no longer a devil. The problem was resolved in BST MVs. Basically Tae, the devil, was just a representation of evil when one dont know how to control it.

I’ll just go through the main points. Im sleepy and tired.

After winning his inner battle between good and evil. Jin’s on a journey to find ‘new’ happiness—represented by Omelas and the train.

Jimin looking at the sea—sea can mean life and hardships. And he was holding an old pair of shoe that he can’t wear anymore. It’s not anyone’s show but his.

Jin was piercing Jimin’s(innocence) ear. And Hobi(love) and Yoongi(the past) were hanging out tgt brushing teeth—affectionately poking Yoongi’s cheek. It can mean that Jin isn’t ignorant anymore. And than he learned to love his past.

The adult and The Devil(NJ and Tae) were seen laughing side by side too. I think Spring Day is a representation that Jin was able to get hold of his personas and create harmony instead of fighting.

Jin making gestures as if he was taking a picture but he is not holding a polaroid anymore and all 6 of them disappeared. Tae walking on the railway, Jimin walking away from the sea, birthdays – are all symbolism of GROWTH. GROWING UP AND MOVING ON.

Jin was washing doing laundry, when Yoongi’s part was shown—Yoongi was IN the washing machine(as mentioned in one the MV shooting before). Therefore it can mean that Yoongi(the past) was being cleaned/purified/washed.

Hobi(love) on top of the moving train, was the aspect that helped Jin to move forward.

While Jungkook, most of the time was simply standing alone. Staring at an old idl carousel(or something similar)—which meant the child in Jin can only watch as he grow up. At some point, JK was watching everybody walk around him(past paced) and joined them—I believe it meant Jk(the child in Jin) came into terms that he cant be a child forever and joined the other personas to create harmony.

At the beginning of the MV, Tae(devil) was seen kneeling on the rail as if ‘embracing or like leaning his head on railway. There was also a scene where he was walking on it—he accepted growing up. The devil in Jin finally came to terms with himself and learned that violence and aggression was not the solution.

Spring Day is about finding himself again. Finding his new self. After letting go of certain things from his childhood. Jin is slowly coming to terms with being an adult.

Also in the scene where JK was holding the lighter then the fire was put off then he was alone——-meant an end of a chapter in his life. But then the fire was lit up again but this time all the members behind him—–meant a new chapter. And he isn’t alone anymore.

Pile of clothes can mean the stack of memories? Past? Comfort Zone but you need to step out of it. Let it be memories of the past. And all of them were inside the washing machine meant each aspect gone through some renewal(rinsing off).

Jimin hanging the shoes on the tree (teary eyed) meant he’s willing to let go of the things that are not fitted to him anymore. Just like the clothes.

Tree symbolizes growth too and transformation. The pair of shoe has now become 'part’ of the tree. It will be there, but just a piece of your memory. Something that helped you grow and be a new person.

Do note that everybody seemed to be supporting Jimin at the end. Jin’s different personas—–learned to mix together rather than separately working/fighting. Creating harmony inside Jin.

Not a lot of plot twist. But the men in black were the shadows of the past chasing them but now there is a change in attitude. No longer confused and haunted compared to the beginning of Trilogy.

The scene where all of them got shot except for Jungkook but zoom into Jungkook’s eye and he saw himself holding a gun—-IT MEANS HE ALREADY KNOW WHO IS THE ENEMY. HIMSELF. Remember everyone of them are Jin. I may be wrong but think of Jungkook as Jin. Try not to see them as separate individuals. I dont want to think to deeply as to why Jungkook was the one when it could be Jin himself. (it can be as simple as Jungkook just fitted that role and looked good in running the best tbh lmfao)

Not sure if the illuminati was intended but let’s just say it was—meant he can finally see what he needed to do because he has acknowledged who the enemy was. Therefore it will no longer defeat him. He no longer need to hurt himself.

The scene where everybody was shot but Bangtan stayed up behind meant they have become 'bulletproof’ or strong enough to take on bullets life throws at them like an adult.

And the shadows that used to chase them 'danced’ with them. This represents that experiences you had in the past should be a tool for youth to grow and learn(refer to Spring Day).  The memories of the past was not supposed to haunt  but make them stronger thus the pose at the end where everybody held hands taking bulletshots? Or firing guns!


HAPPY ENDINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG (I admit I rushed this part so it may have a lot of holes but it was alrd 5 AM)

Thank you for reading all 4 parts. I was aiming for something relatable and easy to understand theory without the use of too much reference to the technicalities like Demian, Omelas, The paintings and their painters bc that’s too much to understand.

Also dont you just love it when all the symbolism they used like butterfly, lily, train, shoes, railways, water, mirror, tree all point at the same things: change, resurrection and growth.

I also did the interpretation for PROLOGUE if you are interested: here


Hunters Are Monsters

I used to hunt… I’ve personally killed the animals I now defend.

After my first kill, I felt like I was going to throw up. It was a dove… I shot her head dead center with a .22 rifle. After I shot her, her body flailed around, spinning, wings flapping, kicking up dust and dirt everywhere. 

While it was more than likely she couldn’t feel the pain (and was most likely dead) with the direct hit, her body wouldn’t stop flailing… I walked up to her and fired 5 more shots into where her head used to be. I was almost certain she was dead, but I was completely certain if there was any chance she was still alive, I would be a monster. I was 10 years old. Kids at this age should never make the decision to end another’s life… It’s unfortunate so many do.

At this moment, I knew what I did was wrong, but I believed it was necessary. I continued hunting with my dad for many more years.

As soon as I discovered the animal rights/vegan community, I started taking steps to become vegan (which I successfully did at the age of 17).

The reason why I refer to hunters as monsters is because I personally felt like one while slaughtering animals. I continue to feel this way when I look back on these days. To personally end another’s life and then continue the practice as if it’s an obligation or even a hobby is fucked up. 

At 10 years old, I didn’t know we could just go to the grocery store and pick up vegetables. I didn’t understand that the human body doesn’t need meat to survive. I didn’t want to feel the pain of murder, yet I forced to through my youthful ignorance. Full grown men and women should know these things.

HUNTERS ARE MONSTERS. If you are a hunter with access to a grocery store, you are a fucked up individual. Don’t give me the bullshit excuse that it “saves money” or you need to do it because “it provides food”. Hunting is an impractical waste of time and money. If I worked a minimum wage job with all the hours I spent hunting, I would have more than enough money to buy more (and healthier) food than I got from hunting. On top of this, guns and ammo aren’t cheap - It’s a huge waste of time and money.

If you really want to spend time outside, saving money and getting food - Learn how to garden

Fandom Hate

A word to this fandom and its addiction to being hateful. Yesterday I scrolled my dash to see a pro-Louis post. Nothing weird about that. Since I wasn’t familiar with the blog, I clicked on it to see more of their posts. Turns out it was a Harry hate blog. Sadly, there’s nothing weird about that either–not in this divisive fandom.

What was weird is that as I scrolled I saw honest to goodness anti-semitic alt-right type dogwhistles. There were attacks on the Azoffs which were by extension attacks on Harry. Terms like “elitist”, “greedy” and “sneaky” were thrown around. You don’t have to be a student of history to know those are terms that have been used to smear Jews throughout history. To characterize a Jewish person as uppity, money grubbing and untrustworthy without any supporting evidence is flat out anti-semitic Jew bashing. You need to be aware of this.

Feel free to criticize the Azoffs and the job they’re doing with Harry if you want. But do not throw around anti-semitic stereotypes to do it. Make your case based on the facts, not slurs.

The alt-right has done their best to resurrect hateful dogwhistles in an effort to try to present their hate as some kind of logical and intellectual argument. For example, instead of referring to Jews as a “mongrel race” like the KKK, they do think pieces on why so many Jews are in showbiz and conclude that they are inordinately obsessed with money and controlling pop culture narratives and thus you need to be wary of them. Do not be fooled. It’s still hate. I should also point out they describe Louis as a humble, grateful blue collar guy in sweats. Typically not a bad thing. But in this context, that’s also an alt-right dogwhistle which is code for “one of us”. Louis is not one of them. Safe to say, he’d find that blog appalling.

This blogger is receiving asks praising their hateful rhetoric. Assuming they aren’t sending themselves this praise, that’s disturbing. Don’t use youth as an excuse for participating. Haters know youth and ignorance work to their advantage. That’s how they draw people in. If you’re old enough to be on the internet unsupervised, you’re old enough to know better.

I have no idea if this blogger is consciously aware of what they’re doing or if they’ve picked this up by osmosis because they’ve been exposed to it offline. Either way, it’s unconscionable for you to support it in any way shape or form.

We already know this fandom has its share of racists and Islamophobes. It seems we may have anti-Semites as well. No surprise there. Your job as a decent human being is to resist all of the above. At home, at school, at work, online, wherever–do not let that bullshit gain any ground.

As always, stay woke.

a truth so loud you can't ignore (my youth is yours)

When Lena opens her eyes, it’s to the sound of the wind outside and the light of the car’s dashboard. She tries to link the sleep out of her eyes but ends up stifling a yawn behind her hand.

“We still have a long way to go. You can go back to sleep if you want.”

She lets her hand fall back on her lap, feels a smile starting to form on her lips as she turns her head to the side to stare at Kara.

The first thing she notices is how remarkably beautiful she looks this way, driving through the night without a care in the world. After that, she pays attention to how the blonde looks more relaxed - her shoulders less tense, her face lost its hardened edge, her hands don’t clutch the car’s wheel as tightly anymore.

“Lee?” She hums in response, not taking her eyes off the blonde. “You’re staring, princess.”

Her heart beats faster at the affectionate nicknames and she knows Kara notices by the way her head tilts a little to the side and a knowing smile appears on her face.

“You have no one but you to blame for that, darling.” She says, shifting in place so she can look at the other woman better. “And where exactly are we going? Have you thought of a place yet?”

She doesn’t bother scolding the blonde for turning her head to look at her instead of paying attention to the road - knows it’s not necessary. Instead, she immediately takes the hand that’s offered to her and focuses on the other woman’s soft smile and mischievous eyes.

“How cliche would it be if I said we’re headed to our paradise?”

My Moon

There are a lot of negative vibes and depressing things going on in some of my friends’ life recently, and in the fandom, too. So I decided to write something sweet for all of you, especially for @prinxietys@prinxietyhell, @analogicality-sanders and @iloveshippingkitty. I hope this fanfic will light up at least a little bit of your day! 

Strongly suggest listening to “Youth” by Troy Sivan while reading this. 

All of the lyrics from the song “Youth” belongs to Troy Sivan.

Pairing: Analogical

Warnings: None. All cute and fluff. 

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give me hogwarts students with anxiety facing their boggarts in 3rd year. well-meaning, ignorant, youthful professors unlocking the wardrobe door and sending these children off to a personalised brand of warfare. 

give me hogwarts students with anxiety having panic attacks when their boggart turns into their classmates - i do mean all of them, all at once - or just the one git who tried to scare them last week, because fear, like footprints leading down into the forest, does not allow you to forget what made you afraid.

give me hogwarts students with anxiety watching a dementor glide towards them and turn the world to ash. give me children who’s greatest fear is being afraid and then let them remember that they must face their fear every damn day then. give me the students who are taught to laugh in the face of fear, like their heroes before them. and then let the laughter die in their mouths as the creature they created heads not for them, but for their classmates. 

give me hogwarts students with anxiety so scared of the world around them, so scared of the all the potentialities, the children who fear the idea of nothing and everything hiding behind the corner. the children who walked into the hallowed halls and saw nothing but more reasons to fear. give me the students who look at their boggart and say indeed, what am i scared of that you can show me, because i am scared of everything you could ever try to be, so how can you be everything at once? i am not scared of the concrete evidence; i am scared of uncertain ground. 

(then give me hogwarts students with anxiety dragging their scared friends down the stairs & into to the kitchens for tea and making sure that if they can’t dispel the images of these demons, then they will scour the library for the spells to attack the reality the teachers think they’re too young to know.) 

Why IchiHime was obvious as hell for endgame (regardless of the fandom’s denial about it)

–IH has been obvious since the pilot chapter. Ichigo and Orihime had mutual romantic feelings for each other in the bleach prototype, Kubo’s original plan for bleach. Here’s a post on it.

–If you really, truly want to argue that Ichigo and Orihime “barely had any moments!” luckily, I was insane enough to create a masterpost with links to every single IH moment in the manga (which had to be split in half because it literally broke due to having too many links on it). Part One is here, Part Two is here. It has over 377 links. Say what you will, but IchiHime has the most moments and screentime of any other pairing by a landslide.

–The amount of focus that was put on Ichigo’s desire to protect Orihime specifically is MASSIVE. It was made more than apparent how much Ichigo cared about Orihime and how important she was to him, by the level of focus that was put on Ichigo’s protectiveness over her, specifically. It’s something that singled her out as special and set her apart from the others, time and time again. It was consistently emphasized in the manga, and, conversely, so too was Orihime’s desire to protect Ichigo specifically. Their mutual desires to protect each other was a recurring theme. Don’t believe me? That’s okay, I’ve made a masterpost on this too, which you can find here. Warning, it’s long.

–Ichigo is open and receptive to Orihime’s displays of her feelings for him in positive ways. The fact that she cares about him so much doesn’t bother him in the slightest. In fact, he likes it. Here’s another link.

With that out of the way, let’s get to it

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Troye Sivan - Blue Neighbourhood Starters
  • • "cause when you look like that, i've never ever wanted to be so bad"
  • • "kiss me on the mouth and set me free"
  • • "only fools fall for you"
  • • "the truth is, the stars are falling babe"
  • • "i used to be the one you'd come to, when it'd all go to shit"
  • • "i don't keep love around anymore"
  • • "i'd rather fuel a fantasy than deal with this alone"
  • • "she had a heart, but she sold it for that weekend up in the islands"
  • • "if i'm loosing a part of me, maybe i don't want heaven"
  • • "truth so loud you can't ignore my youth"
  • • "i'm just a lost boy, not ready to be found"
  • • "you don't have to say i love you to say i love you"
  • • "have you heard me on the radio? did you turn it up?"
  • • "that liquid guilt is on my lips"
  • • "i'm only seeing myself, when i'm looking up at you"