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Have you got any advice for praying please? Because I go to yp (a Christian youth group), and at the end of the evenings we always pray - I always feel really awkward though, because I don't consider myself a "christian" yet, although I would love to be!! The friend who invited me to yp suggested that I try praying, but I have no idea how to start? Thank you if you reply, and sorry if this breached any of the ask rule things (I did check but sorry I've made a mistake)



This is the most exciting question I’ve gotten all week. 

Yes! I’ve got advice!!

As I go through this, I’ll link to places that you can read in the Bible if you want to know more about a particular thing. Don’t feel overwhelmed though!! Take it slow, it’s more important to stay on the horse than it is to gallop right away. 

1) God loves you. You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s an important thing to realize when you’re starting out. He’s not going to beat you over the head with a mountain if you get someone in your prayer wrong. 

2) Just be you. God wants you to talk with Him. As you get closer to Him, you’ll find yourself changing into a whole different person, but that just comes as you get to know who He is and fall in love with Him. You don’t have to pray in front of people right off the bat. Just talk to Him when you’re at school or at a movie. When you’re up late or falling asleep on the bus.

3) Talk about everything. Whatever happens, talk about it with Him. You’ll start to discover that He gives you peace when it seems impossible to be peaceful. 

4) Begin to study. Keep a journal about all the things you’re learning. Keep two things there: Keep track of what have you learned about in the Bible, and write down what your experience with God has been so far. As much as you can, (every day if possible) write down new things you’ve learned and what’s going on with you and God. It could look like this:

Today I read about God’s love for me. The verse I read mentioned something about sin. I’m not sure exactly what that means. Also, I prayed to God today about my problems with my parents. It didn’t seem like anything changed but my youth pastor said that’s ok.

5) Don’t get intimidated. There are a lot of things in scripture that I don’t understand. There are people that believe that you have to know a lot about Christianity before you get started. That’s not true. Just try to figure out who this God is, and what you should do about Him. Read the Bible and try to do what it says.

6) The Bible was written partly in Hebrew and partly in Greek. Languages are always changing, so they have been many translations throughout the years. I would begin with an easy-to-read version, such as the New International Version or the New Living Translation. I grew up reading the New King James Version, and that’s still my favorite. 

7) Towards the back of the book it mentions the difference between milk and meat. Some parts of Christianity are difficult to understand without first understanding others. Just like a baby doesn’t start eating a steak dinner right out of the womb. Start with the easy stuff, and more on to more complicated things as you learn.

8) You’re in a great place right now. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. God is amazing and walking with Him is the most rewarding thing you could possibly do. Stay connected with Him, and stay connected with the people that love Him.  

God bless you!! 

PS: I’ll take all of my rules on asking questions down if they discourage questions like this!

the rest is still unwritten.. —  The ups and downs of moving from the high school world, into the world itself.

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So the other day I was at my youth group. Haven’t come out to anyone there yet.

We were playing this game where we all split into groups and had to make up a sentence one word at a time, and the group that was up was describing the colors of something.

They just so happened to pick the colors pink, yellow, and blue in that order, and I just sat there like

One time I was on a mission trip and we all stopped for lunch at this park and one of the leaders, who is diabetic, sat down to give himself an insulin shot and a freshman came up to him and said ” Hey are you diabetic?” and the youth leader looked him straight in the eye and said “No, I’m a heroin addict.” and the kid just backed away very slowly.